Baccano (156)

Goose Perkins, wearing the signature attire of the group, addresses his fellow Lemures.

The Lemures (introduced as the Black Suits) are a cult that worships Huey Laforet. They are aware of his immortality, and their belief appears to be that if they serve him faithfully, he will grant them eternal life. Huey himself regards them with contempt, saying that their loyalty is false because they see him only as a means to the end of becoming immortal and that they are not competent enough to carry out a hostage-taking operation without Chané's help. Their leader (who receives direct orders from Huey) is Goose Perkins.

Summary of Events Edit

On December 29, 1931, Goose gathered the Lemures in an abandoned warehouse. During the meeting, Nader Schasschule and his allies betrayed Goose and attempted an uprising (intending to defect to the Russo Family). Much to their misfortune, Goose was aware of Nader's plan, and the loyal Lemures gun down all the traitors save for Nader himself. Chané severs Nader's right hand and they leave him inside the factory. As the Lemures drive away Spike uses his sniper rifle to shoot their detonator, causing the factory to implode.

Apparently, the Lemures loyal to Nader were not aware of Huey's true nature.

On December 30, 1931, one Lemure detachment boarded the Flying Pussyfoot under the guise of the "Chicago Paysage Philharmonic" and hide their guns in instrument cases. Once the train was underway, they took the passengers hostage in an attempt to force Senator Beriam, whose wife and daughter were among the hostages, to arrange Huey's release from jail. The plan quickly disintegrated as the Lemures fell into a struggle with various other factions on board for control of the train . Ladd Russo's gang fought the Lemures for control of the hostages while Claire Stanfield, displeased with the threat both groups posed to the safety of the passengers, murdered a number of Lemures who had spread out into the passenger cars. The few remaining Lemures were overwhelmed by a passenger uprising lead by members of Jacuzzi's gang using weapons the Lemures themselves had brought on board. The surviving Lemures were arrested when the train arrived in New York. The same day (Dec 30), a second Lemure detachment acts as the negotiating team while the first hijacks the train. Led by Serges, the negotiating team set up camp by the bridge (upon which the train will travel on the 31st) in anticipation for ransom negotiations with Senator Manfred Beriam. Their plan goes awry thanks to a bear, Gabriel and Juliano, and others at the scene.

Known Lemures Edit

Loyal Edit

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  • The name Lemures (Leh-mur-ays) is a Latin word referring to a type of malevolent ghost in Roman mythology. The singular is Lemur (leh-mur). Accordingly, Goose uses the metaphor of ghosts to describe the organization, saying that they are living ghosts because they have cut off all ties to the living except for each other and Huey. As ghosts, he goes on, they do not need to fear death.
  • They donning black suits during the Flying Pussyfoot incident are associated with the fact that they are a cult. Black is often considered an occult colour and is often associated with cults in real life.They were never directly identified as a cult in the anime.
  • They refer to each other as Comrades, and usually to Huey as "Master Huey."

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