The Gandor Family is a small mafia family based in Little Italy, Manhattan. The family is run by three brothers, Keith, Berga, and Luck Gandor, who inherited the family from their father and are known for their 'ruthlessness' and resolve. Their subordinates are known for becoming violent over slight disagreements.

On the surface, the brothers are the managers of Coraggioso, a small jazz hall in Little Italy. Their headquarters and main office are in the jazz hall's basement. The family's famous torture specialist Tick Jefferson lives and works there.

The family refuses to deal in any drugs (excluding alcohol) because the brothers possess varying degrees of aversion to them. Keith, for example, loathes drugs to their core. Their income is generated by the illegal distribution of alcohol, underground horse race betting, and various casinos. They are also one of the investors sponsoring Fred's Poorhouse.

Because the Gandor brothers and their foster brother Claire Stanfield befriended Firo Prochainezo of the Martillo Family as children, the Gandors and the Martillos are on friendly terms - though friendly relations were only established sometime around 1928, after the two families nearly came to blows. Other prominent members of the family include swordswoman Maria Barcelito and capo Nicola Cassetti. The Gandors operate on a similar scale as the Martillo Family and control a similar, albeit slightly smaller, amount of territory.

The Gandors have also had a particularly poor relationship with the Runorata Family, their turf war culminating in a Runorata raid of the Daily Days in January 1932. As of 1935, the bad blood between them has yet to be forgotten.

Current Members Edit

Heads Edit

Keith Gandor (don; eldest brother)

Berga Gandor (second eldest)

Luck Gandor (youngest)

Second tier Edit

Nicola Cassetti (capo)

Tick Jefferson (torture specialist)

Maria Barcelito (assassin; bodyguard)

Others Edit

Edith (waitress at Coraggioso)

Claire Stanfield (associate assassin; foster brother)

Jorgi (former manager of the Family's finances; deceased)

Mike (former Family member; deceased)