Ra's Lance (ラーズランス Rāzuransu) is the nickname of a giant multipurpose skyscraper built by the Runorata Family in the early 1930s. In February 1935, the Runoratas hold a massive party for the grand opening of the building's illegal casino and invite the local outfits to attend. Meanwhile, Huey Laforet has an experiment in mind for which he intends to use the party as a distraction. In cahoots with the Runoratas, he plans on releasing 'something' into the city's municipal water supply....

Ra's Lance is one of the most important locations in the series, given how many characters and factions are involved with the casino party (which is a major focus of the 1935 arc).

Background Edit

The Runorata Family announces its intention to back the construction of a multipurpose skyscraper near Manhattan Island sometime in 1934. However, the land upon which the skyscraper is to be built is owned by Senator Manfred Beriam, well known for his hatred of gangs. Furthermore, the land is sandwiched between two big mafia families - this causes further difficulties.

Through the pretense of a generous election donation, a piece of the land is sold. The rights to the land pass through several wealthy hands and eventually end up in the hands of a business under Runorata influence. Construction finally begins. The skyscraper is intended to host a hotel, offices, a commercial center and even a restaurant - among other things.

The construction process is surprisingly fast, with many of the construction workers coming from Fred's Poorhouse. The skyscraper is built with a 'modern design' (ensuring that it is easily recognizable from a distance) that is narrow all the way up, tapering to a point at the top of the building. The building is soon nicknamed "Ra's Lance" after the Egyptian sun god.

The official grand opening of the building eventually takes place. However, construction on the underground restaurant is delayed, and continues on while the official opening comes and goes. Underneath the restaurant are supposed to be several reserved rooms for VIP guests - in actuality, the rooms are turned into an illegal casino.

The Party Edit

The Runoratas send out invitations to all the local mafia families and other important groups, inviting them to the grand opening of the underground casino. In the invitations, they specify that each organization will be given their 'own room', and they wish the partygoers luck. They also invite the families to bet their assets and territory as chips if they wish - and add that if they want to challenge the Runorata Family itself, they may submit a proposal that the Runoratas will consider.

They announce that the party will be three days long.

Meanwhile, the Runoratas have allied themselves with Huey Laforet - who is plotting an experiment that will not only involve the party but seven million New Yorkers. Thus far, it is known that he plans on spreading something in the municipal water supply - not the immortality elixir, but something else. Apparently, whatever 'mess' he plans for the party is simply a distraction for his real plan with the water supply.

People involved with the party Edit

Runorata Family Edit

Huey Laforet and company (in cahoots with the Runoratas) Edit

  • Chané Laforet and Leeza Laforet/Hilton (party patrollers)
  • several members of the Lamia and Larvae
  • Salomé Carpenter (Huey's subordinate)
    • Note: He and Huey are not at the party - however, they are nearby and scheming.
  • Begg Garott (involuntary participation)
    • Also not at the party. However, it appears that Huey has coerced him into prepare some sort of drug in anticipation for the party - it is possible that Begg's drug is what Huey plans to taint the municipal water supply with. While Begg reviles Huey's machinations, he still cannot help but want to see the results of his own concoctions. More specifically, he wants to see his drug "change the world."

Senator Beriam's Group Edit

  • Sonja Bake (sniper)
  • Spike (Sonja's mentor)
  • Manfred Beriam apparently plans to have Sonja to shoot something or someone related to the casino party from a vantage point. The details of the plan are currently unknown, but his motives stem from his hatred of immortals and gangs. He has told Pamela that he doesn't intend for Sonja to kill anyone, but it is possible that he was lying.

Attendees Edit

Gandor Family Edit

Martillo Family Edit

Affiliates Edit

Genoard Family Edit

  • Eve Genoard (wants to find Dallas)
  • Dallas Genoard (separate from Eve; in disguise. Wants to blackmail the Runoratas and earn a lot of money)

Russo Family Edit

Others Edit

  • Pamela (gambler; came out of worry for Sonja)
  • Various important persons and wealthy locals with no scruples about the illegality of the party

Others Edit

  • Lebreau Fermet Viralesque (intends to meddle with Huey's plans)
  • Victor Talbot and his agents are keeping an eye on the situation
  • Nebula corporation - Renee Paramedes Branvillier is involved with Huey. She's returned to New York to search for Huey, using his removed eye as a 'compass.' She also wants him to give her one of their daughters, though she doesn't care whether it's Chané or Liza. Archangelo is following her like a bodyguard. He hates Huey, who stole Renee's eye and still has it.
  • Molsa Martillo (proposes a 'gamble' to Huey; unclear whether or not he is attending the party. What his negotiations with Huey were are unknown.)


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