Maiza Avaro holding a pot filled with the Grand Panacea.

The Grand Panacea is the mysterious substance which Ronny Schiatto, as a demon, provides to the alchemists aboard the Advena Avis in 1711. Once consumed, it grants the individual an unaging, indestructible body; in other words complete immortality.

The Grand Panacea's formula is a secret known only to Maiza Avaro. He was the one who conducted the summoning ritual aboard the ship, therefore Ronny passed on the secret formula to him. It was agreed by majority vote that Maiza would keep this knowledge to himself. Nonetheless, Maiza told half of his knowledge of the formula to his brother Gretto.

Only Szilard Quates had a problem with this. Szilard wanted the formula in order to make others immortal then devour them, pursuing their minds in order to gain "perfect knowledge." To achieve his goal, Szilard devoured many people aboard the Advena Avis including Maiza's brother Gretto before circumstances forced him overboard.

Using the partial knowledge of the formula obtained when he devoured Gretto, Szilard developed an imperfect version of the Grand Panacea whose imbibers can still die from old age. Szilard's research comes to fruition in November 1930 when one of his blenders finalizes a complete variant of the Grand Panacea known as the Cure-All Elixir.

List of people known to have become immortal through consumption of the Grand Panacea Edit

Pre-1711 alchemists Edit

1711: Advena Avis alchemists Edit

1711: Others (not aboard the Advena Avis) Edit

  • Lucrezia de Dormentaire (she drank half of Huey's portion, which he sent to her)
  • Niki (Lucrezia gave her some of Elmer's portion)
  • Avaro Sr. (Lucrezia gave him some of Elmer's portion)

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