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Tick Jefferson

Tick Jefferson (チック・ジェファーソン) is a young man who is always seen smiling with a pair of scissors. The son of a clockmaker, as a child he was sold by his stepfather to a young Luck Gandor as a means of payment for an $2500 loan his stepfather couldn't pay off. Helps out in the Gandor family by 'taking care' of their enemies.

Tick has an obsession with scissors and uses them as torturing devices for the Gandor brothers' mafia business. 

He also has a younger brother named Tock, whom his father kept and escaped from the city with. He later develops a friendship with Maria Barcelito during 1933, where he is one of the protagonists. 


In September 1925, Tick was sold by his father to the young Luck Gandor to pay back a loan of two thousand twenty-five dollars and fifty cents he squandered in gambling.

The young Tick was described by Luck at their first meeting as having "a voice so

The young Tick Jefferson with the young Luck Gandor

relaxed it almost seemed to melt into the air, a marked contrast to the sharp metallic sound of the tools he held. His willowy body made it impossible to gauge his strength at a glance. He looked amicable enough, his eyes curved upwards in half-moon smiles. There was nothing else remarkable about the boy, and so the eye was naturally drawn once more to the scissors in his hands. ...It felt as though the scissors were the boy's true form, while his actual body was simply an afterthought."

At first, Luck was not willing to accept Tick's father's proposal to have Tick serve as payment to his debt, for Luck wanted to press Tick's father to sell his house and land to them, but his interest was caught by Tick. After agreeing to try his skills out for a day, Tick was known eight years later as the Gandor Family's torture specialist.

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Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentially, he shares similarity with Walker Yumisaki. It is later revealed Walker is a torture technitian  himself but prefers other methods of torture
  • He and his brother form a sibling yin-yang via their names and personalities.

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