Sickle: "You did ask them who they were before you attacked them, right?"
Chi: "I just threatened one of them, but then he voluntarily sliced his own throat on my blades. It was an accident."
Sickle and Chi converse[src]

Hong Chi-Mei (ホン・チ・メイ, Hon Chi Mei) usually known as Chi (チ) is one of Huey Laforet's Lamia and "best friends" with Christopher Shouldered. He has long metal claws which fold back into gauntlets. As a Lamia member, he engages in assassination work both for Huey and freelance jobs.

Appearance Edit

Chi is a leanly built Asian homunculus, with brown hair that he keeps pulled back into a braid. He wears a black tank top, and possesses a bright red paper oriental umbrella.

He possesses long steel claws - four curved blades per hand - which fold back into steel gauntlets. He keeps his gauntlets hidden by wrapping them with thick bandages.

Though he is at least nearly four decades old in 1933 he appears to be in his mid-twenties. As an ageless homunculus, he will appear as such for the rest of his life.

Personality Edit

Chi is brusque and rational where Christopher is not, terse and succinct where Christopher is flamboyant and prone to rambling. However, like Christopher Chi takes enjoyment in the act of killing others, and has even joined in on Christopher's occasional bouts of impromptu singing at least once. Though Chi may frequently snipe at Christopher, he cares for Christopher as he does the rest of the Lamia and will fiercely fight to protect them.

Chronology Edit

To be added.

Abilities Edit

Chi is a close-range fighter capable of incredible superhuman speeds that make him one of the fastest members of the Lamia, if not the fastest. His sharp steel claws easily slice through flesh, their strength making up for their lack of range. He has also demonstrated capable fighting abilities even when his hands are bandaged, as seen when he locks Graham's arm in his strong bandaged grip in 1934 and dislocates Graham's shoulder.

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