Next Chapter - A Few Days After, Or A Few Hours Before: In Front of the Station



Firo is summoned to The Alveare's basement room by the senior executives of the Martillo Family, and Maiza Avaro asks him how would he respond if the Martillos told him he has six hours to prepare for death. Firo nervously questions what he did wrong, to which Molsa Martillo replies that he has done "many things." Firo protests, insisting that he didn't do anything.

Molsa tells Firo to go hat shopping tomorrow with Maiza, and Firo realizes that the executives plan on promoting him from associate to executive. As the executives clap, Maiza reaffirms the hat shopping appointment.


Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Firo Prochainezo

Molsa Martillo

Maiza Avaro


"We've decided to kill you slowly over about six hours starting now." - Maiza Avaro

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