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The Flying Pussyfoot is the name of the train that the 1931 arc takes place in. It is a transcontinental train that was to be travelling from Chicago to New York - until the Lemures take over, Ladd Russo's team plans to take hostages, and a group of delinquents abandon their attempts to make a train heist to save the passengers. While the Flying Pussyfoot and its passengers are all in commotion, there is also a mysterious beast called the Rail Tracer who kills people off one by one.


The train departs as scheduled and the plans of the Lemures, Russo gangsters, and Jacuzzi's delinquents fall into motion. It was the cause of countless tragedies as many people died in the train, save for the main cast and a few of the passengers. The train eventually arrives to a certain point in New York. However, authorities were forced to transport the passengers on a separate cart due to heavy damage sustained in the brawl. Nebula and Senator Beriam bribe countless passengers and officials to muddle the incident and kept the train sealed. Eventually, it was decommissioned in 1933 and left to waste away, save for a small roof on the back cart where it was mysteriously torn off. 


Flying is a slang term that could mean majestic or successful. Being a new transcontinental locomotive, this is fitting. Pussyfoot is another slang term that meant "to walk or go on carefully". Since the train was new, it is also fitting that the name is faring the passengers and crew well and telling them to have a safe trip.

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