Nicholas Wayne (ニコラス・ウェイン, Nikorasu Wein) is an information broker for the Daily Days and the editor in chief of the newspaper's English edition. He puts Eve in a dangerous situation in order to obtain more information. Nicholas regularly teases Rachel about not paying her train fee.

Note that in the anime, he takes on the majority of Henry's role, as Henry was omitted from the show. In 1932: Drugs and the Dominos, it was Henry who put Eve in danger, and not Nicholas. In fact, Nicholas openly criticized Henry for his dirty underhanded choices.

Appearance Edit

Nicholas has blond hair and blue eyes. In the anime, he tends to look and act much more sly and suspect (a la Henry) than his character in the light novel. His smile in the light novels gives people "the feeling that he was bright and capable," whereas Henry's smile seems as if "he was sizing up something."

Personality Edit

Much of Nicholas' personality in the anime is actually Henry's. Henry in the light novels is extremely manipulative, operating under the belief that information is power and by controlling information one has the power to influence events. This mentality is somewhat present within Nicholas in the anime, who as the President notes seems to be purposefully stirring up trouble between the Runoratas and the Gandors.

Nicholas in the novels is capable and a rather decent person. Upon overhearing Henry's conversation with Edith (in which he reveals that he told Roy to take Eve 'hostage' - recall that in the anime it is Nicholas whose idea it is to kidnap Eve) he confronts Henry and not only does he call him an ass, he calls him 'shameless' and 'inelegant'. He is outraged to the point of nearly punching Henry, refraining only because Henry was 'fighting for justice.'

Nicholas in both the novels and the anime seems to have a slight sarcastic streak.


Trivia Edit

  • Nicholas is a smoker (Drugs & the Dominos)
  • Prior to working at The Daily Days, Nicholas worked for military intelligence. He was the one to teach the employees how to use guns, drawing from said experience. This in turn gave the agency some security (and thus power) over other organizations, as evidenced when Gustavo first visited the agency.
  • As stated above, Nicholas is a composite character between characters Nicholas Wayne and Henry from the light novels.
  • In the light novels, his accent is described as "exceedingly ordinary New York English."

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