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In our world, it’s either one or zero. It’s a straight choice between two things: Either they’re an enemy on equal terms, or they don’t even exist. There’s no such thing as lower rank. Never think of the other guy as being less than yourselves. The second you do, they’ll start to trip you up.

–Bartolo, 1932 Drug & The Dominos/Epilogue

Bartolo Runorata (バルトロ・ルノラータ, Barutoro Runorāta) is the don of the powerful east coast Runorata Family, with ties to both Nebula and Huey Laforet. He is responsible for organizing the casino party at Ra's Lance in February 1935, for which his true aims are currently a mystery.

After he passes away from old age circa 1972 AD, his grandson Carzelio Runorata becomes the new don of the family.


Bartolo appears to be over fifty in the 1930s, and has short brown hair (greying in the anime) and brown eyes. He has noticeable facial wrinkles and wears "intellectual-looking glasses" (hexagonal in the anime, round in the novel). 

Personality Edit

Bartolo is a sharp and dignified man who does not suffer fools gladly. That he is able to remain composed and calm even when a bomb explodes mere feet away from him is a testament as to his strength of character as a mafia don. That strength is what inspires great respect and loyalty in his subordinates toward him.

Chronology Edit

To be added.

Trivia Edit

  • Bartolo has an small but unknown number of children and grandchildren by 1935. His eldest daughter is Cazze's mother.