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Even if the entire world rejects you, I'll welcome you with open arms. You's not that the world acknowledges me. I'm the one that acknowledges and accepts the world. That's why... I'll never betray the world I've accepted. After all, I acknowledged it myself, right? Even if my world betrays me, I-I'll love my world until the end. That's all.

–Claudia to Illness, 2002: (B Side) Blood Sabbath

Claudia Walken (クローディア・ウォーケン, Kurōdia Wōken) is the fourteen-year-old great-granddaughter of Claire Stanfield and Chané Laforet, and the elder sister of Charon Walken. She is a highly lauded child actress.

In 2002, Claudia and her brother board the luxury cruise liner Entrance to promote their new film Mode Gears II: Shark Flight alongside their director John Drox and film crew.

Appearance Edit

Claudia has her great-grandfather's red hair and her great-grandmother's gold eyes. She is depicted wearing a summer dress.

Personality Edit

Like her great-grandfather, Claudia is a solipsist; she believes that the world has been hers since she was born--therefore, if she wants something to happen she will find a way to make it so. Firo (who acts like her uncle or godfather) notes that while many of Claire's descendents have adopted his way of thinking, Claudia is the most like him even at the age of fourteen.

Claudia doesn't care whether someone is good or bad, as long as they're honest. This is why she easily becomes friends with Illness in 2002. Claudia recognizes that killing is bad, but she doesn't condemn people who kill as long as they don't kill somebody she cares about. This is partly due to her knowledge that Claire met Chane by virtue of his job as an assassin. Since she considers anyone she cares about to be part of her world, she considers any attack on her friends to be an attack on her. At one point she claims to Illness that she would kill anyone that Illness (or another friend) wanted dead.

She is noted for not being picky in her roles, for giving her full effort even in horror and slasher B-movies, and being dedicated to performing her job as well as possible.

History Edit

Claudia has starred in many hit films, and is popular enough that her presence alone made several of her movies successful. Her unnamed father is a comic book artist wealthy enough that at the beginning of Claudia's career, there was speculation that his influence got her roles.

Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Czeslaw Meyer is afraid of Claudia, as her appearance (particularly her hair) and personality remind him of Claire. She used to drag him around to play when she visited the Alveare.
  • Claudia and Charon are both mentioned by name in the eighth volume of Durarara!!. The official English translation of the novel by Yen Press has written her name as Gloria. This seems to be a misreading of the kana, since her name クロ ーディア reads as kurōdia (Claudia), where Gloria would be written as グロリア (guroria). The spelling and thus pronunciation of Gloria in kana is clearly different to Ryohgo Narita's spelling クロ ーディア.