The Entrance and Exit are twin luxury cruise liners that launched in August 2002 on separate sides of the Pacific Ocean. They were both seaijacked over the course of their voyages: SAMPLE seajacked Exit while the Mask Makers led their own uprising on both ships.

Background and Build Edit

The ships were built "several years" prior to 2002 in a joint venture by corporations from the United States and Japan.

The Entrance is described as 306m in length, 55m in height, and 52m wide. It can hold over 2500 passengers and over one thousand crewmembers. The Exit shares the same dimensions and capacity size. They differ only in color: Entrance is white, while Exit is pitch black.

One of the Entrance's passengers (Firo Prochainezo) describes the ship as having 'everything.' It had multiple restaurants ranging from five-star eateries to cheap burger joints and a variety of cuisines. It had a humongous multi-level shopping mall in the middle of the ship sporting expensive boutiques, bookstores, toy stores, salons, arcades, a casino and more. The stores were lined around a gigantic hall, its ceiling clear acrylic. Mirrors were used by daytime to fill the hall with sunlight.

Leisure facilities aboard the ship included a wave pool, tennis courts, and clay pigeon shooting facilities.

Departure Edit

Exti departed from Yokohama Harbor, Japan in August 2002. Entrance departed a day later from the North American west coast. The Entrance was captained by Falk Corner, and its departure was resplendent with fireworks and doves released at the harbor. Meanwhile, Exit's captain would eventually be killed by his first mate Richel, a member of SAMPLE.

The two ships were intended to meet each other in the ocean and shoot fireworks to bless the other's voyage.

John Drox and his crew received permission to shoot scenes for the film Shark Flight on board the Entrance.

Tickets were extraordinarily expensive; some were priced at over $10,000 per person.

Passenger Lists (Known) Edit

Entrance Edit

Stowaways Edit

Exit Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the ships' promotional pamphlets, their names mean "Entrance to Paradise" and "Exit from Reality" respectively.
  • Some of the cuisines served aboard the Entrance included Italian, Chinese, and Japanese food and even places that served live honey ants (an indigenous Australian delicacy).

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