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Behind every coincidence, every stroke of luck, and every miracle, there is inevitably a cold and calculating mind.

–Senator Manfred Beriam, 1933 (Last) The Slash -Bloody to Fair-

Congressman Manfred Beriam (マンフレッド・ベリアム, Manfureddo Beriamu) is a United States Senator whose platform is staunchly anti-crime. He has close ties with Nebula, and despises immortality for reasons that are currently unknown.  

At the tail end of December 1931, Manfred's wife Natalie and daughter Mary are taken hostage by the Lemures aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. The Lemures' plans to blackmail Manfred into releasing Huey Laforet from prison ultimately fail, and Natalie and Mary both survive the incident.  

Appearance Edit

Manfred has neatly combed short blond hair and dark blue eyes. He is seen wearing a dark brown suit in the 2007 anime adaptation.


Senator Beriam is quite indifferent to social graces and seldom smiles in front of others. His remains aloof even when in the presence of other powerful and during election season. He is also shown to care very little about the welfare of others, including his own wife and daughter. Upon learning they were on board the train that was to be attacked, he dismisses his subordinate's advice to have the train make an emergency stop so the two can leave, citing that they were not important compared to the mission and that if they died, it was their fate.  

He is a calculating man, and he has demonstrated a capacity for acting when it suits him – such as when he pretends to be scared when Hong Chi-Mei breaks into his his office.  


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