The Martillo Family (マルティージョ・ファミリー Marutījo famirī) is a very small Camorrista family based in Little Italy, Manhattan. They rely on informal banking services, commercial trade and casinos for income. In the late 1920s/early 1930s, one of the most important sources of financial support is their speakeasy the Alveare (アルヴェアーレ Aruveāre, Italian beehive).

After Prohibition is lifted, the Alveare remains their main source of financial support as a restaurant featuring various dishes made with honey alongside their honey specialty shop. In the decades following Prohibition's end, the Martillos also set up a spice import business as a front for the rest of their organization, and that business becomes their only stable income during those years.

Several years prior to 2002, Don Molsa Martillo uses his own money to invest in futures trading. His investment proves extremely profitable, and he uses the money to create a chain of Alveare restaurants. The stable income from these restaurants is enough to make the Martillos' Camorra businesses their secondary source of income, and by the 2000s there are some Alveare employees who are completely ignorant of the truth behind the Family.

The Martillo family and the Gandor Family established formal friendly relations around 1928 after nearly going to war with one another, and their friendly ties are further strengthened thanks to Martillo executive Firo Prochainezo's friendship with the Gandor Family heads. In November 1930, all the Martillo executives become immortal after accidentally imbibing the Cure-All Elixir. Inspector Edward Noah believes that the family is not worth investigating and states that the only reason it has not been taken over by larger neighboring families is because they are "powerless". Like the Gandors, the Martillos refuse to get involved in the drugs trade.

When promoting someone to the rank of an executive, Molsa notifies the man in advance and has another executive go with him to buy a suitable hat. This practice has no particular meaning. When accepting men into his family, Molsa gives no preference for nationality and so many of the members come from a variety of different backgrounds.

To provide an idea of how small the Family is in the 1930s, in 1934 Firo and "almost a dozen others" are Martillo capos, who are said to make up a full quarter of the Family members. With around a dozen capos, the Martillo Family in 1934 would have had around forty-eight members in total.


The Martillo Family
Member Rank Immortal Status
Don Molsa Martillo Don (Caposocieta) Immortal
Kanshichirou Yaguruma Elder (Primo Voto) Immortal
Ronny Schiatto Secretary (Chiamatore) "Demon"
Maiza Avaro Bookkeeper (Contaiuolo) Immortal
Firo Prochainezo Bookkeeper (2000s arc) Immortal
Randy and Pezzo Executives Immortal
Seina Shopkeeper Immortal
Lia Lin-Shan Waitress Immortal
Annie Waitress Vessel of Hilton
Angelo Bodyguard Mortal (2000s)
Allies Actual Affiliation Immortal Status
Luck Gandor Gandor Family Immortal
Berga Gandor Gandor Family Immortal
Keith Gandor Gandor Family Immortal
Claire Stanfield Gandor Family (loosely)

Himself (mostly)

Claudia & Charon Walken Independent Mortal
Isaac & Miria Independent Immortal

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