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I’m sorry, Mr. Luck. I’m really sorry. I said all those selfish things to you a moment ago, and I thought that was the right thing for me, but even so, right now, I can’t forgive this man— I just can’t.

–Eve to Luck Gandor, 1932 Drug & The Dominos

Eve Genoard (イブ・ジェノアード, Ibu Jenoādo) is the youngest child and only daughter of millionaire industrialist and drug manufacturer Raymond Genoard. She becomes the de facto head of the Genoard Family in place of her missing brother Dallas after her father and eldest brother Jeffrey are murdered in December 1931.

Eve actively searches for her brother with the help of the Daily Days as well as other sources, and sponsors construction alongside the Hudson River once she learns what the Gandor Brothers have done with her brother in January 1932. She and Dallas are eventually reunited in September 1933 at the Mist Wall.

In February 1935, Eve attends the Runorata Family's party at Ra's Lance with Nader Schasschule as her guest in order to search for Dallas, who is once again up to no good.

Appearance Edit

Eve has brown hair and brown eyes, and typically wears expensive dresses. She carries herself with grace - in a way that belies her well-mannered upbringing - and has a slender figure.


Eve is a religiously devout young woman and wholeheartedly earnest in whatever she says or does. In her younger days she was very naive and prone to crying over Dallas and how powerless she felt – an essentially passive person who relied upon others to enact change.

It is with the news of Dallas' fate in December 1931 that Eve finds a newfound determination and resolve that she'd previously lacked. She becomes proactive (realizing how passive she'd been in the past) and a much stronger and independent person for it, driven by her resolve to take revenge for Dallas.

Eve is aware that she is far too trusting of those she meets, but she is prepared to accept the fact that one day her trusting nature will hurt her. She often takes things at face value and treats others seriously, even if what they are saying is glib.

Eve treats people of all classes and races with equal respect. She does not talk down to or distance herself from her servants and views them as family.

Chronology Edit

Pre-1930 Edit

Eve is born sometime in either 1914 or 1915, around four or so years after her brother Dallas. Growing up in her grand family home in western New Jersey, she is wholly ignorant of the family business thanks to the efforts of her grandfather and father, and attends various social functions as expected of someone of her status. It is because of these functions - where she meets people full of greed and deceit - that she begins to hate money for all its corruptive power.

At some point during her childhood, Eve's mother passes away.

1930-1932 Edit

In October 1930, the sudden death of the family patriarch plunges the household into chaos. Fifteen-old Eve is immensely saddened by her grandfather's death, having found him 'genial', but her mourning is tempered by anxiety when Dallas rushes back home from New York upon hearing the news. His complete lack of grief over their grandfather's death worries her, and she suspects he might be plotting 'something sinister' in order to get his hands on the inheritance. Fearful for the impending tragedy, and angry with herself for being powerless, Eve prayed for a miracle that would solve her family's problems.

One night, two people dressed in Native American garb break into her room, much to her shock and confusion. They are each carrying huge sacks filled with money and jewels, and Eve realizes that they must be thieves. The two recognize her as a Genoard heiress and are delighted, assuring her that they are taking away "all [her] misfortunes," which means her family will no longer have a reason to fight and peace and harmony will reign supreme. Eve considers this theory - no inheritance, no dispute, and no money to twist and corrupt people's hearts - and although it is absurd she is happy - after praying to God, her wish will come true after all. She concludes that the duo must be angels, and kneels before them. The couple begin dancing, and Eve takes them seriously, watching them with respect.

At that moment, her servants knock on the door, crying out that there has been a burglary. She turns to warn the couple but they are gone, and she thinks they must have returned to Heaven.

The next day, a worn and haggard Dallas visits Eve's room, and asks her if she'd like him to teach her a little billiards. Eve nearly cries at the sincerity of his smile, and nods radiantly. For the next year, just like the couple said, every day was filled with happiness.

Her halcyon days come to an abrupt end in December 1931 with the deaths of her father Raymond and her eldest brother Jeffrey. Their corpses had been found in a car at the bottom of the New York Bay (they had left for Manhattan on business), but the police cannot say if by murder or accident. Eve is (presumably) asked to identify their bodies, which are so deformed it is hard for her to reconcile the fact that they are her relatives. With Dallas missing, Eve becomes the new head of the family. By this time, almost all the family servants have resigned, save for Benjamin (an elderly German steward approaching 70 years of age) and Samantha (a middle-aged maid who'd practically raised Eve).

With her father and brother gone, key factory staff take over the management of the Genoard-run 'businesses' and pay Eve royalties in name only. The only assets the Genoards have left are land and their estate, and no one to inherit the massive family business. In late December, Eve decides that she will travel to Manhattan (where they have a villa on Millionaires' Row) to search for Dallas and sets off, with Benjamin and Samantha accompanying her.

Once in Manhattan, the three visit the Daily Days in Chinatown, where Samantha's friend Elean Duga works. The maid assures Eve (who is overwhelmed, wondering how on earth she could find her brother when she had no idea what he'd been up to in New York) that The Informer (the information agency) is her best bet of finding a lead. Once they enter, Eve is taken aback at the hustle and bustle and multiple languages overlapping each other. It is her first time stepping foot into the "workplace of ordinary folk, and after a moment she regains her composure. The three finally encounter Elean, who waives the normal five-hundred dollar fee since Eve is Samantha's mistress.

The four move to the reception room, and Elean informs Eve that his men are already out collecting information on her plight and will be back soon, reassuring her that Dallas is probably fine and she should relax. One of the Chinese employees enters and hands Elean a document. After Elean finishes reading it he goes to the window, his hands shaking. In a bout of self-loathing, he laments that he is a bastard, not only delivering people bad news but profiting off their bad news as well. He wants desperately to tell Eve that her brother is fine, but he knows he must tell her the truth, and before he can continue Samantha forces him to get to the point.

Depressed, Elean tonelessly informs Eve that Dallas and two of his cohorts were thrown into barrels and are currently at the bottom of a river. Eve struggles for breath and asks him if this is true. Elean replies (after apologizing) that it is, and furthermore the organization responsible is the Gandor Family. Eve goes into shock. Benjamin and Samantha take her back to the villa (though she remembers none of it). When she 'comes to', she is sitting at a dining table, holding a fork and knife. Samantha, who'd already eaten, is also sitting at the table while Benjamin stands by Eve's side, having not eaten. Eve thanks them both, and the two exclaim in worry that she really must eat and take care of herself. Eve weakly smiles, and Samantha and Benjamin declare that she mustn't take what those informers said seriously and not to believe them one jot. Eve excuses herself and heads upstairs, her food untouched.

Eve silently chastises herself for her prayer back in 1930, thinking that there had been no need to wait for a miracle. If she'd only had more courage, couldn't she have just stopped Dallas from leaving home in the first place? Her prayer had been born out of a desire to free herself from her own terror, not really wishing for a miracle. No, she'd truly wished for a miracle when her father and 'big brother' had died, hoping that at least Dallas would remain safe. But that hadn't come true either. She really didn't have the power of a 'life's wish'. She wonders why she is still sad -- after all, she'd never really liked Dallas. He was "uneducated and unskilled, base and shameless, immoral, and frequently made himself hated." But Eve can't help but recall how gentle his face had been when he'd taught her billiards, and again she doesn't understand - how could he have been so kind only to her? Why hadn't he treated her like he treated the others?

The omnipresent narration points out that Eve is "caving in to her own fear. Her past stubbornness; when she thought about it, grief, regret and other complication emotions tangled together and she couldn't pull free." Eve, upset, wonders if all she could do was just cry and rely upon others while doing nothing but praying. With newfound determination, Eve resolves to get revenge for Dallas.

The next day, Benjamin and Samantha ask about her health, and she again thanks them for their trouble. Eve plans to find the Gandors and learn the truth of what happened. If Dallas is really dead, she will have his revenge, perhaps having the Gandors arrested. A thought occurs to her - if Dallas was killed by them, then what about her father and Jeffrey? They must have been murdered too. Wishes and prayers won't bring them back of course. Eve can only rely on her own power and make her own sacrifices. She decides not to tell Benjamin and Samantha her thoughts, knowing that they would try to stop her. Eve also knows that if the Gandors kill her, the two will be devastated. Dying a senseless death would be the same as betraying them. With her heart aching, Eve's determination doesn't falter. She'll just have to avoid dying - although she knows it won't be easy, given how sheltered her life has been up till now. Since the three plan on returning to New Jersey next month, her only goal is to find the Gandors before then. But how will she find them

Her thoughts are interrupted by Benjamin, who tells her that she "doesn't have to worry." It turns out that Benjamin believes that his and Samantha's cooking is making her lose her appetite. A 'banquet organizer' friend of Benjamin's (aka Chef Gregoire) has found a chef and a bartender at his request, and the two will arrive by train tomorrow. Eve is surprised - a bartender? - and with a mischievous smile Benjamin announces that 'under this estate' he has discovered an old wine store - one that existed before the Prohibition. They need someone who can manage such a large quantity of wine - after all, it's not a crime to merely possess alcohol. Besides, the villa has a bar and it's rare for them to visit New York, so he thought Eve should at least experience 'that' kind of atmosphere. Benjamin insists he will be the one to pay their wages, and asks forgiveness for his willfulness. Their point is that not only will Eve not have to worry about the new hires' salaries, the two new employees can also handle the domestic affairs while the three of them search for news on Dallas.

Eve is filled with gratitude at how much Benjamin and Samantha care for her, and she thanks them profusely while fighting back tears. Face to face with them, she decides she can't make anymore 'headstrong decisions' - although she will not abandon her plan of revenge.

The three go out shopping, and on their way back they walk by a hubbub in front of a general store. Two people dressed like they'd come straight out of the Wild West are making a large purchase, much to the bewilderment of the shopkeeper. As the two chatter nonsensically, Eve realizes they remind her of the same couple who'd stolen the Genoard fortune back in October 1930. She feels a little spark of hope, knowing they must be spreading happiness to others. Thinking back to those halcyon days, her eyes fill with tears and her resolve is further strengthened with the choice she's made.

Eve writes a letter in advance to her servants and leaves it in her room for them to find. In the letter, she apologizes for leaving on her own, thanks her servants for their care, and leaves instructions for them in the event she fails to return in three days time. After changing into clothes good for movement, she leaves the villa by climbing out of her second-story window (using a ladder) by the evening of January 01, 1932, which is when her servants (along with newly-arrived chef Fang Lin-Shan and bartender Jon Panel) discover her letter.

Despite her outfit change, her clothes are obviously high-class and draw attention to her as she walks down the Manhattan streets. As she's considering visiting The Informer she is approached by Roy Maddock, who introduces himself and asks if he may ask her something about her family. Eve stiffens, and Roy advances, stating that he knows her family's 'secret.' Eve immediately asks if he's with the Gandors, and begs him to let her meet his boss. Roy takes her to a nearby restaurant and reveals to her the true nature of her family business: drugs. Eve is horrified at Roy's words and the implication of her grandfather and father as criminals, and cries openly with trembling shoulders.

After an hour, Eve finally calms down and apologizes to Roy for panicking. She asks him if the deaths of her father and Jeffrey were murders, but Roy says that the information broker told him their deaths were accidents. Eve is somewhat relieved to hear this, and requests that he take her to the Gandors right away. Roy accompanies her to the Gandors' jazz bar, and dismisses Eve's thanks. At that moment, the door to the building opens, and the pair are greeted by Kate Gandor. She asks if they have some business and apologizes; everyone is out at the moment except for herself and Tick Jefferson. After introducing herself, she invites the two to have dinner at her house.

Eve and Roy accept. Over a feast of a dinner, Kate talks about her husband Keith Gandor, who had intended to celebrate the New Year with Kate at home (hence the feast) - but something urgent had come up and he'd gone to the office. Eve asks if Kate knows when she can meet with him, but Kate is not sure, since Keith has to deal with unexpected situations daily and he refrains from talking business at home. Eve asks about Keith being a mafioso, and Roy spits out his tea at her directness. Kate acknowledges this to be true, and talks about the Gandor territory and how Keith and his brothers protect it in the name of their father. She admits that she herself has been nearly killed twice over the course of their marriage, and Eve asks why she still lives with "such a dangerous person," despite the impolite nature of the question.

After washing the dishes, Kate sits in front of her organ and begins to play an impromptu performance, conveying the feelings she felt during her's and Keith's courtship. At Eve and Roy's praise, Kate tells them how she and Keith met. She finally asks them if they still wish to "go back." The two exchange similar looks and Kate smiles and invites them to stay the night and go back to the office tomorrow afternoon.

The next day, Eve helps to clear up lunch. Afterwards, she and Roy sit together and discuss what to do next. Roy thinks that Eve ought to go back first, since there isn't much point in her staying at Kate and Keith's place. Eve admits that after meeting Kate, she felt that Keith might not be as bad as either of them thought. Maybe the information brokers had made a mistake, and maybe Dallas was alive after all. If that's the case, Eve would rather not add to Roy's troubles and she might as well return to her servants. Roy suggests she should claim she was kidnapped by him, and urges her to go back to Benjamin and visit Keith later. And then - find Dallas and have a family reunion!

The front door opens, and in walks a strange bearded man whom neither of them recognize. He asks them to come with him, and punches Roy in the chest at his questioning, since he is short of time. Flustered, Eve goes to Roy's side, and the man praises her for not trying to run. Using his handgun, the man taps Roy's back to make sure he had indeed fainted. He assures Eve that Kate is fine and that he won't hurt hostages, helping her to her feet. Piggybacking Roy, he exits the house and tells her to hurry - they've got to reach the DD Newspaper Agency fast.

They soon reach the agency, and after the man entreats with various individuals he eventually leads Roy and Eve to a room where a large group of people, including Gustavo Bagetta, Maria Barcelito, Luck, Berga, and Keith are in the middle of a tense confrontation. He tells the two to hide while he joins the fray, and Eve hurries off to the first-floor reception room to hide. She is disconcerted to find Roy missing, and opens the door a fraction only to see a silhouetted man in the door's window. Frightened, she tries to move away only for the silhouetted man – Gustavo – to kick open the door, causing her to scream. As Gustavo advances toward her, forcing her to back into a wall, he accuses her of having tricked him.

Eve has no idea who Gustavo is, and is cowed by the "terrifying hatred" in his eyes. He says he "just wanted to survive" and points his handgun at Eve's face, asking her if she's also a 'monster'. Eve shrinks with fear, and Gustavo with relief concludes that she is not a 'monster.' He then launches into a rant about how he would like to kill her in front of the Gandors, how he wants to kill off everyone: all those who'd plotted against him, the weak and useless, that "Begg guy" ... and even his boss. He raises his leg high in the air, intending to crush the bones in Eve's legs, but he is stopped by Luck Gandor, who proceeds to assault him with a vengeance, each blow in revenge for all the damage Gustavo had inflicted upon the Gandors - to the casino, the bar, the race course, to Nicola Cassetti and to Luck's head.

Eve is shocked into speechlessness at the sudden intervention. After Gustavo is down for the count, Luck stretches a hand out to Eve, explaining he had witnessed Gustavo about to kill her and intervened in legitimate defense. Eve struggles to speak, and Luck is taken aback, saying he did not mean to scare her. When she does not take his hand, he introduces himself as Luck Gandor, Keith's younger brother. Eve stops trembling, and with apprehension asks him if her brother Dallas is still alive. Luck informs her that her brother is alive, though he is indeed at the bottom of a river. He explains to her the events of 1930: how Dallas had become an incomplete immortal and killed four of Luck's good friends. As atonement, Luck and his brothers had sentenced him to a watery grave.

To prove to a disbelieving Eve that immortality is real, Luck demonstrates by severing his own finger, which regenerates a moment later.

Eve finds herself mixed - she is overjoyed that Dallas is still alive, but she cannot help but hate Luck for putting Dallas through such inhumane treatment. And yet - she cannot deny that Dallas murdered Luck's friends. After all, she knows Dallas best, and frankly, he deserved his gruesome fate. Still, even though Eve fully understands the situation logically, emotionally it is all very hard to reconcile. Almost incoherently, she asks Luck why make Dallas suffer that way when he could have just handed him over to the police? She begs him to forgive Dallas and his cohorts, to at least have the law sanction him.

Luck responds that she cannot understand his world, and that his own rage and fury are irrepressible. Even if Dallas and his cohorts were punished by the law, Luck's friends will remain dead, and for that he will never be able to forgive Dallas for his crimes. If Eve wants to hate him, then she can hate him - Luck's pain will never go away.

Rather than backing off, Eve counters his answer with passion. So what if she doesn't understand his world or feelings? What about her feelings? She wants Luck to return her brother. That's all. Eve tells him she is "willing to take on any amount of suffering" for Dallas' return. Luck sharply replies that if she wants 'revenge', she'd better go after him and not even think about targeting the others – he stops himself, and changes tunes. He tells her that if she changes her mind a few years down the road, he might consider it, but....

Before he can continue, Gustavo (who has revived) slams his head against the sofa. The two engage in a vicious fight, during which Luck shoots six bullets into (the mortal) Gustavo's flank and Gustavo brutally crushes Luck's ribs (among other injuries). Once Luck lies crumpled and unmoving on the ground, Gustavo – who is somehow still alive – turns toward Eve, who freezes in fear. Gustavo then utters the climactic line: "It's your turn, little missy! I'll throw you into New York bay to feed the fish, just like your father and brother."

According to Gustavo, Raymond and Jeffrey stopped him from producing a new drug. In retaliation, he killed them both with his own hands, chopped them up, and threw them 'bit by bit' into the sea as fish bait. As Eve pales from the mental imagery, Luck weakly interjects from where he has come to stand behind Gustavo; although his ribs have healed, it is clear he has not fully recovered from his maiming. He accuses Gustavo of being a bottom feeder that kills and spreads nonsense shamelessly - which is why he was abandoned by Bartolo and his men. Gustavo throws Luck in Eve's direction, and he crashes into the table beside Eve.

Eve, having picked up Gustavo's gun during the fray, aims the handgun straight at Gustavo. With vacant eyes, tears running down her cheeks, and a strangely serene voice, she apologizes to Luck over and over - even though she had said all those selfish words to him about forgiveness, and even though she had thought she was doing the right thing - she cannot absolutely forgive Gustavo and finally understands how Luck felt. With a conviction of steel, and without any fear, she pulls the trigger without hesitation as Gustavo provokes her with crass taunts.

Luck diverts the muzzle at his left wrist at the last second, and the force of the bullet at point blank range is enough sever his left hand completely. With labored effort, he says "...I know your pain!", scoops up his left hand, and stabs Gustavo's throat with the hand's jagged bone as "thanks for sending someone to slit my throat." He manages to ask Eve if she is hurt before passing out from the pain.

In the aftermath, Eve is reunited with an upset Benjamin and Samantha, who blame themselves for allowing Eve to be in danger. Before the three leave the agency, Eve is approached by Luck. She cannot speak, facing a man who had saved her despite all the willful things she had said and done, despite the fact that he was Dallas' enemy. If he hadn not stopped her from shooting Gustavo, she might have never seen Benjamin and Samantha again. She still hadn't thanked him – and she still wanted to rescue Dallas no matter what. Luck hands her a detailed map marking where Dallas was drowned and tells her that when she believes his pain has disappeared, she should do as she wishes.

Eve tries to speak, but Luck tells her not to, "Whether it's to curse me or thank me, because that will only make me angry." Eve clutches the map to her chest as she watches him leave.

Back in the villa, Eve ponders her situation as she camps out on the dining table. Although her determination to save Dallas is as strong as ever, she cannot help but wonder if it really is alright to rescue him after everything she had heard from Luck. Her quandary is put on hold when Fang approaches the table carrying food, brightly suggesting she eat and regain her energy - and besides, food tends to cheer people up. Jon chastises him as Eve tries the food and finds it delicious, just like Kate's had been. Eve smiles for the first time that day as she looks at the four, realizing again how fortunate she is to have people like them around.

As Eve eats, she wonders if it is possible for both Dallas the Gandors to be happy as well. She reproaches herself for only thinking of her own happiness - of rescuing Dallas immediately, and realizes that she wants to be like those two thieves and put others (and their happiness) first before herself, and to act decisively without confusion.

Later, Eve prepares to return to her manor in New Jersey, and she asks Fang and Jon to take care of her Manhattan residence in her absence. Jon asks her if she wouldn't mind a few of their friends staying in the mansion in exchange for helping him and Fang maintain it, pointing out that a huge mansion would be difficult for just two men to keep clean. Eve agrees, trusting him fully.

1933 Edit

Eve sponsors an unscheduled construction project on the Hudson River, under the guise of public interest. In return for her patronage, she asks that the workers dredge the river floor and retrieve any objects they find.

In September, Eve observes the ongoing construction by the riverbank, accompanied by Benjamin. On the third day of the dredging work, one of the workers dashes up to her and exclaims they have found the barrels like she said they might, only – the barrels contained alive people. Upon reaching and entering a specified warehouse, she finds three steel barrels and, to her shock, construction workers lying prone on the ground. She runs over to a worker and shakes him slightly. Out cold. Cautiously, she approaches the barrels and discovers Dallas' two cohorts in their barrels. The third barrel is empty, and Eve frantically looks around, thinking that perhaps the workers had pulled him out already. Benjamin joins her and cries out at the mess. They hear rustling by one of the trash piles, which turns out to be a young worker shivering behind a refuse pile.

The man explains that after his coworker left to fetch Eve, a group of strange people kidnapped one of the men in the barrels, knocking out the workers in the process. Eve and Benjamin slip away as more workers arrive, and Eve resolutely declares she will not give up - after all, at least she knows for sure that Dallas is alive. Still, the question remains - who else could have known about the barrels besides herself and Luck?

Eve returns to her mansion on Millionaires' Row to look for clues, along with Benjamin and Samantha. To her surprise, she finds a deserted mansion and signs that a violent scuffle had taken place. Benjamin and Samantha leave to contact the police while she and Fang (who'd been out grocery shopping) stay behind. When the doorbell rings, she opens the door to find Tick and Maria on her doorstep. She asks them if they are Fang's friends, and after a moment Maria announces that they are. Eve sighs in relief and smiles, inviting them in and out of the rain while she fetches Fang. At her call, Fang emerges from a nearby room - but he does not recognize the pair. Maria snatches Eve and raises her katana Murasámia to Eve's throat, resisting Eve's attempts to escape her clutches. Maria asks Fang if he knows Jacuzzi Splot, only it doesn't matter if he denies it because it's obvious that he does, since he's in the Genoard mansion (Jacuzzi's gang were the friends staying in the mansion).

Eve stops struggling, and asks if she and Maria have met before. After a moment, she recalls the woman's flamboyant outfit at showdown at the Daily Days in 1932, as does Maria (who recalls Eve as a willowy young girl). Eve, confused, asks if Maria is one of Luck's friends and why she's doing this, and Maria exclaims "wait, you know our boss?"

Through the torrential rain, Fang leads the others to an abandoned factory, where he claims Jacuzzi and the others have regrouped. Tick walks alone while Maria and Eve share an umbrella, though Maria's hand resting on the hilt of her katana makes it clear Fang had better not try anything funny. As Tick and Maria converse, Eve realizes that if she made a run for it now, Maria would not stop her. But she'd seen Maria smile, and knew that it was not the smile of someone evil. She wonders if Dallas can smile like Maria, and then scolds herself for comparing him to the assassin.

The group arrives at the factory only to find it empty. Maria draws her katana and accuses Fang of lying, which he vehemently denies. Eve is prepared to do something, anything, when a woman in black appears and throws a knife at Maria's back. Fang is relieved to see her – one Chané Laforet, who'd come to defend him. Claire Stanfield – now calling himself Felix Walken, shows up soon after and recognizes Eve as one of Luck and Keith's 'friends.' Eve does not recognize him at all, not realizing that he was the strange bearded man who had coerced her and Roy to the Daily Days agency over a year ago (he'd been in disguise). Fang hastily tells Claire that Eve is the owner of the house he and his friends are borrowing, which is news to Chané too.

Claire comments that he'd never have guessed Dallas had a sister like Eve - they are not alike at all. Eve is shocked that he knows Dallas and pleads with him to tell her where her brother is. Claire shrugs and says he's probably busy with Jacuzzi's gang, trying to pull off an infiltration plan, but if Eve waits she probably could meet with him tomorrow at the earliest. Before Eve can react, Jacuzzi shows up and out of breath. He lets Claire know that Dallas and the others are planning on storming the Mist Wall tomorrow.

The next day, Eve stands by the main entrance of the Mist Wall alongside Fang, Chané, Claire, Tick, and Mria. Through the entrance, they can see multiple bodies lying on the floor, probably due to sleeping gas. Fang is concerned and urges Eve to stay outside and out of danger. Claire seconds the motion, since if she goes inside Fang will too and she wouldn't want to put him in danger would she? Eve reluctantly agrees, and she and Fang wait outside while the others enter the building. Before she enters, Maria apologizes for kidnapping Eve, and notes that she did not cry at all during the ordeal. Maria is sure that Eve will become a "strong and beautiful lady." Unused to the praise, Eve blushes and replies that she believed any friend of Luck's would have a good reason to do what Maria did. Aghast, Maria warns Eve that she is far too trusting, a trait which will surely hurt her someday.

Eve agrees with Maria, but adds that it will not matter. She's already accepted that eventual hurt. Maria falters at Eve's resolve, and Eve, noting the atmosphere, blurts out encouragement ("you can do it!"). Maria smiles brightly, and Eve smiles back, thinking her beautiful.

Eve and Fang proceed to wait under an arch of a nearby building for quite some time, until Eve gasps: the rain flowing down the white walls is stained scarlet. She alerts Fang, but her chef is skeptical. He had not seen the blood, and besides - why would there be blood outside the building? With false cheer, Fang says that as long as the building is standing there is no need to worry – only for a gigantic cloud of fire to billow outward from the top floor of the Mist Wall. The explosion causes glass fragments to shower the ground in front of them. To the two's horror, some of the glass is stained with blood...some of which flows back up the walls and into the building.

Eve wants to go inside and investigate, but Fang reminds her that Dallas cannot die and urges her to stay outside where it is safe. He adds that everything should be fine, since the building had not caught on fire. Eve surrenders to his efforts, and pensively stares up at the building. After thirty seconds pass, they see a silhouette fall from the top floor. Fang draws Eve close and hides her face, crying out for her not to look. A few seconds later, the body splatters against the ground. Eve peels herself away from Fang to see, and is confronted with the sight of her brother.

One way or another, Dallas is brought back to the manor and placed on a bed. Eve stays by his side until he wakes up, and buries her face in his chest, sobbing. Dallas apologizes for breaking his promise with her, having gotten into yet more fights and arguments. But he'd kept his other promise, which was to keep her safe. She continues crying by his side.

1935 Edit

In either January or very early February, Eve receives three bottles of wine from an old wealthy Italian friend of the Genoard Family, and gifts them to Jacuzzi and his gang.

The day after, Eve, Benjamin and Samantha return to the villa during the night and are greeted by Jacuzzi and Nice Holystone. Eve greets them and expresses her hope that the wine wasn't a problem. Jacuzzi, noticing that she seems gloomy, asks her if something is wrong, and she asks him if Dallas had visited the mansion recently. As a matter of fact, he was. The two tell her that he'd visited the villa a few hours ago and told them that he is planning on going to the Runorata Family's party at the Ra's Lance casino's grand opening in February and needs money to spend, claiming that he'll pay them back if he wins. Once he learned that the gang was broke, he insulted them and took off with various villa items (clocks, dishes...), planning to hock them. Eve sighs and apologizes on Dallas' behalf.

When Jacuzzi asks why Dallas is going to the party (almost letting slip that the gang is planning on going too), Eve explains that the Runoratas had sent party invitations to other rich families - but they hadn't just sent out invitations per family, they'd gone to the pains of writing out invitations for each individual family member in a display of lavish hospitality. She goes on to say that she'd felt nauseous and furious out of instinct at how the Runoratas had killed her father and Jeffrey and still had the audacity to sent the two surviving Genoards invitations. However, while Eve had been indignant, Dallas had been very eager, figuring that it would be easier to score a win at the casino since the Runoratas were likely hoping to secure regular casino customers at the party. And so he'd left with almost all the cash in the house.

The gang sees Eve off with a promise to contact her if they see Dallas again.

Eve returns to the Genoard manor in New Jersey, and frets about Dallas now that she knows the Runoratas are up to something – should there be trouble, she might never be able to find him again. She decides to attend the party herself in order to find him, but first must solve the problem of money. As Dallas has taken most of the household's money with him, as she has left is a 'paltry sum'. If she cannot afford even the cheapest chips at the party, she will be thrown out regardless of whether or not she has an invitation. Even with the money, Eve does not know anything about casinos or anyone knowledgeable enough about them to bring as a guest. Anyone who is not Luck, that is, and she is neither shameless nor callous enough to ask someone who would probably not want to cooperate in the first place.

With Luck on her mind, and knowing that the party will be a magnet for the mafia, Eve wonders if the Gandors will attend the party and run into Dallas while there. However, as the Gandors and Runoratas have clashed in the past, she finds it unlikely. As she ponders if there is anything she can do on her own, Benjamin knocks on her door and informs here that a strange person has asked to see her regarding the Runorata casino. She changes out of her nightgown and goes down to the parlor, where a tall man wearing an expensive suit and keeping a briefcase by his side greets her from the sofa. After flattering her, he introduces himself as a professional gambler and shuffles a deck of cards from his pocket with fancy panache.

The man explains that he wants to test his skills at the casino, and requests that she let him be her guest at the party. He states that he will provide the bankroll, and that if he wins he will give her all the profits. After handing her a stack of bills, he formally introduces himself as Nader Schasschule.

With earnest solemnity, Eve tells him that she understands, although some conditions need to be set in place first. Rather than accepting his money, she would like Nader to help her persuade Dallas to return home. The deal is made (despite her servants' disapproval) and Nader leaves for home.

The first day of the party, Eve and Nader confer in the third floor restaurant of Ra's Lance, preparing themselves before moving to the casino itself. Eve asks Nader why he is hiding his face, and he explains that he is hiding so that the other gamblers won't pick up on his tells. Eve nods enthusiastically and apologizes for questioning him. Nader dismisses her apology and sets the plan for the day. The two of them will be there for three days, so they should start today by checking out the playing field, and looking for her brother. Eve thanks him for indulging her selfishness.

During their conversation, Eve notices Nader is pensive and asks him what the matter is. He points out the bird sitting on a tall streetlight outside their window. It is staring directly at him, and Nader mutters that it looks like it wants to kill him. Before they separate, Eve shows Nader a picture of Dallas so that he can recognize him.

[This chronology currently covers all published material thus far.]

Story Changes Edit

The plot of the fourth light novel 1932 Drug & The Dominos was heavily altered in the anime. Roy Maddock (and Edith) are cut out of the anime entirely, as is the main plot involving drugs and the black case.

In the anime, Elean lies to Eve per orders and tells her that the agency does not know where Dallas is - the complete opposite of what happens in the novels. Gustavo and his men ambush Eve and Samantha on the street (after Rubik fakes a telephone call, pretending to be the Daily Days) and keep watch on Eve in the manor (Samantha was tied up and left in a grate), where Gustavo implies he killed her family members. Eve escapes (thanks to Rubik, who was pretending to be asleep) only to be pulled into a parked vehicle by Elean, who apologizes for lying and explains that he'd come to rescue her. Full of guilt, he wants to make up for his lie and Eve asks him to take her to the Gandors' office.

He complies, and there they meet Tick and the Gandors. Eve demands to know what happened to Dallas, and Luck fills her in on what happened back in 1930. Gustavo bursts into the room and after exchanging barbs kills the Gandors with his tommy gun. Eve witnesses them regenerate.

Bartolo and his men arrive. It turns out that they plan to retrieve Dallas for experimentation, though Luck thinks Eve should have the final say. Eve agrees, as long as she is allowed to visit Dallas. Elean objects that the Runoratas were responsible for the deaths of her father and brother, and Bartolo shoots Gustavo dead as a demonstration of his feelings on the matter.

Relationships Edit

Dallas Genoard: Dallas treated Eve 'kindly' as they were growing up, but Eve (as of 1930) did not think well of him, since he acted like a 'hoodlum' when he was with other company. However, she cares for him deeply, desperate to rescue him from the river and later the Larva after he disappears.

Benjamin and Samantha: Eve cares for them very much, treating them like family rather than like mere servants. After all, she's known them for all her life (Samantha practically raised her) and they chose to stay when all the other servants left. Eve knows she is very fortunate to have people who care about her so much by her side, and the two really do love her. They worry for her health and for her safety, and want nothing more than for her to be happy.

Trivia Edit

  • Eve's religious faith is earnest but somewhat simple. Since the Genoard family was never really religious, she didn't have much in the way of a religious education and as such her impressions of God and angels are rather vague.
  • In the sixth light novel, Eve in September 1933 says that it had been a year and six months (18 months) since she learned where Dallas was buried. One would thus presume she had learned of his whereabouts in March 1932. However, in the fourth light novel, Luck hands her the map in January 1932 instead. Either this was a mistake on Narita's part, or it took Eve a few months to pinpoint the location marked on the map in real life.
  • Unbeknownst to Eve, she was the target of a kidnapping plot by Graham Specter and his gang in early 1932. They had planned to use her as bait and lure Jacuzzi to their factory. However, Graham and Shaft mistakenly kidnapped Chané in her place.