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The Flying Pussyfoot was a luxury transcontinental train. On 30 December 1931, the train was hijacked en route from Chicago to New York by two parties; the Lemures, demanding their leader Huey Laforet's release from prison in exchange for the passengers as hostages; and Ladd Russo and his men, intending to kill many of the passengers and crash the train unless the railroad company, Nebula, paid a ransom. Jacuzzi Splot and his gang were also aboard to steal the explosives Czeslaw Meyer was selling to the Runorata Family from the cargo hold. Jacuzzi's gang, a stowaway named Rachel, and one of the Flying Pussyfoot's conductors, Claire Stanfield, ended up thwarting the Lemures' and Ladd Russo's plans.

Design and FunctionEdit

The Flying Pussyfoot was designed after the British Royal Train, even functioning outside of the railways normal operations. However, unlike its model, the exterior of the Flying Pussyfoot was also extravagantly decorated--features which resulted in the train's association with the nouveau riche. Unlike many other trains, The Flying Pussyfoot divided its cars into classes according to their distances from the locomotive: first class was closest to the front, followed by second class, third class, three cars equipped with freight holds, and the caboose.


The Flying Pussyfoot departs as scheduled and the plans of the Lemures, Ladd Russo and his men, and Jacuzzi's gang fall into motion. Jacuzzi's gang, Rachel, and Claire Stanfield prevent tragedy from befalling any of the innocent passengers. In addition, Jacuzzi's gang successfully pull off their robbery. However, all of the Lemures and Ladd and his men, excluding Chane Laforet, Upham, Spike, Lua Klein, and Who, either end up being killed or arrested. The train arrives in New York several hours late, as the authorities were forced to transport the passengers in separate cars due to the heavy damage sustained in the brawl. Nebula and Senator Manfred Beriam bribe countless passengers and officials to cover up the incident and seal the train. Eventually, the Flying Pussyfoot is decommissioned in 1933 and left to waste away, save for a small part of the roof on the back car that was mysteriously torn off. 

Remarkably, the train remained at a constant speed throughout the trip, and this may be attributed to Claire Stanfield. Not wanting to be late to a meeting with the Gandors, Claire informs the engineers (a pair of elderly brothers with failing hearing) that there are train robbers on horses trying to hijack the train, and that the two had better make the train go as fast as it is able, rather than slowing down. In the meantime, with the other conductor dead, in between killings Claire always makes it back to the conductor's car in time to make the scheduled light signals, ensuring that the train would continue to run.  

Characters Involved in the Flying Pussyfoot IncidentEdit


  • Claire Stanfield (conductor)
  • Fang Lin-Shan (assistant cook; member of Jacuzzi's gang)
  • John Panel (bartender; member of Jacuzzi's gang)
  • Head Chef Gregwall (head chef of the dining car's kitchen)
  • Unnamed second conductor (Lemure member)
  • Two engineers (a pair of elderly brothers; their hearing loss makes them unable to hear the slaughter in the other cars)


Ladd Russo and His MenEdit

Jacuzzi's GangEdit

Other passengersEdit



Flying is a slang term that could mean majestic or successful. Being a new transcontinental locomotive, this is fitting. Pussyfoot is another slang term that meant "to walk or go on carefully". Since the train was new, it is also fitting that the name is faring the passengers and crew well and telling them to have a safe trip.

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