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Gustavo Bagetta (グスターヴォ・バジェッタ, Gustāvo Bajetta) is a capo of the Runorata Family under Bartolo Runorata's command. He was involved in the murders of Raymond and Jeffrey Genoard of the Genoard Family.

Towards the end of 1931, he is responsible for figuring out a way to maneuver the Runoratas into the New York drug scene. He faces strong resistance from the Gandor Family, and a large amount of trouble when Roy Maddock steals the Runorata's newest drug.

Gustavo leads a raid on The Daily Days Newspaper Agency, where he shoots Luck Gandor and is shocked when the other man regenerates. After he escapes further into the building, he comes across Eve Genoard and is about to kill her when Luck intervenes at the last moment. Luck and Gustavo engage in a brutally vicious fight, during which Gustavo is shot six times.

Gustavo manages to survive his injuries, and winds up the hospital. He ends up incarcerated in jail, where due to certain circumstances he is soundly thrashed by fellow inmate Ladd Russo.