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Felix Walken (フェリックス・ウォーケン Ferikkusu Wōken) (former name) is a retired assassin who left the game to care for his newly born daughter. During the events of the 'Drugs and the Dominos' arc, Claire Stanfield "purchased" this name to use for himself. Felix seemed to have been one of the most powerful characters in Baccano! despite not initially appearing. According to the president of the Daily Days, he was one of the only people who ever held a chance at killing Claire Stanfield. Claire himself vouches for his prowess, claiming to be stronger than Christopher Shaldred - a "Vampire Homunculus". Felix was hailed as the best assassin in the world before Claire took this position, and even now he is still considered a legend.


1932: Drugs and the DominosEdit

Felix Walken sold his name to several people (at least five) for their own usage. One of these people then sold the name to Claire Stanfield after a fight, allowing Claire to use the name for his own benefit.

1934: Alice in Jails and 1934: Peter Pan in ChainsEdit

Though he was no longer officially an assassin, Felix was somehow roped back into the game via blackmail by Senator Manfred Beriam.

Name CirculationEdit

"Felix Walken"
Individual Status of Name Time of Usage Purpose of Purchase/Selling
Original Sold Birth - 1933 To retire from being an assassin
The Jack of All Trades Assassins (all of them) Active (all) 1933 - unknown Unknown
Unknown Sold to Claire Stanfield November 1932 to early 1933 Unknown