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I'll kill her in front of the Gandors. Either way, I'm gonna have to kill 'em all now. There's no way in hell I'm running or dying. I'll slaughter everyone who helped set me up. Those worthless underlings, that bastard Begg, and even Don Bartolo.

–Gustavo, 1932 Drug & The Dominos

Gustavo Bagetta (グスターヴォ・バジェッタ, Gustāvo Bajetta) is a former executive of the Runorata Family under Bartolo Runorata's command. He is responsible for the murders of Raymond and Jeffrey Genoard and is in charge of entering the Manhattan drug scene in 1931 on the Runoratas' behalf. When Roy Maddock steals a case full of the Runoratas' latest prototype drug, Gustavo is additionally tasked with retrieving the stolen goods.

Gustavo's Manhattan feuds culminate in a raid of the Daily Days, which results in his ejection from the Runorata Family and leaves him seriously injured. He is currently serving time in prison.


Gustavo is a large, hulking man with brown hair and deep facial furrows. He wears a black suit and coat, and a light-colored scarf.


Brutish and boorish, Gustavo wields the threat of violence over allies and enemies alike. He rules his subordinates through fear, taking his anger out on them and nearby property with physical wrath, and indiscriminately kills anyone remotely involved in Runorata affairs regardless if they are underworld or not.

Gustavo's executive status was earned solely through the sheer power of his brute force - brawn over brains - and his ambitions are in large part hampered by his dull intellect and personal grudges. He reacts poorly to mockery and humiliation, and can only take so much before he loses all reason entirely.


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