Gabriel (ガブリエル, Gaburieru) and Juliano (ジュリアーノ, Juriāno) are identical twins who work as bodyguards for the Runorata Family. In 1931 Carzelio Runorata is 'kidnapped' and the twins pursue his trail, eventually retrieving him from his kidnappers.

In February 1935, Bartolo orders them to serve as Cazze's bodyguards exclusively in preparation for the party at Ra's Lance. During this period, the twins track down Charkie the bear to Central Park and are involved in the showdown there.

Appearance Edit

Both the twins wear three piece tuxedos and gloves, contrasting the black biker goggles perched atop their heads (they usually travel via motorcycle).

The twins have blue eyes and light brown hair. Gabriel's hair is slicked back, while Juliano's hair is more wild and loose.

Personality Edit

Gabriel is always polite and respectful to those he speaks with. Juliano on the other hand is the more boisterous of the two and speaks is a more rough, causal manner. Essentially, they operate as a kindly gentleman and a tough gangster.

It might be said that Gabriel is the more thoughtful of the two, having understood the situation with the Lemures before Juliano did, and he sends Juliano away to fetch Cazze as he deals with the ransom and Cazze's kidnappers on his own. That being said, Gabriel tends to be the one who asks what they should do next, with Juliano suggesting a possible course of action.

They refer to each other in the first person (see Trivia) and many people think of them as one person in two bodies. The twins don't normally speak much at the manor, except when with Bartolo (or presumably Cazze).

Most in the Family (notable exceptions being Bartolo and Cazze) refer to them as "mad dogs" and look upon them with fear and hatred. Their fear isn't exactly unwarranted, considering that the twins are rather predatory men who enjoy the thrill of the 'hunt.' Not to mention, they are extremely capable fighters and have little respect for human life...they are trigger-happy by nature.

Chronology Edit

1931 ~ Winter: The Time of the Oasis Edit

Gabriel and Juliano first come into the Runoratas' employ as assassins. After killing "unnecessary targets" (due to their little respect for human life) they are removed from the front lines and become Bartolo's bodyguards They are under the impression that their duty is to put their lives on the line for Bartolo Runorata, not the family as a whole. However, a long-time bodyguard informs them that Bartolo's family is a part of Bartolo himself, so the twins mechanically carry out their duties as ordered. When Carzelio Runorata is born in late December 1922, the twins are entrusted with protecting him and continue to do so on many occasions, though they have yet to see the bodyguard's point.

They change their minds in late December 1927, just after Cazze turns five. Ten-odd people attack a Runorata car (in the car are Cazze and his father), and the pair dispatch the hoodlums with ease. Splattered with the blood of their enemies, the two crack their necks as they survey the corpses, looking rather like demons who'd crawled up from Hell. One of them (probably Gabriel) comments that "we were to do our utmost never to let the young master see us kill anyone, weren't we? As least as much as possible." The other (probably Juliano) replies "that's impossible. We tried as hard as we could, for about five seconds."

Gabriel and Juliano 2

Cazze emerges from the car.

Cazze opens the door of the car and smiles innocently at the two, thanking them for saving him. The two (accustomed to people calling them mad dogs and viewing them with hatred and fear) look upon him in astonishment. Juliano wipes some of the blood off his face (with gun in hand) and asks their young master if he's not scared. Carzelio cocks his head to the side quizzically.

The twins look at each other and break out into smiles. Cazze's father, unnerved by them, grabs Cazze by the scruff of his neck and pulls him back into the car. The twins ignore him and simultaneously drop to one knee and bow to the boy. They apologize and confess (alternating back and forth as they talk) that up until now, they'd been treating their protection of him as merely "work" and nothing more. From now on, Bartolo is no longer their only master - Cazze is too.

Cazze's eyes sparkle while his father's narrow. That day sparks a rumor within the Runorata family - that the "innocent young leader" had won the hearts of the two mad dogs, and that the fight for the succession to Bartolo had already been won.

Four years later, Cazze runs away on December 30, 1931 just after his ninth birthday, leaving behind a note that says he intends to return after New Years. He ends up accidentally kidnapped by the group Vanishing Bunny; The Runorata household receives a phonecall from a woman, who demands a ransom from the family. The woman says that they should bring cash to a specific bungalow, and not to contact the police. Gabriel and Juliano, who are currently off-duty, approach Bartolo and ask him to let them take care of this matter. After all, they should be the ones to take care of Master Cazze. Bartolo points out that they're off-duty, and not even he has the right to give them orders at the moment. Gabriel recalls that there is a rule that once they are off-duty, they can do whatever they want so long as they don't hurt the family, and Bartolo agrees that this is so.

Juliano continues the thought. In other words (he says) they won't be acting as bodyguards, but as hunters. Gabriel tells Bartolo that if he has any faith in them, he should let them do this job. Bartolo sighs and calls them awfully dramatic, remarking that hunting has been their main job from the start. It is guarding that is their side job. Minutes later both mount their modified motorbikes and race down the road, goggles over their eyes. The first couple of minutes on the road are spent in silence, the two driving their bikes as expressionlessly as machines. When they are finally some distance away from the mansion, driving at full speed - the two (side by side) open their mouths to sing. They are excited at the prospect of a hunt - it having been too long since they'd received such a mission. And so - they open their mouths in perfect synchronization and sing a strange song about a rabbit hunt.

The two locate the box placed at the entrance of bungalow number three. Inside the box is a note written by Pamela, which states that Cazze is next to the bridge with some "youngsters that happened to be passing by." The note orders whomever is reading it to place the ransom money inside the box and send it down the river.

Juliano picks up the box and attaches it to the back of his motorbike. They stop their motorcycles in the trees next to the road Bartolo had directed them to take, and whisper with smiles on their faces that the trading spot should be just up the road. Gabriel points out that they should check and see how much money they have. One of them twenty dollars ($316.10 by modern standards), and the other has twelve ($189.66 by modern standards), totally thirty-two dollars total ($505.76 by modern standards). Gabriel thinks that this might be a problem. The twins sigh and shake their heads in unison. Alternating as they speak, they recall that the demand had been for the Runoratas to "bring what they could." Will they accept the thirty-two dollars? If they do, then good for them. If not...the twins chuckle softly and an unpleasant light enters their eyes. ...then it's time to start the hunt. Gabriel asks what shall they do if anything has happened to Cazze? Obvious, says Juliano. They'll kill 'em all.

Continuing into the forest, the two hear signs of an engine down the road and attempt to conceal themselves. A few seconds later, an off-road vehicle emerges through the trees, driven by an oddly dressed man. The brothers nod at each other, simultaneously accelerate their motorbikes and follow the car. As they drive, one of them turns off his headlights, deliberately confusing the driver (who can only see one bike in his mirror). The driver grabs his gun and fires off a gun in their direction. Juliano neatly avoids the bullet and shouts "haha, bingo! Yeah, you're no ordinary kidnapper, are ya, punk?!" He proceeds to twist the man's wrist as hard as he can, causing the man to crash the car into the trees.

The two dismount their motorcycles and pull out the driver. They string him - a sorry mass of flesh - via a rope from a nearby tree and demand that he release "the child." At that, the man's expression changes and he viciously calls them dogs of the government, right up until he loses consciousness from their 'interrogations.' Before he passes out, he tells them that Cazze should be beyond the bungalows and next to the railroad trestle. The twins fold their arms and look up at him with cruel smiles, noting that he'd held up to their torture surprisingly well.

Gabriel wonders why he'd called them government dogs, and Juliano suggests that maybe it's because Bartolo is on good terms with Senator Manfred Beriam. Gabriel coldly surmises that they're so misguided they somehow believe that Bartolo is below Beriam, and suggests that they teach the men a lesson. The two tilt their heads to the sides, crack their necks and mount their motorcycles, heading for the bungalows.

Near the entrance of the forest, the twins dismount their bikes and push them along so as not to make noise with the engines (knowing that the kidnappers are armed). They are also wary of possible wire traps (they'd wanted to ask the man about traps but he'd passed out, and they didn't want to waste time by bringing him). One of the twins (probably Gabriel) asks which weapons did they prepare, and the other replies that he has three handguns, including backups. The first says that he has two knives and wire, but only one gun.

The two know that they need to reach the bungalows by morning, but on the other hand they have the option to first attack what appears to be the kidnappers' base. The two think for a moment, and Gabriel finally says "shall we do this? First, take all the money we've got here." Juliano responds "oh, so one of us'll have all the money, then? That means..." Gabriel mounts his bike and pulls out his wallet and continues the thought: one of them will attack the base while the other one will take care of the money exchange. Juliano declares that if they won't take the money, well...after they do "anything [they] have to" to rescue Cazze and then kill 'em all.

The two go their separate ways. In the woods, the twin responsible for the exchange (probably Gabriel) hears a gunshot in the distance and his expression tightens. Still pushing his bike, he breaks into a sprint and his resolve hardens. If the shot had killed Cazze...after all of the twin's enemies die, the twin will [choose to?] die as well.

By the bridge, the other twin (probably Juliano) skulks in the shadows as he listens to two Lemures talk. The two talk about Mary Beriam in vague terms ("the kid, not even ten years old;" "raised under the almighty umbrella of daddy dearest") and the twin mistakenly assumes they are talking about Cazze instead. He emerges from the trees and with a quiet "hey" draws their attention. As soon as the men turn around, the twin presses a thumb to each of their throats, knocking them out. When they come to a few minutes later, the twin brutally tortures them; he says that because they want to kill the young master, he'll take his sweet time killing them. A hundred days of slow death per person.

The screams of the men draw the attention of Pamela and Lana, and the twin (realizing that someone had probably heard the screaming) delivers a sharp blow to the stomachs of the men. The pair pass out instantly. The twin hides them in the shadow of a nearby car, and then hides himself in the shadow of the trees. Pamela and Lana come into his field of vision.

Gabriel and Juliano reunite at some point, and the two drive down the riverside where Cazze is being held hostage at knifepoint (at his throat) by Serges. Gabriel dismounts his motorbike up by the hills and approaches two women (Pamela and Lana) who are anxiously trying to figure out a plan - maybe find one of their guns, and... Gabriel calls out to them not to do anything rash, and the women turn around at his voice. He politely tells them that the group of men down there look experienced with guns, and that the women can't expect to win in a shootout with them. He informs them that it is not their job to save the "young master," it is his job.

Lana squeaks and reaches for an object, but Pamela holds her back. Gabriel begins muttering to himself as he assesses the situation. If the men have some sort of opening, he and his twin can take them out in one go...he then spots the bear by the truck and with a mystified look he mumbles "what is that...?" Pamela and Lana are shocked and after they regain a sense of calm, Pamela turns to ask what Gabriel plans to do but sees that he is gone.

Gabriel heads down the hill and dispatches two of the Lemures before grabbing Serges' wrist and flipping him onto the ground. Behind him, Juliano revs into the scene upon his own motorbike. Gabriel seizes Cazze and pushes him behind him. Playing with his knife, Gabriel (his voice filled with the highest respect) informs the "young master" that this place is dangerous, and requests that he makes his way down the river. Cazze exclaims his name, and Gabriel smiles kindly at him to calm him.

Juliano looks around at his surroundings and brusquely asks "what the hell's goin' on here?" Cazze calls his name, and Juliano gets off his motorbike to bow, saying that he is glad to see Cazze safe. It is at this point that Serges realizes that they must have taken care of the other Lemures when he was knocked down, with the help of Cookie the bear. Cazze heads towards the other youngsters at the urging of the twins.

Juliano faces Serges and blithely says that sure, they don't know who he is or where he's from, but he didn't actually think he could accomplish anything by making the Runoratas his enemies, did he? Serges comes to his own conclusion and vigorously accuses Bartolo of "eating out of Senator Beriam's hand." He sees how it is--Bartolo must have ordered the two to come finish...them off.... Serges trails off weakly as he feels murderous intent rolling off the twins in waves.

They comment to themselves that Serges has said something certainly interesting, and "what did he call our family, our Don Bartolo?" "We'd rather not say. Hearing it even once is profane," their voices growing more and more frigid as they speak. The two conclude that their first priority is to make sure they never hear his voice again, so as not to disrespect Mister Bartolo. A wrench in their plans arrives in the form of two Lemures, who burst into the scenes with guns cocked. They order everyone to freeze, and ask Serges if he is unharmed. The onlooking Pamela, Lana, and Sonja remember them as the men who'd been unconscious behind the bungalows. Sonja exclaims that they're holding her guns, though the men don't hear her.

Gabriel and Juliano whisper to themselves that they'll probably have to take care of these newcomers as well, but they hesitate, remembering that they'd been told not to let Cazze witness a killing until he turned thirteen. One of them points out that they've already let him see people die once before, and if they hesitate he might get hit by a stray bullet.

As they confer, Lana retrieves a smoke grenade out of her pocket, pulls the pin, and throws it to the ground. White smoke unfurls from the cylinder and envelops the scene, and after Cookie the bear attacks the two newcomers the twins seize the advantage and beat the Lemures until they're black and blue. They then throw the unconscious men into a pile before Pamela and Lana.

Juliano asks his twin what the hell is going on - putting money in a box? It makes no sense. Gabriel smiles wryly and says that they'll talk about it later. After all, they've gotten most of their information already about the men's goals through torture. Juliano in confusion inquires that their goal was not infact to kidnap Cazze? Gabriel says that their real target was apparently the train that will pass over the river any minute now.

Juliano shoots him a skeptical look and shoves the men into the heap. He'd thought the men were the kidnappers. Gabriel mutters that the voice over the phone had been a woman, and with a grin he turns to face Pamela and Lana. Juliano cracks his neck and thanks them for the earlier grenade, calling it a big help. Gabriel agrees, and distractedly says that "we" should go get Cazze now that the danger is no more. Juliano dashes off toward the group of youths to collect Cazze, and Gabriel watches him go before quietly confronting the two women. He asks "may we ask who you might be?" They don't seem to be passersby, that's for certain.

Lana immediately blubbers an apology, tears filling her eyes. She says that it was all her idea, that she was the one who wanted to kidnap Cazze after he stowed away in their truck. She claims that the others didn't know anything about it, and since she was the one who'd called she'd be grateful if they turned only her over to the police. Gabriel chuckles and answers politely that it seems Lana is mistaken. The twins had received a message not to contact the police - and furthermore, their master had told them that he'd leave the fate of the kidnappers in their hands. Which means that they can do whatever they want with the offenders here and now.

Pamela steps forward to protect the shaking Lana, and asks what he plans to do to them. Gabriel chuckles again as he pulls his wallet from his hip pocket to rummage around the change compartment. Thinking the wallet to be empty (he likely gave the thirty-two dollars to the Lemures when he made the exchange earlier) he finds a half-dollar coin stuck to the corner and puts it in Lana's hand. He says that that's all they have at the moment ($0.50 = around $7.81 in modern inflation) and is that enough? Lana frantically nods and says that it is "definitely enough."

Gabriel asks her to keep the exchange a secret, since if the Runoratas catch on that Cazza had been recovered at a ransom of a mere fifty cents, they'll torture the one responsible for "a thousand days" before the perpetrator is permitted to die. The women accept him at his word when they see the chill in his eyes, and Pamela doubtfully asks why he's going to let the kidnapping go just like that. Gabriel advises them that it would be best if they thought of it as the twins paying respects to "distinguished criminals" brazen enough to turn the Runoratas against them for a paltry half-dollar. At any rate, he and his brother are truly grateful for their assistance with the smokescreen. The young master did not need to see anymore blood spilled needlessly. He chuckles once more, and then says quietly "however, if you get carried away understand, don't you?"

Lana and Pamela feel something "colder than ice" run down their spines at his smile, and they realize that this is what true bloodlust looks like. Mustering all her courage, Pamela supports the swooning Lana and thanks Gabriel. They owe him. Gabriel hms and says that the twins owe the women as well. Watching Cazze run towards him with Juliano, he confides that it has been a long time since they've seen Cazze so carefree.

Sonja runs their way and at the sight of a trembling Lana asks if they fought again - they really shouldn't fight. Pamela smiles weakly with as much bravado as she can muster and assures Sonja that they didn't fight, giving Lana a good thump on the shoulder as she talks. Lana stumbles under the weight and with a pale face she offers Sonja a watery smile before fainting at the sight of Cookie.

Gabriel asks Cazze if he is alright when the boy is in speaking distance, and asks him what the matter is when he notices Cazze looks dejected. The boy regretfully apologizes for making him worry; Gabriel gives him a little smile and says that it is his family's job to be angry with him, not the twins'. If they were to scold him, they'd be "making light" of what Cazze's family has to say. Juliano suppresses his normal rough speech mannerisms and advises Cazze that he'd better get ready for the scolding of his life when they return home.

Cazze acquiesces, and looks toward the ground dolefully. Gabriel softly asks him if the experience was worth it and Cazze lights up, cheerfully saying that he'll never forget today as long as he lives. Gabriel thinks that's rather excellent, and declares that they ought to get going. The twins will arrange a car. Does Cazze have anything he wants to bring back with him?

Cazze bashfully says that there is one thing - a someone, rather. Gabriel stutters "oh my, that's quite a thing to say" and he remembers the youths nearby. All sorts of thoughts run through his mind - does Cazze want the girl with the ponytails (Melody)? The Asian girl (Chaini)? The kidnappers? Who? He doesn't want one of the boys, does he?

The boy points to Cookie the bear lumbering his way towards them from the dissipating smoke. Cazze rashly announces that they became friends earlier, and since nobody seems to know the bear can he keep him? (The boy does not know that the bear's name is Cookie, and calls him Charlie). The twins look at each other, smile, and without hesitation say "as you wish" as they bow to their future master.

1935 Edit

Cazze travels to a Martillo casino in an eight vehicle convoy, with several other bodyguards in tow; the twins specifically guard a large truck at the rearguard during the trip (the truck likely carries the bear). On the way, they pass a car driven by Shaft, carrying passengers Ladd Russo, Lua Klein, Graham Specter, and Nader Schasschule.

Once they reach the casino, one of the twins enters the casino first, followed by Cazze and his entourage. The other twin enters last as the rearguard. Among other clashes, they witness the violent reunion between Ladd and Claire Stanfield. When Melvi Dormentaire leaves the casino, Claire and Cazze follow him. The twins and the bodyguards exit the casino promptly. Outside the casino, Tim approaches the group to chastise Melvi. The twins recognize Tim and do not move to stop him.

Later, the Runoratas erect a tent next to Ra's Lance for Charlie/Cookie. Inside the tent stand Cazze and Mary Beriam, who chatter together as Gabriel and Juliano look on nearby. For the past month, they have served exclusively as Cazze's bodyguards on Bartolo's orders. Gabriel says that the question is when will Charlie arrive, and Juliano figures it'll be sometime that night. Normally they wouldn't think twice to put their lives on the line for their masters, but this time they act more cautious than normal as they converse.

Gabriel wonders why the Senator's daughter is here, and Juliano says they have no idea. Obviously she isn't going to go gambling at the casino - maybe Bartolo and Senator Beriam have cut some sort of deal. Well, Gabriel says, if it's Bartolo's intention then there's no use in enquiring further. Juliano agrees: no reason to question it. The two narrow their eyes and nod. Gabriel asks what they should do if Beriam is scheming something, and Juliano suggests they should cut off Mary's ear and send it to the senator. Out of the question, Gabriel says. She's a friend of Master Cazze. Juliano sees his point - Cazze would be sad if they did that. Looking away, the two smile. As they watch over Cazze, deep down they're chomping at the bit - waiting for one of their masters to tell them the name of their prey.

Once the casino party is underway, Cazze learns that Charlie has escaped. He is currently staying in a grand suite on the penthouse floor of Ra's Lance, where Gabriel and Juliano guard him. Cazze expresses worry for Charlie's safety, and the twins reassure him that Charlie is just a little lost (furthermore, they've informed the police that Charlie is friendly, so at least the police won't hurt him). Cazze isn't reassured, and the two declare that they will go out and personally search for the bear.

Gabriel and Juliano promptly exit the room and observe the dozen or so men serving as security lined in the hallway outside. Gabriel asks Juliano if he thinks someone might try to take Cazze hostage, considering he's a pretty valuable individual within the family. Not only are there rival Mafia families to contend with, there's also the Martillo Camorra to consider - and the twins don't trust Huey Laforet and his collaboration with the Runoratas at all. Nor do they trust Huey's collaborator Melvi, who doesn't seem particularly loyal to Huey at all.

The twins' search for Charkie leads them to Fred's Clinic, based on rumors they heard of a "bear in a hospital somewhere." Upon arriving at the clinic, they find a crowd of rubberneckers and suited men acting as guards in front of the clinic gates. The two figure that the guards are police officers (potentially with the Bureau of Investigation) and push through the crowd with the intention of getting a look inside the clinic. Nearby, a group of men and women emerge from a parked car, and Juliano remarks that they're giving him a bad feeling.

Gabriel agrees, and identifies the man with the wrench (Graham) as one of the men whose photographs they were shown when they were told who to be careful of in New York. The group (consisting of Graham, Ladd, Lua, and Shaft) heads for the gates as well, only for the guards to refuse them entry. Someone inside the clinic recognizes Ladd and invites him inside. The twins wait outside in the meantime.

Eventually they hear an odd noise reverberating from Central Park that sounds similar to "Cookie's roar." The door to the clinic opens, and Cookie himself emerges from the building. Gabriel and Juliano move to reclaim the bear, only to notice that the guards are drawing their guns out of wariness over Cookie. Dashing forward, the pair pull out throwing knives from their pockets and throw them at the guards in perfect synchronization.

The knives hit the men's guns with perfect accuracy, and the men automatically drop their weapons. The guards demand to know who the twins are, and they calmly explain that they work for the Runoratas and that they've come to retrieve their master's "friend." The guards scramble for their guns just as Cookie barges through the gate. As Graham waxes poetic over Cookie, Victor Talbot emerges from the clinic and draws his gun, shouting for the guards to stop the bear before it causes an uproar. Isaac and Miria slip by him a moment later and stand in front of the door protectively.

Ladd follows them out the door and casually punches Victor in passing before going after Graham and Cookie, whom Isaac and Miria are currently riding.

Gabriel and Juliano mount their motorbikes and take chase after Isaac, Miria, and the bear. Behind them, Ladd, Lua, and Shaft follow in a car (Graham hold a handstand on top of the car's roof), the bumper of which Victor clings onto even as he is dragged along the road. The twins follow Cookie all the way to Central Park, and soon discover the source of the noise: Salomé Carpenter has been emitting it from a portable speaker all this time, with members of the Lamia by his side

Soon after the twins and company. arrive, other people show up as well: Luck Gandor; Maria Barcelito; Raz Smith; Mark Wilmans; Alkins; Christopher Shouldered; and Ricardo Russo. In the park, "The Poet" and Sickle try to convince Salomé to not engage Ladd, who observes that Salomé is extremely smug and promptly punches him. Fighting erupts on both sides. Cookie roars in confusion - briefly stopping the chaos - but Chané Laforet arrives in the interim, prompting a rematch between her and Ladd.

Gabriel and Juliano are mostly concerned with how to retrieve Cookie and deliver him to Cazze - they're not exactly sure how to best get this done. The others devolve into fighting once more, until Claire Stanfield uses Salomé's speaker to draw everyone's attention. Cookie dumps Isaac and Miria and scoops Claire up onto his back. Claire (through the loudspeaker) assures Chané that he loves her no matter what before issuing a challenge to everyone present who has a grudge against him, Huey, and/or the Runoratas: tomorrow night, he will guarding a certain room at the casino party at Ra's Lance. They can fight him there if they choose - or if they're cowards, they can just go and get themselves arrested.

Ladd tries to attack Claire right there and then, only for Cookie to swipe at him. Claire apologizes on Cookie's behalf, but Ladd blames Claire as the owner (he mistakenly thinks Claire owns Cookie) and prepares to attack. Gabriel and Juliano take umbrage with this and aim their guns at Ladd -- only for Victor to actually fire his own gun. Teams are unofficially formed: those affiliated with Huey and the Runoratas, including the twins, Chané, Salomé, Claire, and the Lamia...versus those against, including Ladd, Graham, Luck and the Gandor Family's assassins, and (sort of) Victor, Isaac, and Miria. And Christopher.

With teams technically established, tensions diffuse and people leave for their varying destinations (since Victor's gunshot will have likely drawn the police).

(To be continued in 1935-E)

Abilities Edit

The two are very capable fighters - demonstrably competent in close unarmed combat (or at the very least they know some form of martial force). Although Gabriel prefers knives and Juliano prefers guns, it is clear that they are capable of lethal wounds no matter the weapon.

Their motorbikes are modified, capable of racing up to more than sixty kilometers per hour (a little under forty miles per hour).

Trivia Edit

  • Bartolo Runorata always has an organized team of twelve bodyguards, divided into three groups of four. The groups rotate through protecting Bartolo and his family, so that one group is always off duty. When they are off duty, nobody can force them to work.
  • To elaborate upon the "first pronouns" detail: In the original Japanese, they use the first-person expressions ore (Juliano) and watashi (Gabriel) to refer to each other. In addition, they use kochira and kocchi to refer to themselves. There is no way to approximate this in English, and fan-translators have chosen to take two different approaches thus far in translating their speech
    • One translation has adapted this peculiarity into English with the pronoun "we." In the translation, "we" can mean both 'I', 'you', and 'we.'
    • The other method that has been used goes as follows: when Gabriel speaks, the pronoun he uses is translated as 'I' (e.g. "It certainly is troublesome, I."). The pronoun Juliano uses is translated as 'me' (e.g. "Hey, hey, hey, this is a problem, me.") Unlike the first method, this one (like the original Japanese) makes it clear whom is speaking to whom.
  • According to 1935-D: Luckstreet Boys, Gabriel prefers knives and Juliano prefers guns.
    • "Usually Gabriel preferred knives and Juliano preferred guns, but since they didn't want to cause too much of a scene this time, they both elected to use the throwing knives."

Gallery Edit

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