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The Mist Wall is an enormous skyscraper serving as the headquarters of the New York branch of the Nebula megacorporation. It is inflitrated in September 1933 by the Larva and Jacuzzi's Gang, and suffers structural damage to its top floor thanks to several explosives set off by Dallas Genoard during the showdown in its Babel Restaurant.

The events that took place in September are known as the "Mist Wall Incident," and have been covered up by Nebula and Senator Manfred Beriam. Homer, the head of the New York branch in the 1930s, was noticeably absent during the Incident.

All twelve hundred of its employees are incomplete immortals as of 1933. 


Located off the East side of Grand Central Station, the Mist Wall is an enormous skyscraper with Art Deco architecture, the famous color of its walls having alternatively been described as "white" and "translucent grey." Its highest floors are fashioned in the shape of pyramid steps, with a restaurant called Babel located on the top floor's skydeck. Though it is barely half as the Empire State Building, its color and style have left a striking, favorable impression on the locals.

The Mist Wall's large reception hall is reminiscent of a hotel lobby, with over a dozen elevators lining its walls and an information desk located in the center of the hall. Next to the information center is a small open lobby, with several tables set up for visitors waiting on appointments.

The Babel RestaurantEdit

Located on the skydeck just above the base of the Mist Wall's pyramid, the Babel Restaurant is the crown jewel of the Mist Wall. Its walls are made almost entirely of glass, offering patrons a breathtaking view of the Manhattan cityscape. Babel's menu offers items ranging from the affordable to the luxurious, explicitly making it so that all sorts of customers are welcome. 

The Mist Wall IncidentEdit

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