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An anonymous man recounts the behavior of an odd couple to two men working for the Bureau of Investigation. The man - recently jobless thanks to his company tanking that morning - had found the couple's hopeful attitude toward the city upsetting in the face of the Depression, as had other passersby (one of whom apparently punched Isaac in the face).

After standing back up, Isaac had reassured Miria that God must be on their side because he hadn't smote them for stealing some priest robe - at which point the man had concluded the two really were idiots. Isaac warned Miria not to stand out before "the job" was done.

The man wonders what the couple did for a couple of BOI agents to be investigating them, and after the agents stop laughing he remembers that the couple apparently had plans to visit a hat shop.



The hat store Isaac and Miria are talking about is the same one mentioned in the first insert scene, One Day Before: Inside Alveare.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The strange pair in question are Isaac and Miria.

The two BOI men that the narrator is talking to are probably Donald Brown and Bill Sullivan.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Isaac and Miria


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