He's quiet, but what he does is bigger and louder than anybody else.

Claire Stanfield to Firo Prochainezo on Keith, Manga Chapter 004

Keith Gandor (キース・ガンドール, Kīsu Gandōru) is the head of the Gandor Family mafia alongside his younger brothers Berga and Luck. He first meets his wife-to-be Kate in late 1927. The same year, Keith is ‘kidnapped’ by a priest who intends to execute him as a warning against the other mafia families; it is later revealed that Keith purposefully allowed himself to be kidnapped for investigation purposes.  

In 1930, Keith and his brothers become complete immortals after unknowingly imbibing the Cure-All Elixir at Firo Prochainezo’s promotion party.  Nearly two years later, bad relations with the Runorata Family worsen when they start pushing drugs on Gandor turf, and Runorata capo Gustavo Bagetta wages all out war on the Gandors.  Keith takes an active role in dealing with the situation. 

In February 1935, Keith saves Luck’s life when Melvi Dormentaire attempts to devour him.  He, his brothers, and several assassins in the Gandors’ employ later attend the Runoratas’ casino party at Ra’s Lance.

In the eyes of the surface world, he is the manager of the jazz hall Coraggioso.

Appearance Edit

Keith has brown hair and piercing brown eyes, with a gaze that is often compared to that of a sharp knife or blade.  His brow is deeply furrowed, and his forehead and cheekbones are prominent.

He is normally dressed in formal business attire. In the 2007 anime adaptation, he and his brothers wear different colored suits in certain scenes; Keith wears a dark blue outfit while Berga and Luck wear a green outfit and brown outfit respectively.

In the late '20s, Keith is described as "a man, who, no matter how one looked at him, didn't seem like he did a proper line of business." His presence is very clearly one of a powerful mafioso’s, and he has a ‘sharp air’ that is difficult to miss. 

Personality Edit

Firo Prochainezo describes Keith as a little conservative in his thinking, clinging stubbornly to "outmoded rules and ideas" out of some sort of "old-fashioned righteousness." One way in which Keith's persistence in upholding (his own sense of) justice manifests itself in his total ban against drugs in his territory. He loathes drugs to his very core, at least partly because he takes pride in protecting the residents living on his turf, and he'd never cross the line of life and death of innocent people.

Keith is certainly no stranger when it comes to personally meting out violence: he has shot many a person in his line of work, and has doled out cruel punishments in the past. However, he also possesses a strange version of 'kindness' when it comes to said punishments; in one incident he gives Dallas Genoard cards to 'play' with while drowning in the Hudson - in another, he agrees to have Edith's hair trimmed as a 'punishment' for insubordination.

Such acts have led Claire and Firo to label Keith and his brothers as too soft-hearted to really be suited for the mafia life, though out of the brothers Keith is most certainly the closest to it. At the very least, Keith is highly respected by his subordinates and others around him - his name alone is enough keep Maria in check, and he is one of the only people to have made Claire apologize to someone else (and one of the few whose scoldings Claire has taken to heart). In the anime, his brothers visibly look to Keith for his opinion (or final say), subtly reminding the viewer of Keith’s leadership role. 

Keith is immediately distinguished by his taciturn nature - he is content to be silent most of the time and leave the talking to Luck. The instances in which he does speak are few and far between, and when we do see him speak he usually keeps his sentences short and to the point. 

So rare are the occasions that most people always sit up and take notice when he speaks, because whatever he has to say is always of importance. When Keith visits The President of the Daily Days to exchange information in late 1931/early 1932, The President goes so far as to temporarily cut his phone lines so he can hear Keith as clearly as possible ("what you say will definitely be precious information. The last time I heard you say more than five words was three years ago").

Though it is never shown on-page, more than one character has stated that Keith is actually fairly talkative with his wife Kate, and talkative to some extent over the phone. His great grandnephew Charon Walken (whom Keith looked after during the boy's childhood, and thus inherited Keith's penchant for reticence) flatly denies the possibility that Keith talks (more) over the phone, chalking such occurrences up to 'the phone fairy' instead.

Keith's love for his brothers is made clear throughout the novels. He reacts with physical - and audible - alarm when Berga is gunned down by Dallas in 1930, and memorably stops Melvi Dormentaire from devouring Luck in 1935 with such quickness and murderous intent that he would have without a doubt devoured Melvi right then and there had it not been for Claire's intervention. 

Storyline Edit

Pre-1930 Edit

The Gandor boys grew up in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan (one of the slums for Italian immigrants at the time) and quickly became friends with Firo Prochainezo and Claire Stanfield, two boys who lived in the same tenement. When Claire's parents died, the Gandors took him in and raised him as the brothers' foster sibling.

Berga and Claire often had friendly sparring matches with each other, though both frequently got a little too into the fights and accidentally hit Luck or Firo. According to Firo, Keith was the only one back then who could actually stop the two when they were over-excited. (“…he’s incredible. He could break ‘em up, just like that.”) (1935-B).

At one point during his childhood, Firo was kidnapped by an older man who had mistaken him for a girl.  Keith and his father tracked the kidnapper down, busted into the hideout and saved Firo “at the last second.”

1919 Edit

Ch002 Young Gandors

Young Keith (far right) and his brothers.

In 1919, Keith, his brothers, and Firo take to the streets in search of Claire, who has gone missing. They eventually find him playing in a derelict building - he pokes his head through a hole in the roof and scares Luck in the process. Once Claire nimbly flips his way down to the ground, the five boys prepare to head home back to the Gandor father; the Gandors have a rule that the boys must be home before dark.

When Mr. Gandor (the head of the family) dies from overwork (see Trivia), the Gandor mafia is temporarily in limbo while its capos figure out what to do next. Keith visits a room where three men are drinking around a table (who these men are is unknown) and kills them with his handgun. Taking the corpses, he and his brothers head for another room (perhaps in the Coraggioso) where Nicola Cassetti and other presumably high-ranking members of the Gandor Family are discussing the future of the outfit. 

Ch003 Bloody Keith

Keith enters the room with the two corpses.

Berga and Luck enter the room, and Luck recalls how their father had tried to protect the family territory until the end - and thus, it is the job of his sons to inherit his pride. As Luck talks, Keith appears in the doorway, dragging two of the men's corpses along the floor in either hand. Dropping them at the threshold, he walks into the room and wipes blood off his left cheek. Luck states that he and his brothers will take over the Gandor Family.

Over the next several years, Keith and his brothers noticeably expand their father's territory, though compared to other mafia families their turf is still quite small and their income pitiful. 

1927 Edit

Keith is a fan of silent films, and at some point during his excursions to the cinema he takes special notice of a woman's piano accompaniment. He begins regularly attending the theatre specifically to hear her play. Some time after the first feature-length talkie The Jazz Singer is released in theatres (see Trivia) on October 6, 1927, Keith spots or seeks out the woman - Kate - and asks her, "at which movie theatre can I hear your accompaniment? You can't see the accompanists' faces at movies nowadays, so I don't even know who's who." He says nothing more after that.  They get to know each other over the ensuing months.

Later that year, Keith and his brothers visit an eatery under their influence for a reunion with Firo and Claire, the latter of whom the brothers haven't seen for several years. Firo and Claire are already sitting at a table by the time the brothers arrive, and the three quickly take their seats beside them. Claire is surprised to learn that Firo has joined the Martillo Family instead of the Gandor Family, and wonders what will happen if the two outfits get into a fight. Berga suggests that they rope Firo into the Gandors and away from the Martillos, but Luck sternly reminds him that the brothers had promised not to talk of such things.

Firo changes the subject to the Feast of San Gennaro, a festival taking place tomorrow. Luck explains the festival's backstory to Claire, and the conversation soon turns to the rumors of "The Phantom Father," a supposed murderer who doesn't die when he is stabbed. Claire remarks that Keith doesn't look too interested in the conversation matter, and Luck smiles and quips that Keith "prefers silent movies to festivals. Apparently he's taken a shine to a certain lady pianist." 

A drunken brawl breaks out between two diners nearby, and Berga quickly puts a violent end to the fight. Luck threatens the two men, who quickly flee out through the front door and down the street. The five decide to leave, and once Luck speaks with the eatery's owner they all exit the building and walk down the street. Claire demands that Luck show him where the festival is being set up and proceeds to haul him down the street with his arm around Luck's neck, Berga tagging along.

Ch002 K&F

Keith and Firo Prochainezo walk down the streets of Little Italy.

Left alone with Firo, Keith takes a drag of his cigarette, contemplates his younger friend and asks, "are you okay?" Once Firo's initial shock fades (he hasn't heard Keith speak in a while), he clenches his fist and says that while he doesn't have 'something' like the others do, he's still going to make it on his own as Firo Prochainezo without the help of the Gandors or God.

A thief from behind rushes past the two, bumping into Firo and knocking down a priest in his haste for a getaway. A shopkeeper shouts angrily at him amidst the crowd. Firo helps the priest up to his feet; the man introduces himself as Donatello and gratefully offers Firo a lollipop as thanks. He invites Firo to join the audience of children watching a puppet show nearby, but Firo coldly declines. A nearby festival worker calls upon Donatello for help, and before he leaves he tells Firo and Keith to be careful and to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Keith and Firo watch him depart (he trips in the process) before resuming their walk through the throng of people.

Eventually, Firo and Keith part ways. At some point later that day - or perhaps night - Donatello confronts Keith alone in an alleyway and laments that New York is full of villains and scum like the mafia. Though what happens next is not shown on screen, it is likely that Donatello attacks Keith -- when Keith's jacket (alongside a smashed lollipop) is found in the alleyway the next day (the first day of the festival), it is stained with his blood.

A search and rescue is mounted in Keith's absence, with Nicola, Claire, and Firo each actively investigating Keith's whereabouts. Though Keith's precise movements during his 'kidnapping' are unknown, it is apparent that Donatello had stashed him in his church, planning to eventually kill him at the end of the festival as a warning message to all the local mafia outfits.

Ch004 Keith Gennaro

Keith emerges from the fire unscathed.

Donatello's plans are completely derailed; when he returns to his church (after engaging in a rather brutal fight with Claire) he finds it completely ablaze and surrounded by firefighters and rubberneckers. The doors to the church open, and Keith steps out from the flames completely unharmed (it is very possible that he was the one to have set the fire). Stunned, Donatello inwardly compares Keith to San Gennaro himself, who had once stepped from the fires of a furnace unharmed. Claire waves at Keith from his spot in the crowd, and compliments him on having "pulled out all the stops again!".

The two walk away from the conflagration, and Claire apologizes for having let Donatello escape earlier. He vows that he'll kill Donatello the next time they meet--he'll "end him so good" he'll leave a pool of blood. Keith and Claire then return to the Coraggioso and descend into the basement. Luck and Berga immediately stand in relief upon seeing their elder brother, but Keith merely walks past them and informs them that " other outfits were in on it."

Berga and Luck realize that Keith had purposefully let himself be caught by Donatello in order to investigate whether he and his killings were connected to another Mafia or Camorra outfit, and Luck cries out that a crazy stunt like that is something a boss should never do. Keith turns to look at Luck. "We still had two." This is not the answer that Luck wants to hear, but Claire interjects and reminds the brothers to thank Firo later. Without Firo helping to keep the priest busy, Keith would have had a harder time "moving on his own."

1928-1930 Edit

Sometime in 1928 (or perhaps 1929), the Martillo and Gandor Families clash and only narrowly avoid all-out war with each other.  During the conflict, Keith at some point speaks with the DD President.  The two families eventually call for a ceasefire and establish formal friendly relations, following a meeting between Keith and Molsa Martillo.

Keith and Kate marry, and Berga and Kalia follow around 1929 or 1930.  After Berga’s marriage, the two brothers move out of the Gandors’ old apartment (leaving it to Luck). Keith and Kate take up residence in a house nearby in Hell's Kitchen. 

1930 - The Rolling BootlegsEdit

In the basement of the Coraggioso, Keith and his brothers play poker while several Gandor men (including Nicola) spectate. When Jorgi - their finances manager - enters the room, Luck invites him to join their game. Jorgi does, nervously observing that all three of his bosses have joker cards in their hands. 

As Jorgi sorts through his hand, Berga recalls that someone once denounced gambling just for money. He pulls out a revolver and announces that the four of them will play Russian roulette - and gamble for their lives.  Terrified, Jorgi says that they should all shuffle their cards in preparation (he is secretly planning to cheat). Keith and the others all stop to stare at Jorgi’s hand. 

Jorgi splutters out a question, and it is quickly revealed by Luck that they know that Jorgi has been embezzling money from the Family over the past two years. He places his hand down on the table: five aces. Berga: five kings. Keith: five jokers, matching the two jokers in the middle to make seven.  The brothers sigh - they can never win against Keith. 

Since Jorgi’s hand is obviously the worst one, he is the first to play roulette. Berga shoves the revolver over to him, and Jorgi raises the gun to his temple - only to then am the muzzle directly at Keith and pull the trigger. Once, twice, six times total. Clearly upset, Luck points out to Jorgi that the cartridges are empty, and explains that this had all been a test he and his brothers had devised. Jorgi’s fate had completely depended on what he did with the gun, and he’d chosen the worst action of all the one’s they’d considered.

Berga kicks Jorgi off his chair and onto the ground, knocking him out. A few onlookers stuff Jorgi’s body into a prepared gunnysack and carry him up the stairs and out of sight. Aware of Jorgi’s fate (to be dumped into the sea), Keith murmurs “…damn fool,” but only his brothers hear him.

A few minutes later, Dallas Genoard and his cohorts arrive and ask for an audience with Luck. By this time, Keith and the others (sans Berga and Luck) have cleared out of the room.

That night, Keith and his brothers leave to attend Firo’s promotion party from associate to executive. At the party, they and others unwittingly drink the Cure-All Elixir, becoming complete immortals.  The evening is spoiled upon their return to the Coraggioso, where they are confronted with the murders of Mike and a few other subordinates. When the police finally leave the scene the next day, Berga viciously breaks a wooden stool in his rage, and Luck admits that he is filled with such terrible anger that he wants to rip the perpetrators apart with his own hands.

Though Keith seems to have something on his mind, he refrains from speaking and simply listens to his younger brothers talk.  Luck resolves to inform the neighboring mafia outfits of what has transpired, starting with the Martillos.  

The three brothers head for The Alveare. Approaching the back entrance to the building, they end up running into Dallas and his men - who are pointing their tommy guns at Firo and Ennis.  Keith presses the muzzle of his gun into the back of one of the goons’ head, Berga does the same for the next, and Luck does the same for Dallas. Luck asks where exactly Dallas and company acquired their guns; Dallas lies and blames Firo for the murders of the Gandor men, claiming that he’d tried to stop him. 

Luck immediately proves the lie to be false, and he and his brothers discharge their guns.  The three thugs crumple to the ground, and Luck apologizes to his brothers for not keeping his cool. Keith (who has not spoken for almost an entire day) replies, “don’t worry.”  Before Firo can explain what’s going on, Ennis desperately injects that they need to tie up the corpses.  Her warning comes too late; Berga’s victim regenerates and guns Berga down from where he is lying on the floor.

Keith shouts Berga’s name and moves towards him, but he and the others are almost immediately gunned down by Dallas and company.  Once they regenerate, they turn the corner to witness Firo devouring Szilard Quates and the subsequent celebration of the others present. 


By early December 1931, a new drug has started circulating around Gandor turf. Though it hasn't caused any major disturbances yet, news about the drug leaks out just enough for the Gandors to catch wind of it. The day after, they receive the actual good. With physical evidence now before them, the Gandors resolve to find the source of the drug and bring an end to its distribution.

Later that month, Keith and his brothers sit in the small parlor of the Coraggioso while lower ranked members gather in the large saloon area. Keith silently shuffles poker cards while Luck informs Berga that he's letting their torture specialist Tick Jefferson handle their current captive (a drug addict who had severed Luck's neck with his knife earlier that month). A moment later, Tick knocks on the door and identifies himself. Luck invites him in, and Tick informs them that the man he's torturing has taken so many drugs he just doesn't really have the conscious of a regular person anymore.

Berga argues that spending another month 'working' on the guy won't hurt, since they can try again once the medication wears off. Luck dismisses the suggestion and orders Tick to forget the rube and dump him at the door of the police station tonight. Tick smiles and leaves. Once he's gone, Berga reminds Luck that the rube was the one who'd cut Luck's head off in the first place. Luck shakes his head wearily and counters that the addict was just paid to do it. Someone who couldn't even control himself.

Luck and Berga start quarrelling about weakness and immortality, but Keith's thoughts have turned to his wife. Noting the time, Keith stands and dons his coat and hat, intending to head home. He nods a rare reply when Luck inquires about Kate's health. Berga also prepares to head home to his wife Kalia, but one of their underlings runs into the room shouting trouble. Capo Nicola Cassetti enters a moment later, covered in in his own blood but remarkably still active despite his gunshot wounds. Nicola addresses the brothers and explains a surprise attack from 'the enemy' (the Runoratas) caught them by surprise, and they only managed to take one attacker captive.

Out loud, Keith asks for a damage assessment. After Nicola's report, Keith thanks him for his hard work. Nicola bows respectfully toward him before leaving. A few other Gandor men shuffle forward and report that they've just received word that three other locations under Gandor influence (a bar, casino, and motel) have all been attacked. Keith removes his coat, knowing that going home is no longer an option.

Late that night, Keith pays a visit to the Daily Days Newspaper Agency, where many employees are still hard at work despite the hour. One employee recognizes Keith and places an internal phone call before showing Keith to the door leading to the second floor with a Chinese bow. Keith heads for the President's suite on the second floor, where the President greets him amidst a chorus of phone rings, hidden behind the mountain of paperwork on his desk. There is no place for Keith to sit.

The President asks what sort of 'information' Keith is here for, and notes that he is already aware of the impoverished people that have been recently been making tracks on Gandor turf. He presumes that Keith already knows what sort of people they are and their motives. He is right - Keith has come to the agency already fulling understanding the basic groundwork of the situation.

1932D&D - Keith

Keith pays a visit to The President of the Daily Days in his office.

The President pinpoints Keith's enemy as a single Runorata man: Gustavo Bagetta, the capo in charge of entering the Manhattan scene (where the Runoratas have no territory). A small organization like the Gandor mafia was an easy target. He informs Keith that before Gustavo attacked his men, he distributed drugs on Gandor turf. However, the President doesn't have any reliable information on the Runoratas' motives. Gustavo has been acting on his own intentions, and now quite a few Runorata members are displeased with him. In reality, Gustavo is no longer useful to the Runoratas. However, he should not be underestimated.

He then proceeds to temporarily cut the phone lines so that he can clearly hear Keith speak. He admits that Keith might already know everything he has just told him, but Keith's role now is to explain why he came to the agency, what his purpose is and what he wants to know. The President is sure that whatever Keith has to say will be precious information, and recalls the last time he heard Keith speak more than five words - three years ago.

Finally, Keith speaks. How much he says and how long he speaks is not shown, but a later conversation between Nicholas Wayne and the President implies that Keith had requested that the Daily Days settle the dispute with their advantage as a neutral party. A later briefing by the President also reveals that during this exchange, he'd told Keith how he could contact Baltoro, and that they'd worked out a 'battle plan.'

Later - perhaps the next day - Keith is present in the Coraggioso as Luck places a call to Claire, who is currently making a living as a train conductor. After he hangs up, Luck informs everyone present that 'he' will arrive in New York at the end of December via train. Keith offers a rare, faint smile at the news. Luck delivers orders to all the subordinates present: no-one is to act alone or show their faces without orders; all casinos and bars are to be 'closed for renovations'; everyone ought to stay low and out of sight for now.

Tick asks who exactly is coming at the end of the month, and, unable to conceal his glee, Luck informs the room that Claire Stanfield - the world's foremost assassin - will be on his way.

At some point during all this, Keith gets in touch with Bartolo Runorata and strikes a deal with him, part of which involved sneaking in some undercover agents as part of Gustavo's entourage.

At the end of the month, Keith and his brothers head to Pennsylvania Station on December 31, 1931  to pick up Claire, who is arriving on the Flying Pussyfoot as its conductor.  They are accompanied by Maiza, Firo, and Ennis, all of whom are also expecting friends back on the same train.  While the brothers are looking forward to seeing Claire again, there is also an underlying sense of urgency to the day — they need Claire’s assistance in their current war with the Runorata Family, which has been pushing drugs on Gandor turf.

The Flying Pussyfoot fails to arrive on schedule (12 PM), and the brothers talk with the others to pass the time (in the process learning that the terrorist Huey Laforet is immortal).  The train finally arrives two hours late at 2 PM, with Claire nowhere to be seen.  A station employee delivers a note from Claire to the brothers, asking them to meet him outside the station.  They head outside and meet with Claire in an alleyway, where he is eager to get a headstart on killing whomever the brothers need him to kill, since he wants to search for a certain someone that he has proposed to.  

As the topic turns to Firo, Luck uses Claire's name. Claire states that 'Claire' is legally dead, and Luck asks how he thinks he's going to get married if that is so. Claire stops at that, and worriedly wonders how much he can by a name for. For now, he suggests that his foster brothers can call him 'Vino' or 'Rail Tracer.' Berga insults him and the two break out into a fight in the alleyway. Keith watches them fight and silently ponders the inevitable escalating conflict between his family and the Runoratas, knowing that it will be some time before things become peaceful once more. 

The four brothers return to their office at Coraggioso, where Tick is the only subordinate present - everyone else is lying low at him per Luck's command. Claire immediately gets down to brass tacks, asking once more who their assassination targets are. If it's Bartolo Runorata, the job will require some planning. If it's Gustavo, they can take him out by the end of the day. He casually adds that he has been hired by Bartolo a few times in the past, and that Gustavo doesn't know the first about him (Claire).  

Instead of killing straight away, Luck wants Claire to simply stroll around the city and establish his presence to those lurking within the shadows.  

The next day - Jan 1, 1932 - Keith and his brothers are in the Coraggioso' basement office when Tick calls to them and announces that Edith (a waitress at the Coraggioso) has arrived. The three enter the area and spot Edith; Luck assures her that her wages will be paid on time despite the suspended business. That is not why Edith has come: she confesses that she has betrayed the Gandors. She explains how her boyfriend Roy Maddock has been caught up with the Runoratas' newest drug and has since gone missing, and that she has knowingly tried to help him despite the Gandors' drug ban - and that she went to an information broker for advice and followed it.  

Luck states that they have no plans to go searching for Roy at the news, but they cannot let her obscuring of the truth slide. Traitors must be dealt with. He asks his brothers what they should do with her; in a dilemma, Keith plays with the poker cards in his hand. The three brothers move to stand on their own, where Luck and Berga erupt into a heated whispered debate about how to punish her. They don't want to use violence on a woman, and they can't pardon her, so they decide to give her a chance. They hit upon the idea to have her choose a card from Keith's joker pack: if she picks a color Joker, she's guilty. They can just remove the color Joker from the beginning to ensure she gets away with it. 

Luck takes a look at Keith's cards and realizes they're all color jokers. He and Berga nervously ask how Keith actually obtained such a deck, and wonder if Keith couldn't have possibly bought fifty-two packs of cards and removed the color Joker from all of them. Keith deigns no reply. Either Luck or Berga then suggests that they just have it so that if Edith chooses a color Joker, she's innocent.  

Tick looks over from where he and Claire are talking (and fooling with the scissors) and asks if Edith has does something wrong. He observes that her hair is quite long, and asks if he can cut it. The three brothers decide that her punishment will be a haircut. Tick's hairstyle for Edith ends up even more fetching on her than the previous one. Afterwards, they ask her what information the information broker wanted. She replies that she needs to find out where Vino the assassin is. Claire looks up from his seat. 

That night, Claire, the Gandors, and Edith show up at the Daily Days. As Claire drags the responsible information broker (Henry) away, Nicholas Wayne discusses the increasingly complicated situation with Keith, Edith, Luck, and Berga. They'll have Edith hide Roy at the Gandor Family office while the Daily Days settles affairs with the Runoratas within the week. First, the Daily Days will get a handle on the movements of Gustavo and his men, and once they do they'll contact the brothers at their homes or office.  

The Gandors and Edith leave and return to the Coraggioso, where they are greeted by Tick (again the only one present). Tick informs Keith that Kate had stopped by just a few minutes ago, and that she'd returned home once she learned Keith had gone. Keith frowns, since he had made plans to finally go home that night and celebrate New Years with his wife - he still hasn't gone home after working through the end of 1931 and the beginning of 1932. Shaking his head, he hangs his coat and hat on the wall, resigned to working through the night.  

On January 2, Keith and Berga wait in the basement as Luck receives a phone call from the Daily Days asking them if they have seen a fifteen year old girl stop by. They have not. Luck hangs up and informs Keith and Berga that apparently the Daily Days is about to be attacked a day earlier than they'd thought it would. The brothers stow guns and knives in their pockets and pull on their coats; Luck calls a certain location and says "the health check starts at two" before hanging up. He leaves Tick in charge of the guarding the Coraggioso, and leaves him instructions in case Claire comes back to the jazz bar in the interim. On their way up to the first floor, Luck wonders where Claire is in the first place.  

The brothers arrive at the Daily Days building, and Keith and Berga hide behind curtains and a table and chairs in a big room on the third floor while Luck lies in wait elsewhere. Gustavo and his men storm the building, only to find that the employees have long since evacuated. Once they enter the big room, Luck enters from behind and shuts the door behind them, making his presence known. Gustavo and his men have no idea who Luck is, and Luck scoffs that they don't even recognize their own enemy.  

Keith and Berga come out of hiding, and Gustavo finally realizes that they're the Gandor brothers. Luck asks Gustavo's ten or so subordinates and asks if they'd like to join the Gandors, only for them to chuckle in response. Luck reveals that he and his brothers have already talked with Gustavo's boss Bartolo, and know that Gustavo gone behind Bartolo's back plenty of times. Gustavo denies the claims, and Luck again addresses Gustavo's now unnerved underlings, saying that those who surrender or join the Gandors now will be treated favorably, whereas those who remain enemies will become Vino's next targets.  

Gustavo shatters the skull of one of his obviously unsettled underlings, and threatens the rest before shooting Luck and obliterating his head. Luck's headless corpse crumples to the ground, and Gustavo points the gun's muzzle at Keith with smug satisfaction - only to have his world turn on its head when Luck's head reattaches itself to his body. Luck sits up, stretches, and again asks Gustavo's underlings if they'd rather join the Gandors or die here.  

Maria Barcelito - who has mixed in amongst the crowd unnoticed - dashes towards Luck and slashes at his arm. He jerks back in time, and she only manages to slice his wrist. While Maria whistles in admiration at the regeneration, a bearded man in glasses (Claire) barges through the door, dragging two people behind him that Keith does not recognize. Behind them follows a man in a long coat who introduces the dragged couple as Eve Genoard and Roy Maddock. 

The situation escalates when Claire takes off his disguise and introduces himself as "Felix Walken," which he explains is his new name to a befuddled Luck. In the commotion, Claire informs Luck that he's pretty sure Eve and Roy are Kate's guests. Keith frowns at Kate's name as Luck leaves the room, Gustavo making his own escape from the opposite door. Maria and Claire start fighting, while Berga stops the long-coated assassin from shooting at Claire - even as he is shot in the process. 

Once Claire wins against Maria, he asks Gustavo's underlings what they plan to do now. At his question, a few of the 'underlings' stand and tell Keith that they are taking their leave. Claire makes a rare, nonplussed noise at this, and asks Keith in confusion what's what as said few take their leave. Berga explains on Keith's behalf that half of Gustavo's so-called flunkies were actually undercover agents that the Gandors had arranged in their negotiation with Bartolo.  

One of the assassins thought to be felled earlier - the old drunkard - attacks Claire, and during their fight Claire explodes with laughter when the assassin brings up 'pride', emphatically deriding any notions of pride and dignity amongst assassins. Claire halts his scornful tirade when Keith presses the muzzle of his handgun into the back of his head and says, "don't mock the living." Claire sighs and says Keith isn't the same as guys like him and the drunkard, to which Keith replies, "doesn't change a thing. We're all the same --- all villains."

Claire turns around and apologizes to Keith, acknowledging him as someone "beset by honor and pride." There is no mockery in his tone. Without warning, Keith surges forward with killing intent and charges into the old drunkard before he can injure Claire. Kicking him to the ground, Keith relentlessly stomps down upon the assassin's chest. Claire laughs and urges him to take pity on the drunkard, and Keith answers, "....Enemies are enemies!" Claire smiles and figures that maybe Keith is the only one of 'em who's still a proper mafioso.  

Nearby, Berga asks Maria what she plans to do next. Maria looks over at Keith and asks him if what "fox-eyes" said still counts - she is referring to his offer to let Gustavo's underlings join the Gandors.  

In the aftermath of the incident, a truce is worked out between the Runorata Family and the Gandor Family. In a private conversation between Bartolo and one of his underlings, Bartolo muses upon Keith - with whom he'd been negotiating earlier: "Keith Gandor, hm? What an impressive man."  

On January 5, Keith hangs up the telephone after a lengthy conversation with his wife and pulls on his coat. It has been a week since was last home, and he is somewhat excited to finally go back home to his wife. One of his brothers asks him if Kate is still well, and Keith smiles a little, nods, and leaves.  

1935 Edit

In February 1935, Keith, Berga, and a few other members of the Family are enjoying a game of poker underneath the Coraggioso when they hear an unusual noise coming from the outside above them. Tick and Maria leave the building to investigate, and upon their return they report that there are a lot of seaplanes flying unusually low over the city.

Keith draws another card, and his face clouds at the sight of another seven. Berga notes that this is unusual, given that most of the cards are jokers. Looking at the 7s on the table, Keith feels strangely uneasy and stands, exiting the room and heading upstairs to look outside himself. He is filled with the premonition that the Gandors are being drawn into something, and he resolves to destroy whatever that 'something' is.

The next day at the Coraggioso, Luck informs his brothers of the events he'd witnessed at Firo's casino the day before (before the planes had swooped over the city), and that he suspects things will escalate from here on out. Furthermore, he thinks that immortals have something to do with the whole situation, considering how Firo and Maiza had reacted to Melvi Dormentaire at the casino.

Berga responds that even if their enemies are immortal, the Gandors will bash their heads in should said immortals come by picking a fight. He looks to Keith for approval, and Keith's eyes "sharpen like a blade." Though he neither agrees nor disagrees with Berga, the pressure coming off him is enough to cool Berga's temper. Berga backs down and agrees that he'll listen to the whole story first.

Luck reminds Berga that they have to be cautious with the Runoratas (who have invited the Gandors to their upcoming casino party at Ra's Lance), immortality or no immortality, and then warns them that Melvi's bodyguard is going to be a problem. Before he can say who the bodyguard is, one of their subordinates enters the room and informs them a Runorata messenger is here to see them, and that he has his bodyguard with him - the bodyguard, the subordinate says, is someone they know.

A minute later, Melvi enters the room with his bodyguard - Claire - in tow. Claire cheerfully greets his brothers and confirms that right now he is working for the Runoratas - so he might be their enemy depending on how things go. Keith remains silent (as if he'd anticipated this), but Berga is predictably outraged. Claire and Berga end up brawling, and Luck and Keith lead Melvi into an adjacent meeting room while the two brothers duke it out.

In the meeting room, Luck asks Melvi what he's scheming, freely admitting that he has severe doubts as to Melvi's character based on how he acted at the casino. He assumes that Melvi is not actually here to represent Bartolo Runorata, and is here instead for his own personal interests. Melvi admits this to be true, and formally introduces himself as 'Melvi', forgoing his surname. He wants the Gandors to make an agreement with him alone: he wants the Gandors to arrange a truce with him. He is personally the enemy of Firo, but he has no ill will toward the Gandors.

Luck tells Melvi to go home, and when Melvi points out that this doesn't involve the Runorata Family, Luck counters that it automatically does given that Melvi is affiliated with the Runoratas at all. He disparages Melvi's lack of perspective, but Melvi counters that Luck is the one who is mistaken. Petty Mafia customs like omertà and revenge are for humans. And then - Melvi distracts Luck and springs up, kicking off the table and the wall to maneuver himself behind Luck...where he reaches his right hand out toward Luck's head.

Keith - who'd not let his guard down once - grabs Melvi's wrist a split second before Melvi's fingers touch Luck's forehead. Though he's not holding Melvi's wrist particularly tightly, the pressure he exudes is such that Melvi is deluded into thinking that Keith is crushing his wrist. Completely silent, Keith reaches his own right hand out towards Melvi's head without a hint of hesitation. Melvi attempts to escape by kicking at Keith, but Keith simply turns lightly to avoid the blows. There is a murderous light in Keith's eyes, and he is acting out of pure revenge (a life for a life).

The intent to kill that Keith is exuding is more pure than anything Melvi had ever seen before, and it coils around his whole body. Melvi is certain that he is about to be devoured. But before Keith can devour him, a heavy marble ashtray sails through a closed window and towards Keith; Keith neatly catches the ashtray with his right hand. Through the window, Claire (who'd briefly stopped his fight with Berga) asks Keith to stop and leave it at that, reminding him that he's Melvi's bodyguard. Berga looks through the window, and is alarmed at what he sees - shouting abuse at Melvi for daring to do anything against Luck and Keith.

Claire sweeps Berga's legs out from under him when he tries to rush into the room, and suggests that Melvi apologize to Keith and Luck. With a smile on his face, he points out to Melvi that he must have done something wrong if Keith was making it that obvious he wanted to kill him. Claire will do his job to protect Melvi, but since the Gandors are his family - Melvi had better apologize. After a few moments, Melvi apologizes to the brothers and excuses his actions as "only a bit of fun" to test them.

Both Keith and Luck know that the apology is completely false and that he had just tried to kill them - and furthermore, that Melvi must be an immortal of some sort. Luck allows Melvi to save face by deliberately saying "don't worry about it. It was just good luck," and Melvi takes the hint and prepares to go. He bows politely to Luck and Keith, glares at Claire, and heads for the stairs (Gandor members parting to let him pass at a signal from Luck).

Once he's disappeared upstairs, Claire turns to Keith and the others and apologizes for them having to put up with Melvi. As Claire ascends the stairs, he mutters that he's going to show Melvi what hell looks like after their contract is up. After Claire leaves, the three brothers regroup. Luck concludes that the Gandors need to strengthen their forces. When Berga points out that they have him, Luck brings up the possibility that Melvi might target more than one place simultaneously, and Berga alone isn't enough to defend both places. Not that their subordinates are slouches, but Claire's on the Runoratas side now, and if more outsiders are involved against them the Gandors could be in real trouble.

Luck contemplates who the Gandors' strongest players are - of their capos, their best fighter is Nicola, but he's still recovering from being "shot to hell" in 1932. Their next available best fighter, then, is Maria.

In the ensuing days following the incident in the meeting room, Luck recruits several assassins and hitmen to to work for the Gandors in anticipation of the Runorata's casino party at Ra's Lance. These assassins include: Ladd Russo and Graham Specter (both of whom offer their services to Luck), Alkins, Raz Smith, Maria Barcelito, and one other person. Keith and Berga are present when Luck calls Ladd, Graham, Maria, Alkins, and Smith (who has brought his apprentice Mark Wilmans with him) for a meeting around the billiard table at the Coraggioso.

While Keith fiddles with his pack of cards, Edith waits on the assassins' needs as they talk and Graham monologues. Keith looks over at Mark - the boy who appears to be the most decent of the lot - standing behind Smith, and Luck quietly explains that the Gandors know the boy - he was involved in the Ice Pick Thompson incident of the summer of 1932. Keith - now recognizing the boy - shoots Luck a look that asks if they're really planning on involving Mark in the upcoming trials. Ladd, who'd been watching them, asks if it really matters - Mark's just one kid. And everyone dies when its their time, including children.

Keith (who refuses to let his guard down around Ladd) shoots Ladd a glare. Ladd comments that his uncle had nothing on Keith's "mean stare," and adds that he can tell Mark's no ordinary child judging from the look in his eyes. He thinks that Mark will be a hundred times more useful than Smith could ever be. He and Smith end up sniping at each other, but Mark smoothes things over.

Finally, the discussion is back on track. Ladd asks who Luck plans on having them kill, offering to head over to the Runorata mansion right now and bring back don Bartolo's head if that's what Luck wants. Luck replies that depending on the situation, they might just ask the assassins to kill Bartolo. Ladd whistles while the Gandor subordinates stiffen, but Luck clarifies that killing Bartolo is the absolute worst-case scenario and that he wants to avoid wasting the lives of his men. At any rate, if they're going to go up against the Runoratas they'll have to "crush" them. And to do that, they'll have to come up with a plan before they make any moves.

Luck continues on, admitting that he has no idea who the Gandors' enemy will be. They might be pulled into trouble that affects multiple organizations, and they might eventually even have the terrorist Huey Laforet or other mafias become their enemies. Ladd's smile warps a little at the name 'Huey Laforet', but the only ones who notice are Keith, Alkins, and Mark. Luck clearly explains why the Gandors have hired the assassins, and states that the job is very much a gamble.

The meeting continues for another thirty minutes or so, during which Luck defines exactly what they'll have the assassins do and how they'll be paid for their time. A Gandor subordinate descends the stairs and whispers something to Luck; Luck informs the group that their final member has just arrived. Keith, along with everyone else, looks towards the stairs as the person in question appears at their top.

When the first day of the party arrives, Keith, his brothers, and company show up at Ra's Lance and split up. Ladd and most of the other assassins scatter around the area near the hotel, while Maria and Tick accompany the Gandor brothers. The three brothers, Maria, and Tick mill about in the hotel lobby, where members from other mafia organizations are also gathering. When the Runoratas enter the room (headed by Melvi), all the mafia gangs take notice: the smaller ones fearfully move out of their way while the bigger ones stick to the side and size the Runoratas up. The Gandors are the only ones who refuse to budge.

Luck and Melvi coolly greet each other, and Claire cheerfully waves at the brothers from where he stands. Tick covers Maria's mouth before she can blurt out "Vino" while Melvi disparages the Gandors and all mafias, scornfully declaring that they'll all be swallowed up - the Gandors, the Martillos, and the rest. Berga steps menacingly towards Melvi, but Firo - who has just arrived with the Martillos - calls out to him and tells him Melvi is not worth it. Firo and Melvi tersely exchange words, and Firo shakes Melvi's hand (he's actually stopping Melvi's attempted devouring of him) before moving on.

Keith and the others notice that Melvi freezes on the spot for a good minute or so following the handshake, and they smile as they descend into the building's basement.

1990s-2000s Edit

By the late 1990s, the Gandor Family is still active. Charon Walken - one of Claire's great-grandchildren, is left to Keith's care during this time, and Charon grows to respect Keith very much and emulate his taciturn nature.

Trivia Edit

  • If one were to divide and define the three brothers' lines of work, Keith would be the 'shield.'
  • Keith never speaks in the anime.
  • Keith does not wear a wedding ring in the anime, despite the fact that he is married by the 1930s. It is unknown why this is the case.
  • He usually has a deck of playing cards in his possession - an unusual one that consists of 52 Jokers.
    • The pack of jokers he uses in 1930 have Grim Reaper designs instead of the normal imagery.
  • According to Firo, Keith cannot beat Claire in arm-wrestling. This may imply that Keith and Claire have had an arm-wrestling match in the past.
  • Keith smokes cigarettes. In the 2007 anime opening, he is seen smoking a cigar.
  • In the fourth light novel, 1932 Drug & The Dominos, it is made clear that Keith and Kate met at some point after the first feature-length talkie The Jazz Singer was released in theaters. The talkie was released on October 6, 1927. In the 1927 arc of the 2015 manga, Luck quips to Firo that Keith has "taken a shine to a certain lady pianist" (Ch. 002). So Kate and Keith must have had their first meeting sometime between October 6-December 31, 1927.
  • There is some confusion regarding when Keith's father actually died. It is said over and over again that Claire ran away and joined the circus after the death of Mr. Gandor; if one refers to 1931 ~ Winter: The Time of the Oasis the flashback to Claire's time in the circus takes place in 1920, a while after he'd 'recently joined.' That scene alone would place Mr. Gandor's death sometime between 1919-1920. However, in the 2015 manga scene depicting the days following Mr. Gandor's death (Ch.003), Keith appears much older than he does in the manga's 1919 story - the scene seems to fit 1925 more than 1920. It is not clear whether this is simply a result of artistic style or whether it is indicative of something else.
    • In The Rolling Bootlegs, Jorgi notes, "in the five years since Keith joined the organization, he had yet to see Keith..." Since Jorgi's scene takes place in 1930, his statement would imply that Keith 'joined' the organization around 1925. This would make sense given how old Keith looks in Ch.003, but clearly at odds with the scene in Time of the Oasis.
    • Such incongruity is not uncommon in Ryohgo Narita's works; Baccano! has witnessed more than one retcon over the years, and occasionally there are egregious dating errors as seen with 1710: Crack Flag. It could very well be that "1920" in Time of the Oasis is actually a typo, or a retcon.

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