I just finished watching Baccano! and i have to say, it was a great ride. Baccano! is like a puzzle game that in the beginning you are given only a few of the pieces, so you can't really tell what the whole picture shows, but as you continue, the pieces come together and you are in front of something trully remarkable. The non-linear storytelling was really unique and drawed my attention in the first place. The constant change in timelines was exciting and made the story even more interesting. Of course, the storyline on the train was the best, as it had a bunch of characters  with very different motives and backgrounds interacting in the same place. The cast of characters was HUGE, and if you consider that the anime is only 16 episodes long, the creators did a great job spliting the screen time each character had. Of course, that leaves you with the desire to see more of them, either individually ( their past, especially about the immortals) or interacting with each other (a lot of the character didn't even meet). And that's the only problem i had with this anime. It has such potential that 16 episodes seem nothing. Of course, some of these characters are realistically ridiculous (Isaac, Miria, Jaccuzi, Ladd), but hey, this is anime!  When i watched the 13th episode (the last episode of the anime) i was a little disappointed because at that point i had figured out what was happening in the 3 basic timelines and it didn't have a big moment to really excite me. But the OVAs did a very good job getting rid of that feeling and gave the anime a better conclusion, showing in the last scene Carol and the Vice President and their conversation about the story not really having an ending. Another thing that bothered me a little was the excessive use of gore and violence. Don't get me wrong, i like the realistic use of violence in movies and series but i think sometimes in Baccano! it was overused for no reason. I also liked the playful tunes of the soundtrack, it was very appropriate for this anime. The animation was also good but not excellent, as it had moments with still images (i hate that) and low quality drawings when people were shot from a distance. So, that's that! Off to other animes now!

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