Ricardo Russo (リカルド・ルッソ, Rikarudo Russo) is a young relative of the Russo crime family, grandchild of Placido Russo. He is under protection by Christopher Shouldered in 1934, and later accompanied by Graham Specter as well. For years Ricardo passes himself off as a boy, but after 1934 events it's revealed that “his” lady-like face wasn't a misunderstanding at all, and that he was in fact a girl born Lydia Russo (リディア・ルッソ, Ridia Russo). He came back to NY in order for the Russos' power to rise again.

He inherits the crime family after Placido Russo is turned immortal and consumed by Renee Paramedes Branvillier. He enlists Christopher and Graham as his bodyguards.


Ricardo Russo was born Lydia Russo, the grandchild of Placido Russo of the Russo Family. His parents were killed by a car bomb when he was young. Left without a male heir, Ricardo was raised as a boy.

Sham was tasked with taking over Ricardo to infiltrate the mafia, but stopped upon discovering that Ricardo was female. Since Sham was assigned solely to male vessels, he decided to let Ricardo’s consciousness overcome his own-- only to find that Ricardo had resigned before him. The two end up sharing their minds.



In 1933, Ricardo witnesses the Lamia slaughtering members of the Russo Family, going overboard on a job given to them by an undercover agent. Ricardo saves Christopher Shouldered later that year after he is stabbed by the same undercover agent. Ricardo accepts Christopher’s offer to become friends and brings him to a hospital with connections to the Russo Family.

At the hospital, Christopher asks Ricardo why he saved him. Ricardo dispassionately replies that he thought Christopher could help him destroy the world. He tells Christopher he will reveal more of his thoughts once they become more familiar with each other. Noting Ricardo’s composure, Christopher takes hold of Ricardo’s neck and tells him he could just kill him and run away. Ricardo replies that he would accept being killed by a friend. Impressed, Christopher lets go and agrees to stay by Ricardo, at least until he is able to reestablish contact with Huey Laforet. Christopher joins the Russo Family as Ricardo’s bodyguard.


In 1934, Ricardo is placed in charge of Lua Klein as she is being kept hostage by the Russo Family. One day, while Ricardo and Christopher are returning from the bookstore, they discuss the suspicious rise in activity at the Russo Manor. While Ricardo is hopeful for the dissolution of the Russo Family, he feels uneasy about the way things are unfolding and all that the aftermath might entail.

Suddenly, Ricardo has Christopher stop the car, telling him he has heard an explosion. They drive to the source of the explosion but find the scene obstructed by police. After returning to the car, Ricardo tells Christopher he can hear more explosions. Christopher continues driving until Ricardo points out an alley spewing out smoke. They find Rail unconscious in the alley and bring them to Ricardo’s room at the Russo Manor. Rail wakes up, and Ricardo interrupts the noisy reunion that ensues by making them explain their situations one at a time.

That night, the three overhear gunfire amidst the infiltration of the manor by the Lamia and Nebula. Ricardo decides they should all escape right then. Passing through the halls, they find the source of the gunshots to be inside Placido Russo’s quarters. Christopher and Rail burst into the room to find Placido and Renee Paramedes Branvillier with her team of Nebula scientists. Rail bombs the room and runs off with Christopher. As they are escaping, they notice that Ricardo is no longer with them.

At the front gate, Christopher and Rail are confronted by Graham Specter. Rail suddenly runs away when they hear Frank's cries for help, and a fight between Christopher and Graham is interrupted when Ricardo drives a car onto the scene. Christopher jumps into the car beside him and offers to drive. They rescue Rail from the Nebula scientists kidnapping Frank.

Rail asks to be dropped off at a park and grieves for Frank. Christopher tells Rail he can’t fix them, and that they must choose their own path in life. Christopher and Ricardo drive off, leaving Rail behind.

The next day, Ricardo has Christopher drive to Dolce. Along the way, they discuss the bombings Rail is carrying out throughout the city, and the impending demise of the Russo Family.

At Dolce, Christopher and Ricardo encounter the Lamia and Graham’s gang. A fight breaks out between Christopher, Graham, and Sickle, only to be stopped when Ricardo dumps a bucket of tequila over them and the owner of the bar begs them to stop. Jacuzzi Splot and his gang suddenly enter the bar on the news that Graham was there. All other potential sources of contention are put to rest.

As everyone is restoring Dolce to order, a member of Jacuzzi’s gang bursts into the bar saying that Nice Holystone, Miria Harvent, and Rail have been kidnapped.

Christopher and Ricardo arrange a meeting later with the Lamia and leave the bar. On the road, Christopher asks Ricardo whether he is Sham or Hilton. Christopher reassures Ricardo that they’re still friends no matter what the truth is. Ricardo tells Christopher he will explain everything once things have settled down again.

Communicating with Sham, Ricardo discovers that Rail is being held by Nebula. Christopher decides they should save Rail. Ricardo notes the change in Christopher’s character over the past year, which Christopher attributes to their time spent together.

Christopher and Ricardo meet Graham and Jacuzzi with their gangs at the Nebula building. Ricardo tells them that Nice and the others are on the thirtieth floor heading towards the roof.

After Nice, Miria, and Rail are saved, Ricardo leads Jacuzzi and his gang through a backdoor to avoid the police.

Later, Ricardo explains to Christopher how he and Sham ended up sharing minds, and the plans Sham had in place to stop Huey’s experiment in Chicago. Ricardo tells Christopher he no longer thinks the world is useless and that he wants to revive the Russo Family. Ricardo proposes visiting New York, to which Christopher agrees.


In 1935, Ricardo obtains the Martillo Family's support in rebuilding the Russo Family. Molsa Martillo goes on to recruit Ricardo and Christopher for the casino party at Ra's Lance and sends them over to Firo Prochainezo's casino.

Along the way, Ricardo makes it known to Jacuzzi that the Russo Family no longer bears a grudge against him.

Suddenly, Ricardo voices hesitation visiting Firo's casino, with the knowledge from Sham that Ladd Russo and Graham are heading there too. Ricardo concludes it would actually be best if they got there as quickly as possible, and speak with Firo while they still could.

Their visit to the casino is interrupted when a cheater, who had been thrown out earlier by Firo, returns with a Tommy gun. The cheater is quickly subdued by Ennis. In the aftermath, Ricardo introduces himself and his intentions to Firo. Firo is reminded of other business he must attend to and cuts off their conversation.

Graham arrives at the casino and a fight breaks out between him and Christopher. Ricardo decides not to intervene, thinking they will tire out and stop eventually.

Ladd enters the casino and reunites with Ricardo. Ladd expresses his disinterest with taking over the Family for himself, but offers his services as a hitman at a discount. Ricardo rejects the offer and voices his desire to rebuild a more honorable Russo Family.

Later, Ronnie explains to Firo that Christopher, Ricardo, Rail, and Jacuzzi'z gang will be assisting him at the casino party at Ra's Lance.

Around a day after that, Ricardo and Christopher begin living with Jaccuzi's gang at the Genoard Mansion.

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