Coraggioso (Italian for courageous [one]) is a small jazz hall located in an alley a little ways from Mulberry Street. Its basement serves as the office and headquarters for the Gandor Family syndicate. The syndicates bosses Keith, Berga, and Luck serve as Coraggioso's managers in the eyes of the public.

Notable Events Edit

In November 1930, the office becomes a crime scene after five members of the Gandor Family are gunned down in cold blood by Dallas Genoard and two of his companions. Assistant Inspector Edward Noah leads an investigation of the premises.

Two years later in August 1932, Lester becomes an incomplete immortal in the basement after suffering grievous injuries from Mark Wilmans there. He is currently buried under Coraggioso's floorboards.

In February 1935, Melvi Dormentaire pays a visit to Keith and Luck in their underground office, and during the visit attempts to devour Luck. Keith saves Luck's life just in time, and is prepared to devour Melvi in turn - only to be stopped by Felix Walken. A little later that month, the Gandor brothers host a meeting around the office's billiard table with several killers they've hired as extra muscle for the upcoming casino party at Ra's Lance. These hitmen are: Maria Barcelito; Alkins; Raz Smith and his apprentice; Ladd Russo and Graham Specter; and one other as yet unidentified person who arrives late to the meeting.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gandor Family's torture specialist Tick Jefferson lives in the Coraggioso. He also conducts his torture in the basement.

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