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Firo Prochainezo Witnesses the 53rd Death of Pietro Gonzales (フィーロ・プロシェンツォ、ピエトロ・ゴンザレスの五十三回目の死を目撃す Fīro Puroshentso, Pietoro Gonzaresu no gojūsankaime no shi o mokugeki su) was an audio drama released in association with the 2007 anime adaptation of Baccano! on October 24, 2007. It chronicles the events of Summer 1936, in which Firo Prochainezo and Luck Gandor drive to Mexico in search of Pietro and Dominico, while Isaac and Miria travel to Mexico in search of the Revolution.

The drama CD uses music from the Spiral Melodies soundtrack alongside original tracks. Its screenplay was written by Noboru Takagi, who also wrote the screenplay for the anime.

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No. Japanese Romaji English
1 プロローグ Purorōgu Prologue
2 話の発端 Hanashi no Hottan The Beginning of the Story
3 フィーロによるピエトロとドミニコの回想 Fīro Niyoru Pietoro to Dominiko no Kaisō Firo Remembers Pietro and Dominico
4 フィーロとラック、自動車でメキシコへ出発す Fīro to Rakku, Jidōsha de Mekishiko e Shuppatsu su Firo and Luck Drive to Mexico
5 アイザックとミリア-メキシコ革命を探して(その1) Aizakku to Miria - Mekishiko Kakumei o Sagashi te (sono 1) Isaac and Miria Pursue the Mexican Revolution (Part 1)
6 フィーロとラック、メキシコで大歓迎される Fīro to Rakku, Mekishiko de Dai Kangei Sareru Firo and Luck are Warmly Welcomed to Mexico
7 フィーロ、名もない村娘と出会う Fīro, na mo Nai Mura Musume to Deau Firo Meets a Nameless Village Girl
8 アイザックとミリア-メキシコ革命を探して(その2) Aizakku to Miria - Mekishiko Kakumei o Sagashi te (sono 2) Isaac and Miria Pursue the Mexican Revolution (Part 2)
9 バロの劇場にて Baro no Gekijō Nite At Baro's Theater
10 フィーロ、囚われの身に Fīro, toraware no mi ni Firo, the Captive
11 ラック、フィーロを探す Rakku, Fīro o Sagasu Luck Searches for Firo
12 フィーロ、ピエトロとドミニコに再会す Fīro, Pietoro to Dominiko ni Saikai su Firo Reunites with Pietro and Dominico
13 アントニオ・ロバ Antonio Roba Antonio Roba
14 フィーロ、アイザックとミリアにも再会す Fīro, Aizakku to Miria ni mo Saikai su Firo Reunites with Isaac and Miria
15 ラック、友の救出に現る Rakku, Tomo no Kyūshutsu ni Gen ru Luck Shows Up to Rescue His Friends
16 フィーロたち、地下牢から脱出す Fīro Tachi, Chika rō Kara Dasshutsu su Firo and the Gang Escape the Dungeon
17 劇場内での銃撃戦 Gekijō Nai de no Jūgeki Sen Shootout in the Theater
18 一難去って Ichinan Satte Out of the Frying Pan
19 エピローグ Epirōgu Epilogue

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Track 01Edit

Firo Prochainezo admits he did not fully know the meaning of death when he first became immortal, nor does he in the present (of 1936). He muses that he does not really know the meaning of life either, and introduces himself as a capo from the Martillo Family of the New York Camorra.

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Molsa Martillo asks Firo to go to Mexico, as Maiza Avaro presently cannot. Firo cannot believe Pietro and Dominico would have stolen Martillo (and Gandor Family) money, sentiments which Molsa shares. However, a member of the Gandors witnessed the theft; as Luck Gandor elaborates, Pietro and Dominico robbed a gambling den's profits before disappearing. Molsa thus orders Firo to hunt the two men down and reclaim the stolen money, leaving it up to Firo to decide the men's fates.

Luck volunteers to accompany Firo, and Molsa adds that they should at least teach Pietro and Dominico a lesson. Firo sighs, seemingly reluctant.

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Firo reminisces about the Pietro and Dominico he knew: Born in Mexico and best friends since they were little, they loitered on Martillo and Gandor turf as independent delinquents. Completely useless when it came to fighting and gambling, they were often teased for how good-natured they were.

He also recalls how they used to get drunk and either cry or sing over nothing, involving him whether he wanted to or not.

Track 04Edit

While driving to Mexico, Luck and Firo discuss how hard it is to believe people as stupid and good-natured as Pietro and Dominico would commit betrayal. Firo opines that the two are so good-natured they put Isaac & Miria to shame, and Luck wonders what the latter pair are doing.

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Isaac and Miria arrive in Mexico in search of the Revolution, but are at a loss as to where to find it. They ask a nearby man for its whereabouts, and, when the man explains it ended a long time ago, Isaac wonders if a Revolution can truly end. The man finds this deeply philosophical, though Isaac objects that he is looking for men fighting rather than philosophy. Deciding that some "third-rate guerrilla failures" are a close enough substitute, the man tells them where to find the guerrilla fighters.

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