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As Ennis drives her creator Szilard Quates through the streets of New York, she contemplates how 'wonderful' it would be to lack a reason to exist in comparison to her purposeful existence - her existence as Szilard's tool. She reaffirms her love for silence, the only time in which she is not needed.

Szilard breaks the silence by declaring that "that lot" will be useless if the Cure-All Elixir really has been completed, and that he will dispose of them while Ennis holds the emotional ones back. Ennis considers how 'egalitarian' Szilard is, in that he treats everyone equally as his disposable tools.

Szilard orders Ennis to avoid the main streets as they make their way toward a certain hat shop.


The hat store which Ennis's car turns the corner to is the same one mentioned in both previous chapters.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The female driver is Ennis.

The old man is Szilard Quates.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Szilard Quates


"To have no reason to exist, how wonderful that would be. In other words, you could live your entire life for yourself alone. Wouldn't that be the ultimate freedom, in a way?"

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