The Cure-All Elixir (also referred to as Finished Product) is a variant of the Grand Panacea concocted by Szilard Quates. It was recreated from the partial recipe he stole from Gretto Avaro with the help of several mortals and almost two hundred years of trial and error. When consumed it grants the person complete immortality like the Grand Panacea (its differences from the Grand Panacea have yet to be explained).

It was the main focus of The Rolling Bootlegs, and constantly swapping hands throughout the novel. The Cure-All Elixir is responsible for granting the Gandor brothers and the Martillo Family executives immortality.

Barnes and the blender produced thirty-six bottles of the elixir at the Barnes Company Granary in November 1930 and lost the majority of the bottles to a conflagration accidentally caused by Randy and Pezzo. Barnes managed to save two bottles from the fire that eventually ended up in the hands of the Martillos (those two bottles were responsible for the immortality of the Gandors, the Martillos, and Isaac and Miria). A third bottle was retrieved from the fire and its contents subsequently consumed by Pietro Gonzales, who had mistakenly assumed it contained alcohol.

List of known persons made immortal through the Cure-All Elixir Edit

The Gandor Brothers Edit

The Martillo Family Edit

Others Edit

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