Lia Lin-Shan (リア・リンシャン, Ria Rinshan) works for the Martillo Family as a waitress at The Alveare. She makes a brief cameo in the anime when she greets Isaac and Miria, and later in Episode 14 playing dominoes with Firo Prochainezo, Isaac and Miria, Ennis, Maiza Avaro, and others. She is the older sister of Fang Lin-Shan.


Lia is a woman of half Chinese and half British descent who dresses in a red cheongsam with gold trim. She has black hair tied in two buns (white in the 2015 manga, pink in the anime) at each side of her head. She is slim and physically attractive.


Lia is a little child-like in her gestures and mannerisms. She's not above teasing Edith in a joking manner, but she is clearly kind and readily willing to help when her friend is in need.


In The Rolling Bootlegs, she and Seina prepared food for the celebration following Firo Prochainezo's promotion. She attended to the patrons upstairs in the speakeasy while the Martillo executives partied downstairs.

In 1932: Drug and the Dominos, Lia plays an important role when she hides the black leather case containing drugs distributed by the Runorata Family for Roy Maddock and Edith (on Edith's request). She gives the case to her younger brother for safe-keeping, since the door to her room does not have a lock.


  • Lia is not totally fluent in English, and she speaks with a heavy accent.
  • Her father was British, and her mother Chinese.
  • Like her brother, Lia is an extremely good cook, and her cooking along with Seina's is the reason many of the Alveare's customers become regulars.
  • Lia appears to also provide entertainment for the customers, since in one novel scene she is in the background on stage, dancing with a sword in hand.
  • Lia lives in a room on the first floor of a small apartment block in Little Italy. Her room does not have a lock.
  • Lia is confirmed to be immortal in 1932: Drug and the Dominos.
  • In the 2002 scenes in The Rolling Bootlegs, there is a waitress from whom Firo orders food at the Alveare; the narrative doesn't specify if the woman is Lia or not.

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