What would approximate your existence would be if the most favoured musket of a serial killer was possessed by a goddess.

"The Poet", describing Sickle, 1934: Street Episode Alice in Jails

Sickle (シックル, Shikkuru) is a female homunculus created by Huey. Her fighting style is Capoeira, a Brazilian style of dance and martial arts focusing on kick-based attacks. She has a critical attitude and often speaks in a blunt manner. She and her fellow Lamia members are sent to Chicago to intervene in the Russo Family's sudden meddling with Lamia affairs as well as to investigate Nebula's recent rise in activities. Graham Specter shows an interest in her, since he seems to enjoy her presence after their fight at Dolce. After the brawl in Chicago involving the Russos, Nebula, and Huey, she leaves to join the Russo family with Christopher and Graham under Ricardo's employ.

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