Feldt Nibiru (フェルト・ニビル, Feruto Nibiru) is the son of Dez Nibiru, with whom he shares a consciousness due to Dez giving him his Water after he died as an infant. Unlike the main vessel, Feldt expresses his desire to leave the village early on. Feldt also acts more openly with the immortals, especially taking an interest in Sylvie's company. In the end, however, he ends up leading the villagers against the immortals after Dez is killed. Feldt's body dies in a standoff with the immortals after attempting to have Elmer C. Albatross drink his Water, but his consciousness survives when Fil has one of her vessels drink his Water instead. As a result, the Fil vessel is possessed by the Dez/Feldt consciousness. It is this Feldt/Fil who narrates 2001 and speaks to Isaac & Miria and later Jean-Pierre Accardo's descendant in 2003. By this point, Feldt goes by Fil Nibiru.

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