Placido Russo (プラチド・ルッソ, Purachido Russo) was the head of the Russo Family Mafia. His grandchild is Ricardo Russo and his nephew is Ladd Russo.


Placido commands intimidating respect from his underlings, but is terrified with Ladd's presence due to his unpredictability. Deep down, he loves his nephew but lost respect for him before the Flying Pussyfoot incident. Placido later becomes an incomplete immortal, begins displaying arrogance and dementia due to being invulnerable. He also takes bolder decisions such as taking Lua Klein hostage and later joining Nebula's campaign against Huey Laforet.


Boss of the renowned Chicago mafia family, The Russos. In 1930, he recieves bad news that his goods were stolen by two mysterious burglars (Isaac and Miria) as well as his men dying horrible deaths at the train yard thanks to the efforts of Jacuzzi Splot and Nice Holystone. He is then notified by Ladd's intention to cause a massacre on the Flying Pussyfoot, almost getting killed by Ladd when Ladd's dementia takes control. Ladd's reason being Lucky Luciano is gunning for men who follow the old code of ethics in the Mafia, as such he diassociates from his uncle's family. As a farewell gesture, He gives Ladd his own wedding tuxedo to use for the heist. 

He disappears later in the storyline but comes up in the 1934 stories after it was revealed he kidnapped Lua and is holding her ransom for Ladd when he gets released from Alcatraz. Nebula approached him for his hand in services in return he became an incomplete immortal but was devoured by Renee Paramedes Branvillier after failing to contain the escalating situation in Chicago caused by his own grandchild, Graham Spector and the various Homuncli factions. Ricardo Russo subsequently inherits the troubled crime family.


  • Placido's appearance in the manga and anime differ greatly. In the manga, he is portrayed as younger man while in the anime he is portrayed as a middle aged balding man, in tandem with actor Johnny Caspar.

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