Frank (フランク, Furanku) is a homunculus created by Huey Laforet. He is kidnapped by Renee's team of scientists during the raid on the Russo Family Manor, but is recovered by Huey at the end of 1934. He is a member of the Lamia and a good friend of Rail.

Appearance Edit

Frank is at least two meters tall, but has the body proportions of a toddler: his head is proportionally big, and his body is extremely wide to the point where he looks like a beer barrel with a head and limbs. He has short brown hair, and is seen wearing blue overalls over a white shirt.

Personality Edit

Frank is a child in an extremely large body: he is soft-spoken, nervous, and apologetic. He is kind and worries for the safety of others that he knows personally, though that worry doesn't generally extend to strangers, and his favor can often be won through the offer of food. Though timid, he does not hesitate to act on the offensive in order to protect his friends. When scared or embarrassed, he has a habit of covering his ears and trying to make himself smaller.

Chronology Edit

To be added.

Abilities Edit

Frank is surprisingly fast, graceful, and agile for someone of his size, his speed often surprising opponents who do not expect it (such as Graham, in 1934). Along with his speed comes great strength, a single throw able to send his opponents flying over considerable distances. Aside from flinging and swatting his opponents away from him, he has also been known to tuck himself into a ball and bowl into his enemies.