Luck Gandor (ラック・ガンドール, Rakku Gandōru) is one of the heads of the Gandor Family mafia alongside his older brothers Keith and Berga. He and his brothers become complete immortals in November 1930 after unwittingly consuming the Cure-All Elixir at the Martillo Family's promotion party for Firo Prochainezo.

In 1932, Luck and his brothers grow concerned at the presence of the drug trade on their turf, and he ends up engaging in a vicious fight with Gustavo Bagetta in front of Eve Genoard. In 1933, he orders Tick Jefferson and Maria Barcelito to deal with Jacuzzi Splot, whose gang has started operating on/near Gandor turf without their consent.

In February 1935, Luck and his brothers hire several powerful assassins (including Ladd Russo) as extra muscle alongside Tick and Maria to accompany them when they attend the Runorata Family's three-day casino party at Ra's Lance.

Appearance Edit


Luck has short brown hair and sharp brown eyes that are constantly described as "fox-like" by both the prose and other characters. He normally dresses in sharp business suits. In the anime, he and his brothers are color-coded: Luck wears a brown suit while Keith and Berga wear blue and green respectively.


Luck comes across as calm and collected, with a constant faint smile on his face (Firo claims this is just a pretense to look cool). Luck intentionally pretends to be ruthless because he believes that he is not suited to be a mafioso--a belief that other characters also hold. He is far more empathetic than a mafia capo should be--he could not bring himself to issue a death penalty for Edith or allow Eve Genoard to become a killer.  

That being said, Luck is completely capable of violence and cruelty, having no qualms about employing a torture specialist and inflicting violence upon their torture victims himself. This is especially so when his men or family have been injured or killed, or are otherwise in danger - he cares deeply for those in his family and cannot forgive those who harm them. During these times (e.g. when Keith was kidnapped; when Dallas murdered Gandor men) Luck is just as furious -- if not more so -- than Berga, though he attempts to hide his fury under his typical placid demeanor.  

Luck has indicated that he used to be afraid of death, to the point where he was afraid of the poem "Spirits of the Dead" by Edgar Allan Poe. He has since lost this fear as an immortal, and even jokes about how he keeps cheating death. 

Storyline Edit

Pre-1930 Edit

Luck grew up in Hell's Kitchen, alongside his two older brothers and his father (his mother is not mentioned in the narrative). His family took in Claire Stanfield after the boy's parents died, and the four boys were very close with Firo Prochainezo, who lived in the same tenement block.

1919-1920 Edit

In 1919, Luck, his brothers, and Firo search the neighborhood for Claire, who has run off to play. They finally find him when they enter a derelict building - he pokes his head through the hole in the ceiling at their calls. Luck cannot believe that Claire managed to climb all the way up there, and watches Claire easily flip and twirl his way down to the floor with dry resignation.

Berga urges the group to head home now, since the blood oath in the Gandor home is to "be home before dark" and their father will probably "bawl [them] out." Claire and Firo both agree that "old man Gandor" is "scary when he's mad." The five boys head back home.

It is likely that Luck's father died sometime in 1920, since Claire is in the circus by then (and he only ran away after the death of the Gandor don).

Soon after the death of the Gandor don, several of the Gandor capos (including Nicola Cassetti) hold a meeting to discuss the future of the family. Nicola thinks that the three boys shouldn't be pulled into "all this." Just as the men agree to find a substitute boss, Luck and Berga open the door to the room, having heard the conversation. Luck informs them that there will be no need to find a substitute boss, and recalls how their father had tried to protect their territory until the very end. ("That being the case, it's our inherit his pride"). As he talks, Keith walks through the door with blood covering his torso and dragging two corpses in tow. Luck announces that the three of them will take over the Gandor Family.

1925 Edit

By September 1925, Luck is in his teens and is the Family's youngest and lowest-ranking executive. Entrusted with debt collection duties, he deals with a local clockmaker who has borrowed $2025.50 (the equivalent of $27,877.01 in September 2016) from the Family; the clockmaker says he will pay it back. At the time of the loan, he warns the clockmaker that if he cannot pay his debts he ought to be ready to sell his own family to make it up. (This is hyperbole).

Twenty-three days later, Luck walks to the clockmaker's shop and confronts the clockmaker over his debt with the full intention of pressuring the clockmaker into selling his land. It is clear from the clockmaker's words that he does not have the money, and Luck suggests that the man consider selling his store, or the land his shop is on.

Luck is unmoved by the clockmaker's excuses, and is then taken aback when the clockmaker offers to pay the debt back with his body. He clarifies that he had heard the Gandors were looking to hire, and that he is hoping to sell the Family his own son. Luck's expression reveals his surprise for the first time, and the clockmaker calls for his step-son ("Tick!") to come over. Luck soon hears the sound of metal sliding against metal; a boy rounds the corner opening and closing scissors gripped in his hands.

Luck studies the other boy - his willowy body makes it difficult to tell how strong he is, and he looks amicable enough. The clockmaker introduces the boy as Tick ("awfully good with his hands") and he is sure that Luck will be able to 'make use' of him. That is to say, he is hoping that Luck will take Tick as collateral. Luck cannot believe what he is hearing, but at the same time he can't help but find himself interested in Tick (or rather, his scissors).

The clockmaker takes Luck's silence as agreement, and recalls Luck's warning about selling off his family. He urges Luck to at least "try out" Tick for just a day, and if he is displeased the clockmaker will sell the store and the land.

Prologue OB

Teenaged Luck and Tick Jefferson walk the streets in September 1925.

Luck curses himself for being overly soft as he steps out of the store, with Tick by his side. He spots Manhattan Bridge off in the distance - with prime real estate so close to a tourist attraction like the bridge, the clockmaker should be pulling in customers easily. Either the man was grossly incompetent, or extremely unlucky.

He asks Tick why he carries scissors around with him, and Tick calls it a 'hobby.' Luck heaves a sigh at the twist of events, and Tick smiles 'innocently' and asks what the matter is. At Tick's good-natured look, Luck sighs again and wonders what on earth he's supposed to do with the boy. He looks nice enough, but not all that smart and probably not notably strong either.

He asks Tick if he understands the situation he is in, and Tick says that he thinks that "Father" borrowed money, could not pay it back, and thus sold Tick to Luck as collateral. Luck stops him there, assuming that Tick understands the words but not the meaning behind them. He informs Tick that if he does decide that Tick is useless he will stick a debt reminder on him and stick him outside the shop.

At Tick's breezy reply ("Okay. I'll do my best.") Luck grows agitated and again interrogates him on whether or not he understands what helping 'us' (the mafia) entails, that he might have to get his hands dirty. Does he understand what that means? Would he be prepared for it? He asks Tick what he would do if Luck ordered him to kill another person, expecting that the petty question will force Tick to admit his shortcomings.

Tick's answer shocks him into silence. "If you told me to, Mr. Luck." Luck figures that Tick has a "few screws loose" and looks around the street. A carriage passes by, and when it is gone he spots Randy and Pezzo standing across the street. The two men are capos of the Martillo Family, and they tease Luck good-naturedly upon spotting him. The two men continue down the street, and Luck is about to leave when Tick pipes up that it appears the capos have business with his stepfather as well.

Luck whips around, just in time to see Randy and Pezzo kick open the shop door. A moment later, he can hear their outraged roars directed toward the clockmaker, demanding that he pay back the twelve thousand dollars debt (around $165,156 as of Sep 2016) he racked up at the Martillos' gambling house. Luck claps his hands to his mouth to stop himself from crying out at the revelation. The clockmaker had racked up six times the amount of debt he owed the Gandors to another organization, and saddled him with the "scissors boy."

Various scenes flashing through his head, Luck prepares to confront the clockmaker again with no mercy. Tick quietly asks him to stop, and states that his stepfather is "done for." He not only hasn't the money to pay back the Martillos and the Gandors, he owed money to eight other people as well. Selling the store wouldn't cover it all. Tick admits that he believes his stepfather plans to run away tonight, and Luck lets out a quiet breath at that. He prompts Tick to continue, and Tick explains that he has a little brother who is extremely smart, unlike Tick. Their stepfather probably thinks that he will be fine as long as he has the younger son with him.

Tick continues on to say that he's just a hindrance, so his stepfather was planning on abandoning him anyway. So the clockmaker had foisted him off onto Luck to get the Gandors out of the way. Luck finally realizes that Tick is far more aware of his situation than Luck had first supposed. He asks Tick how he can still smile knowing what his 'father' has done, and if he hates his brother. Tick responds that he loves them both very much.

Luck decides that he cannot let the clockmaker off the hook and he sets off down towards the store. Tick drops his scissors and grabs Luck's arm. He reminds Luck that he does not know what Tick might be worth to the family - for all he knows, Tick might be worth the debt. After all, Luck had promised that he would take in Tick for a day for assessment purposes. At the nervous overtone in Tick's voice, Luck concedes silently that the boy isn't "entirely an idiot" and is relieved that Tick has emotions after all. (...He fully realizes the situation he's in, and he's long since comes to terms with what he'll have to do.)

Luck emphasizes that Tick will be stuck with the debt should he prove worthless and should the clockmaker flee, with a grudging respect for Tick's resolve. His interest in Tick is renewed, and he turns away from the store (once again sighing that he is too soft) to head back to the family office. Glancing at Tick, he feels a bit of pity for the other boy - it is clear that Tick is far too kind to become a member of an illegal organization.

He asks if Tick is really all right with everything that's happened, since he didn't even get to say goodbye to the family he is trying to protect. Tick thinks he isn't doing anything as grand as that, so he probably won't regret his actions. And the relations/ties between people are not so easily cut. Luck smiles along with Tick as he talks.

Tick then says that on the other hand, people are "easy to cut. You can touch them, you can see. My scissors could cut them up. That makes me sad, and happy." A chill runs down Luck's spine.

At some point in 1925, the older members of the Family finally stop calling him "Young Master" and "The Little Gandor Fiend," nicknames that he'd endured when younger.

1927 Edit

Luck and his brothers arrive at one of the New York eateries under their sphere of influence. Firo and Claire have already arrived for the reunion, and the brothers greet Claire (whom they have not seen for a long time) fondly. Claire ribs Firo about how he thought Firo was going to join the Family, and Berga corrects Claire - Firo has joined a Camorra family instead. Claire wonders what will happen if there's a feud and they have to end up killing each other, and Berga suggests they drag him back over to their mafia. Luck cuts the conversation off - they had promised not to talk about it.

Firo changes the subject and brings up the Feast of San Gennaro that is starting tomorrow. Claire has never heard of it, so Luck explains the backstory of the festival to him, and the "miracle of San Gennaro." The talk of miracles reminds the table of "The Phantom Father," the current subject of the rumors and tabloids. Apparently, the man is a serial killer who doesn't die if he is stabbed. Claire remarks that Keith doesn't look too interested in the conversation, and Luck teasingly replies that Keith prefers "silent movies to festivals" - after all, he's taken shine to a certain lady pianist lately.

The talk is interrupted by a drunken brawl that has broken out between two diners. Berga quickly and violently puts an end to the fight, and Luck coolly tells him not to make too much of a mess, and he intimidates the two brawlers by reminding them who exactly runs this establishment. The group gathers up their things, intending to go somewhere else. The owner apologizes to Luck, who dismisses the sorries and reminds him that they are expecting the place to do good business during tomorrow.

Once outside, Firo asks what happens tomorrow, and Luck reveals that they plan to use the festival to earn a little more by way of liquor sales. Firo compliments Luck on his intelligence, and says that he "looks good as a boss." Claire then obliviously butts into the conversation by slinging an arm around Luck's shoulders (hooking him by the neck) and demanding that Luck show him where the festival is being set up. He drags Luck off, and the two and Berga head off down the street, leaving Keith and Firo behind.

The next day finds the Gandors in an uproar in Coraggioso. Keith's bloody jacket and a smashed lollipop have been found in an alleyway, with Keith nowhere to be found. Nicola calls the bookie's and the gambling den, only to learn that Keith hasn't visited either place. Luck and Berga are visibly upset at the news. Luck mues that they haven't been having trouble with the neighboring outfits, and wonders almost desperately if this is all just a joke that Keith's pulling. Berga announces that he's going to go out and resume searching, but Luck shouts at him not to; if the other outfits see them panicking, things might turn south. Not to mention, they have no leads.

Luck tells Nicola to keep checking on other location without involving his subordinates, and advises Berga to have patience. Luck decides to call Claire and ask him to search for Keith in a "professional capacity," though he feels guilty for dragging Claire in when it's his day off. Once he gets a hold of Claire, he updates him on the discovery of the jacket and lollipop.

Later in the day, Claire returns with Keith and head into Coraggioso's basement, where Berga and Luck are overwhelmingly relieved to see that Keith is safe. Keith informs them that "no other outfits were in on it," and Berga (shocked) asks if that means Keith got himself caught on purpose. Luck accuses Keith of being out of his mind, since bosses shouldn't go around putting themselves into danger. Keith stops, turns, and replies, "...we still had two." Luck clutches his head in his hands; that isn't what he meant, and he lets out a noise of frustration.

Claire interjects that the brothers really ought to thank Firo too, since if it weren't for Firo keeping the priest busy Keith would have had a harder time moving around on his own. Luck worriedly asks if Firo is all right, and Claire grins and says that Firo's fine.

1930 - The Rolling BootlegsEdit

Luck and his brothers are first introduced playing a card game with Jorgi (the Family's financial manager). Through the game, they reveal to Jorgi that they are aware of his embezzlement and secretly 'test' him on his character via Russian Roulette. When he fails the test (he points the gun at the Gandors), he is taken away.

In November 1930, Luck and his brothers are approached by Dallas Genoard and his cronies after they were beaten senseless by the Gandors' childhood friend Firo. Dallas (unaware of Firo's relationship with the Gandors) wants the Gandors to help him get revenge on Firo. In exchange, he offers to join the Gandor Family along with his cronies. Luck cooly declines and dismisses Dallas, angering him. Berga throws Dallas and his goons out when they start acting up, and afterwards the two brothers examine at the crate that Dallas left behind. It contains two bottles that they assume contain liquor.  

That evening, the Gandor brothers attend Firo's promotion party at The Alveare. During the party they unknowingly consume Szilard Quates' immortality elixir, and become complete immortals. While they're at the party, the Coraggioso is attacked by Dallas and his men. Dallas and company end up retrieving the wooden box, killing Mike and four other Gandor members in the process. The police contact the brothers in the middle of the night, and they rush to the scene. Luck is livid over the murders of Mike and his other subordinates, and vows revenge.  

When the police leave the Coraggioso the next day, the Gandors decide to go talk to the Martillos at the Alveare about the murders. In the back alleys near the Alveare, they come across Dallas and his cronies threatening Firo and Ennis; Luck draws his handgun and points it at the back of Dallas' head, and his brothers do the same with the two henchmen. Luck interrogates Dallas about the previous night's massacre, and Dallas attempts to blame Firo as the perpetrator. Luck reveals that he and Firo are childhood friends, and shoots Dallas in the head (his brothers do the same to their captives). Ennis warns them to tie Dallas and co. up, but her warning comes too late. Dallas and his goons regenerate, and gun down the brothers, Firo, and Ennis.  

Luck and the others soon regenerate, and they witness the showdown in the alleyway between Firo and Szilard. At some point in the aftermath, they retrieve Dallas' body along with his goons, and transport them to a warehouse. They bind their captives' hands and feet, and place them in separate drum canisters. Then, they wait until the three wake up, and proceed to make Dallas and company's punishment very clear: eternal drowning. Keith drops a pack of 52 jokers into Dallas' drum, and Luck and Berga make a show of giving Dallas a choice of a recreational object to use in the drum (which would obviously be useless). 

The brothers fill the drums with cement, and drop them into the Hudson River. 

1931 - The Grand Punk Railroad 

Luck and his brothers have contacted their foster brother Claire Stanfield, requiring his help in their feud with the Runorata Family. On December 31, Luck, his brothers, Firo, Ennis, and Maiza head to Pennsylvania Station and wait for the arrival of the Flying Pussyfoot, upon which Claire is working. Once the train arrives, the brothers watch Firo, Ennis and Maiza have their reunions with Isaac and Miria and Czeslaw Meyer. Upon receiving a telegram informing them that Claire is waiting outside, the brothers exit the station to greet him. Claire asks them what they need him to do, and cheerfully informs them that he's met the girl of his dreams. He also informs them that his name is no longer Claire. 

1932 - Drug & The Dominos

(To Be Added)

1933 - The SlashEdit

In September 1933, Luck heads to a room in the basement of Coraggioso, and opens it door to screams. He greets Tick (who is currently torturing someone) and suggests that he take a break before continuing with his work. Tick leaves the room, and once he is gone Luck approaches the torture victim below him. He advises the man that how long or short Tick's break will be depends entirely on what the man has to say.

The man's teeth chatter together and he begs Luck to keep "that freak" away from him; he will confess everything he knows. Luck sighs, cracks his neck from side to side and waits for the man to regain calm -- only for the man to shriek at the sight of TIck, who has poked his head through the open door. Luck asks him if something is the matter, and Tick replies that he thinks the man will die if they don't get him to a doctor soon.

Luck reassures Tick that he will 'take care' of it, and tells Tick to go upstairs and have some crackers (much to Tick's delight). Luck waits until he is sure that Tick is gone, and then he turns and smiles at the bloody man on the floor. He says, "Mr. Tick is a kind man, isn't he," and kicks the man hard. "But I am not. I hope you understand."

In the same month, Luck and his brothers are not pleased; a delinquent gang run by Jacuzzi Splot has been operating on and between their territory (and Martillo territory) without the Gandors' permission. Luck orders Tick Jefferson to go negotiate with the delinquents, and orders Maria Barcelito to act as Tick's bodyguard. He demands that there be no bloodshood, and reminds them that violence is a last resort.

At the end of the story, Luck is informed by Ronny Schiatto that Jacuzzi will pay tribute to both the Martillo and Gandor Families. He is very displeased that Tick and Maria could not procure this information (or an explanation), and he coldly informs them that in the face of their failure they should sell their information to the Daily Days if they want to be paid.  

1934 - Alice in JailsEdit

Luck discusses Firo's past with his brothers.  

1935-1936 Edit

(To be added)

Abilities Edit

Luck possesses absolute immortality. He has good leadership skills, earning him the respect of larger mafia families. While enemies fear him and while he can be quite intimidating, he is not a tyrannical leader; his kindness has earned him the trust of Eve Genoard.

Trivia Edit

  • In the dub of the 2007 anime adaptation, Luck's voice actor Jason Liebrecht also voices Gretto Avaro.
  • Luck is the only Gandor brother who still lives in the old family apartment, and the only one who hasn't married by 1930.


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