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The 2007 anime adaptation of Baccano! only covered the first four novels, and its three specials were derived from the gaiden novel that was eventually turned into the fourteenth light novel. Certain scenes also borrowed from the fifth and sixth light novels. The adaptation left out several characters and reduced others to cameo roles, all of which can confuse newcomers to the series. Currently Baccano! has twenty-two light novels and two manga adaptations, as well as two short stories, two audio dramas, and a video game. Below is a list of non-anime characters as they appear in each.  

Note: Characters that have appeared in one medium or a story that crosses many mediums (ex: The Grand Punk Railroad revisited) will only count once. 

Light Novels:

The Rolling Bootlegs  Edit

1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local Edit

1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express Edit

  • Turner (introduced first in Local as the "whiskered pig.")

1932 Drug & The Dominos Edit

2001 The Children of Bottle Edit

1933 <First> The Slash -Cloudy to Rainy- Edit

1933 <Last> The Slash -Bloody to Fair- Edit

1934 Alice in Jails - Prison Episode Edit

  • Caucasian Man

1934 Alice in Jails - Street Episode Edit

1934 Peter Pan in Chains Edit

1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra Edit

2002 (A Side) Bullet Garden Edit

2002 (B Side) Blood Sabbath Edit

1931 Another Junk Railroad Edit

1710 Crack Flag Edit

1932 Summer - Man in the Killer Edit

1711 Whitesmile Edit

1935-A Deep Marble Edit

1935-B Dr. Feelgreed Edit

1931 Winter - The Time of the Oasis Edit

  • Melody (speaking lines in other novels)
  • Chaini (speaking lines in other novels)

1935-C The Grateful Bet Edit

1935-D Luckstreet Boys Edit

Manga adaptations Edit

1931: The Grand Punk Railroad (2006-08 adaptation) Edit

2015 Baccano! Manga Edit

Short Stories: Edit

300 B.C. The Notorious B.E.Ginning Edit

  • Ronny Schiatto the First

The Imaginary First and Last Episode Edit

Audio Dramas Edit

1936 - Firo Prochainezo Witnesses the 53rd Death of Pietro Gonzales Edit