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Bobby Splot (ボビー・スプロット, Bobī Supurotto) is the fourteen year old leader of a group of boys on the Martillo Family's territory, and the great-grandson of Jacuzzi Splot and Nice Holystone. Unlike Jacuzzi, he doesn't cry too much and he often acts without thinking, getting him and his friends in trouble. However, his brave nature always saves them in the end.

In 2002, Bobby and his friends stowaway on the cruise liner Entrance, aiming to take revenge on Firo Prochainezo. There, they meet fellow stowaway Carnea Kaufman and are all caught up in the seajacking mayhem aboard the ship.

Bobby eventually becomes a "hero of the Martillo Family," through events that currently remain a mystery.

Appearance Edit

Bobby takes after his great-grandfather in looks; he has Jacuzzi's brown hair and eyes.