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Carnea Kaufman (カルネア・カウフマン Karunea Kaufuman) is a twelve year old girl who succeeds her father as the head of a South American drug cartel in August 2002 after he is killed in a shootout.

Several days later, she stows away aboard the cruise liner Entrance in order to find Angelo on the advice of The Demolisher (aka Lebreau Fermet Viralesque).

In the aftermath, it is indirectly implied that Angelo has taken up (at least temporary) guardianship of her.

Appearance Edit

Carnea has long styled blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. She wears a white dress aboard the Entrance.

Personality Edit

Carnea is a quite and polite girl, and more of an introvert than an extrovert. Still, she has proven to be very brave for someone her age - going so far as to stowaway on a ship to achieve her goals.

Chronology Edit

2002: (A Side) Bullet Garden Edit

Born around August 1990, Carnea grew up in South America, ignorant of her father's criminal trade.

In August 2002, her father is murdered in a shootout. In the wake of his death, Carnea finally learns of his true position as head of a drug cartel. A couple days later, she becomes the new head of the cartel (against her will, but she is the boss' only living blood relative) as his lessers squabble over the leadership position.

A few days later, a hit is carried out against the cartel at a restaurant by the Mask Makers/Businessmen, along with Illness and Death. Carnea waits anxiously with The Demolisher at a safe location to hear if Angelo's mission against the perpetrators went well. Via walkie-talkie, The Demolisher confirms with Angelo that the mission has been accomplished (behind Angelo, the restaurant is going up in flames) and then hands the walkie-talkie over to Carnea. With a voice filled with terrified despair, Carnea asks Angelo how the fight went, and he tells her not to worry - the enemy escaped.

She asks him urgently if he is injured. He is not. And the others? He says that she does not have to worry about them. Then what about the attackers? Angelo replies that "they've been dealt with" and that he will chase after them. At this, Carnea interjects that he mustn't do that - that she cannot put him in any more danger. He cannot put her in any danger in turn, and states that he'll just have to convince them to never lay a hand on her. The twelve year old's reply is lost as The Demolisher snatches up the walkie-talkie to talk to Angelo. She listens to The Demolisher's side of the conversation, but Angelo cannot hear what she says to him.


Carnea lifts the fake floor.

Carnea learns that Angelo plans to go after the Mask Makers aboard the cruise liner Entrance, which is set to sail several days later. She is worried that Angelo and others will end up hurt because of her, and upon talking to The Demolisher, Carnea travels to the west coast of North America and stows away on the cruise liner in secret. The Demolisher takes care of all the details. He tells her that as long as she is nearby, Angelo will not start any gunfights.

Once aboard the ship, Carnea searches for a place to hide. She heads into the ship's interior, and finds a fake floor (which covers a lifeboat). Realizing that she can open the floor, she lifts the surface up and is surprised to find four boys ensconced within. She looks around desperately and then decides to go for it, squeezing herself inside and onto the floor of the lifeboat. At the boys' shock, she apologizes and asks them to let her hide in the boat for a bit.

One of the boys (Bobby Splot) asks who she is, and she introduces herself ("My name is Carnea. ...and as you can see, I'm a stowaway!). The group spends several hours of self-enforced silence in the lifeboat, after which they finally finally manage to sneak out to the deck at night for a bit of fresh air. Carnea listens to the boys mutter amongst themselves (then=y seem to be looking for someone called Firo) and asks if they are looking for someone.

In lieu of an answer, the boys want to know who she is, exactly. She repeats what she said before - that she is a stowaway, and his name is Carnea. Furthermore, she is also looking for someone aboard the ship - someone who is like a father to her. As she speaks, she keeps her head bowed. One of the boys assumes that she means he left her behind on vacation, but she corrects him. No, in fact...she is hear to stop this person.

Before she can explain, Bobby covers her mouth and apologizes before directing the other children to hide behind a wall. He scans the deck, and pinpoints a tuxedo-wearing child (Czeslaw Meyer) staring up at an animatronic shark on the deck. Bobby identifies this boy as Firo's little brother, and announces that they are going to tail him. Carnea nervously asks what they plan to do with the boy, and Bobby confers with the others. Failing to come up with a consensus, he asks Carnea's opinion. She hesitates, and asks if they will hurt the boy. Bobby denies this, and explains that the boy's 'big brother' is an 'evil mafia exec' upon whom they plan to take their revenge.

Carnea mutters quietly that "everything's the same, no matter where you go."

The group follows Czes and a girl (Illness) for a while, all the way down to the lower decks. Illness ends up capturing three of them (Tall, Troy, and Humpty) by the end of the second night, while Bobby takes Carnea's hand and runs for it. Evading Illness and the crew members, the two hide in a linens room marked 'out of service'. Aware that they can't hide there forever, they look around and spot a small lattice door on the ceiling, which opens up to reveal a ventilation shaft. Using a ladder, they clamber up to the shaft and crawl through it. Bobby soon comes across a device with a flickering red light, and alerts Carnea (who is crawling behind him) to it.

Carnea asks what it is, and Bobby erroneously concludes that it must be a gas trap for rats. From somewhere ahead of them, a voice muses that the 'rats' in question must be the children themselves. Carnea screams and moves backward. The man ("Life," who is actually Fermet) is wearing a mask and night-vision goggles. The man declares that he will have to punish them, and reaches out towards Bobby. Carnea screams his name and Bobby shoves the device towards the man, who catches it with both hands. The two children retreat back towards the linens room.

During their escape, the duo are chased by members of the Mask Makers. Thanks to Bobby's years of experience in dodging police officers in New York, they manage to shake off the men in question...only for other passengers to start chasing them.

The two continue their flight, and eventually arrive at the ship's dimly-lit storage facility for events and slow to a walk. Overall, it has been a few hours since their plight began. Carnea lets out a noise at how tightly Bobby is clutching her hand, and he quickly lets go and apologizes.

She apologizes in turn, and Bobby warns her to be careful: if she gets in his way, he might have to leave her behind. Carnea's reply is remorseful: "of course." The pair, exhausted, plop down behind a large set. They are worried that the men will find them soon but for now are relieved to be safe for the moment. The moment of peace is undermined when Carnea looks up and screams at what turns out to be the giant animatronic shark from above deck. Bobby wonders what it is doing here, and a voice from behind answers for him. It is for the fountain event.


Carnea looks on in shock as Charon disarms Bobby.

The duo turn around and are faced with a boy with black hair and icy golden eyes. They don't know who he is, and Bobby pulls a switchblade from his pocket (much to Carnea's alarm). The boy fluidly grab's hold of Bobby's arm, twists it backwards and takes the switchblade from him (he pockets the blade). The recoil sends Bobby to his knees, and in the next moment they hear voices near a corner of the storage area - the Mask Makers. Bobby hisses at Carnea to run. She refuses. The other boy listens to them argue, and then takes Bobby and Carnea by their arms.

He lifts Carnea up and into the maw of the animatronic shark, and clothes Bobby in the upper half of his own costume (The Gear costume). The two Mask Makers spot (the now apparently alone) boy and screech in delight. They are immensely thrilled to have come across the boy, aka Charon Walken, a famous child stuntman. Charon indicates to them that the children that they are looking for are not in the room, and signs autographs for them before they leave.

Charon soon departs to look around, and Carnea pokes her head out a little between the shark's teeth and asks if they are safe. At the thunderous noise of the entrance doors opening, she quickly ducks back inside. In the next instant, film director John Drox and his crew enter the room. His crew members take up the animatronic shark and carry it away, with Carnea still inside.

She and Bobby (who is still dressed as The Gear) are taken up onto the top deck for Drox's film's promotional event. On stage, child actress Claudia Walken immediately realizes that it is not her brother who is in the suit.

The event is brought to a violent halt when a shootout erupts between the Mask Makers and Angelo, who is bunkering in a cafe with Firo and Ennis. Carnea remains hidden; Bobby soon dashes over towards her and reaches for the maw of the shark. Firo (who has chased after Bobby in the assumption that he is Charon) reaches the shark and gently pulls her out through the shark's jaws - careful not to snag her against the teeth.

Firo lets her down under the shark, and he and Bobby simultaneously ask if she is okay. Carnea - shocked senseless by the prior explosion(s), can only look at them with blank eyes. Firo bundles her into his arms and makes a break for the cafe with Bobby in tow. Once inside, Firo lies her down as she is coming to her senses. Her eyes widen upon spotting Angelo there, and she cries out his name in relief before getting to her feet to embrace him. Trembling, she cries out that she is so glad to see him safe; wide-eyed with shock, Angelo asks, " did you get here, Boss?!"

2002: (B Side) Blood Sabbath Edit

With tears in her eyes, Carnea vaguely answers that she had been afraid that Angelo and other people would end up "even more hurt" because of her. Angelo calls that foolish, and queries why on this ship. She admits that she stowed away. Outraged, he demands to know how she learned about the Entrance and how she even managed to travel to "the States" in the first place. She sheepishly reveals the involvement of "Mr. Demolisher" to him, and Angelo swears at the name.

His cold fury elicits a soft scream from Bobby, and Firo (remembering that Bobby is there) asks who the boy is. Bobby lies and says that he is Charon's stuntman. Firo is skeptical, but Carnea vouches for Bobby by telling Firo that Bobby saved her when the Mask Makers were chasing her.


Carnea with Bobby and his gang.

The group heads off towards a suite room (either Firo's or Angelo's room), and Carnea passes out from exhaustion on the bed.

Later, around or after sunset - Carnea, Czes, Claudia, Charon, Illness, Bobby, and his gang stand on the bridge of Entrance as the captain and crew check the ship's functions. Carnea praises Bobby for retrieving the (poisonous) gas devices from the ventilation systems (the devices were used to take out SAMPLE members). Carnea attempts to cheer Bobby up as his friends begin berating him.

At the end of the novel, it is implied that she is under the (perhaps temporary) guardianship of Angelo, and that she might have come to New York with him (he has agreed to work for the Martillo Family) in search of a safe place to stay.