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Seina (セナ, Sena) is the woman who manages the storefront (a specialty honey shop) of the Alveare speakeasy-turned-restaurant for the Martillo Family.

She accidentally becomes immortal in November 1930 after unwittingly consuming the Cure-All Elixir at Firo Prochainezo's promotion party.


Seina is a portly, middle-aged woman. Her hair is short and dirty blonde, and she usually wears a dress and apron while at work.


Seina is a matronly woman, and she treats the Martillos - almost as if they were children. She scolds them as if she were their mother, looks after them when they are hurt, and is altogether fond of them (the fact that they are camorristas seems to matter not).


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  • In previous (fan) translations her name has been spelled as Sena or Senna, but the new 2016 official Yen Press translation of The Rolling Bootlegs has spelled her name as Seina.