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Information is power

The Daily Days is an organization of top-notch information brokers that operate in the surface world as "The DD Newspaper Agency," located in Chinatown. It is unknown, to what extent, they are able to gather information but they are at least aware of the existence of immortals and the identities of some of them.

As a newspaper agency, the Daily Days publishes newspapers in Chinese, English, and Italian daily. Over half of its employees are Chinese, and all the employees have been trained by Nicholas Wayne, the editor-in-chief of the English desk, to use firearms.

To those who are aware of its true function as information brokers, it is known as "The Informer."


The Daily Days makes an appearance when Henry and Rachel debrief The President about the Flying Pussyfoot incident. They've been made a passing mention by The Gandors.

The Daily Days plays an important role in the Drugs and Dominos storyline, when Henry beings to buy and sell information surrounding the drug trade being facilitated by the Runoratas. Daily Days employee Elean Duga meets with Eve Genoard via her helper Samasa regarding the whereabouts of Dallas Genoard, and Henry crosses paths with Edith and her boyfriend Roy Maddock and manipulates them both in order to try and influence the outcome of the preceding events. Eventually their hub serves as a climactic battleground for The Gandors and Gustavo's splintered faction of Runorata mobsters, ending with Claire Stanfield's intervention by disposing of the assassins.  

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Trivia Edit

  • The Daily Days, according to the President, has never missed a day's issue, and he is so insistent that this standard of quality continue that the employees continue to work on the newspaper while in hiding (from the Runoratas).
  • Over half its employees are Chinese. All of the employees know how to use guns (trained by Nicholas), which becomes very useful when a client tries to threaten them.