Lua Klein (ルーア・クライン Rūa Kurain) is Ladd Russo's lover and fiancée. She is noted by Graham to be very beautiful, "almost like a princess from a fairy tale."

Biography Edit

She is completely devoted to Ladd, who says that "after everyone else, the last one [he] will be the one to kill her."

Lua appears very calm and aristocratic, but is actually an acute hybristophiliac. She also enjoys putting together blank jigsaw puzzles, painting a picture, and then breaking them. After breaking them, Ladd describes that she gives a hollow laugh.

Her placid serenity comes from her ability to "accept everything," even the most grotesque and ludicrous of situations. Fred deduces that they are alike in terms of seeking death, yet Ladd's psychotic nature sparks life in her eyes and accepts his love and intent to kill her.


Lua first appears with Ladd to meet Placido Russo as the demented killer plots to board The Flying Pussyfoot with intentions to massacre the passengers for ransom and crash it into the heart of Manhattan. Eventually, she joins Ladd and his gang while noticing the presence of a mysterious figure.

During the heist, she is ordered by Ladd and a goon to take Jacuzzi Splot from the Conductor's area after the latter went to find one of them to confirm a story of an urban legend. She is taken by Lemure bandits during the trip and is imprisoned with Nick, a friend of Jacuzzi's. Ladd later personally rescues her and leaves her in another cart with most of the wounded gangster.

At the climax of the story, she sees a glimpse of The Rail Tracer, despite the horrific appearance, she remained placid. After realizing that Ladd will be outmatched by the creature, she accepts advise from The Grey Magician to pursue Ladd or else lose her world altogether. The young woman leaves the mysterious man with Ladd's lackey to find him.

She ends up onboard the tram while Ladd engages the Rail Tracer and another woman, The Rail Tracer uses this opportunity to incapacitate Ladd by throwing Lua off the train. Ladd hastily follows, keeping his vow to kill her, the couple end up in the outskirts of the city and are eventually fetched by the police with Ladd losing his arm to protect them from impact. She separates from Ladd and vanishes after the incident on The Flying Pussyfoot.

She vanishes for most of the storyline and resurfaces once more in 1934, where Placido Russo has her hostage to control Ladd once he is released from prison. She eventually escapes custody with Carol and Gustav St. Germain.

It is unknown how she died and if it was by Ladd's hands as most of the 1930's cast are not mentioned in 2002 or 2001.


  • Her name Klein means small in german, suggesting she is of German descent.

Gallery Edit

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