In 1926, Nice Holystone is in her backyard toying with some of her explosive equipment. Pouring some liquid from a test tube onto a dish of gunpowder, she waits for something to happen when an explosion occurs, permanently burning her upper body. Back in 1931, Jacuzzi Splot is recovering from his injuries sustained in the Flying Pussyfoot incident with Nice beside him. Nick comes in and informs them that they recovered the goods they chucked off the train and found someone who wants to buy Nice's explosives, but also says that they found someone on top of the boxes - Chane Laforet - and brought her with them. Jacuzzi decides to let her in and introduces himself to her.

Chane ends up staying with Jacuzzi in his room while he recovers, and after he tries to get out, he is forced to go back in while Chane reads the paper from before. Jacuzzi notices the paper and asks if Chane and Huey Laforet are related; Chane reveals their relation via writing on a notepad and asks why they didn't turn her in. Jacuzzi says that they and also are criminals in a way, and also figure that Chane is a nice person underneath. He then calls Chane a friend. Chane then writes she doesn't understand what he means before departing.

Meanwhile, Czeslaw Meyer finishes talking to Rachel about everything, then confirms it cutting his arm and letting her watch it heal. As they are about to part ways, Claire Stanfield suddenly opens a door and finds them outside. Recognizing both of them, Claire begins chatting with them, noting that he was going to pay Firo Prochainezo a visit but found out he was going to hang with a couple of acquaintances, then asks what they're up to. At the same time, Chane can't get Claire out of her head. While the rest of Jacuzzi's gang contemplates what to do with her, Chane walks in on them and Nice reveals that a package containing a white dress came for Chane, along with a set of knives. Chane puts it on after all the males leave the room. After doing so, she realizes it is from Claire, and notes that no one except Huey has ever given her a present. She then realizes that he might actually want to marry her, which leaves her confused.

With Nice's encouragement, Chane goes with Nick and two kids who keep on saying "Hiya!" for some fresh air. They are watched by Graham Specter, who ends up ranting about tediousness then saying that tediousness in necessary. He notices Chane and mistakes her for Eve Genoard, so he trails them to Central Park. He stops his car in front of her, and plans to tell her a sad story that will be happy for him. Graham proceeds to take Chane into his car, hit Nick with his wrench, and speed off. However, he also leaves a note telling Jacuzzi to bring all the money he has (by himself) to Pier 13, where they can meet in his abandoned warehouse and the gang can get back "Eve". Upon reading the letter, Jacuzzi decides to take action, telling Nick that Chane washed up in a river just like he did.

Chane finds herself in the warehouse, where Graham thinks that her muteness is due to her being too afraid to talk. When he turns his back for a second, Chane takes out her knife. Graham admits that this surprises him, and Chane attacks him mid-sentence. Graham manages to disarm her, but before anything else can happen Jacuzzi arrives. Jacuzzi admits that he doesn't have any money, but admits to having a bounty with the Russos, and that they can get all the money they want if they turn him into them.

The scene goes back to 1926, when Nice is recovering from her burns in disgust. She then hears Jacuzzi knocking at her door to open up, but becomes ashamed to reveal her scars to him. When she finally opens the door, she discovers that Jacuzzi has gotten his sword tattoo so that his face will be scarred alongside hers, resulting in both of them crying for different reasons. At the same time after Chane puts on her dress, Nice tells her that Jacuzzi is just a person who does these things for people all the time without thinking, getting him numerous friends. Chane thinks upon this when Jacuzzi arrives.

Graham ponders Jacuzzi's request, but notes the good fight he is having with Chane. Chane prepares to fight to save Jacuzzi, but before a resolution is made a bomb explodes. It is revealed that Jacuzzi's entire gang trailed behind him, and though Jacuzzi is happy, he then notes that Claire is with them also, yet only Chane recognizes him as he followed the gang without them knowing. Graham asks who Claire is, and he introduces himself as the Rail Tracer, prompting Jacuzzi to faint. Ignoring everyone else, Claire begins talking to Chane and declares that he has finally fallen truly in love with her. He admits that it is sudden, but promises not to tarnish her world and that she can wait to fall in love with him. Chane is left speechless, as even these people love her despite having barely met, not even Huey told her he felt that, and she eventually breaks down. Not comprehending what is going on, Graham asks Claire to step aside so he can fight Chane; however, Claire declares that he will fight Graham instead. Graham finds this stupid, as only Ladd Russo has ever beaten him. Claire then confesses that he is the one that got Ladd arrested, and in gleeful fury, Graham throws his wrench at him.

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Light Novel 1931: Another Junk Railroad - Express Episode



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