The title of Chapter 002 is "San Gennaro."

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The festival of San Gennaro is nigh, and what better time to catch up with old friends? Sharing a drink with Claire and the Gandor brothers, Firo reminisces about old times and the rumors circulating through the tabloids about a certain killer stalking the streets of New York...

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Ch002 Young Gandors

The Gandor Brothers as children.

The chapter starts in 1919, eight years prior to 1927. The Gandors and Firo are looking for Claire in an abandoned warehouse, Claire is found on the roof and yells at them through a hole in the ceiling. Claire says he worked really hard to get on the roof and that even he can't do magic.

After they find Claire they head home remarking on the harshness of the father of the Gandors and how he is a real Mafioso. Firo remembers that one day the Gandor brothers will take over the family business and Claire will find his own way, leaving Firo feeling like he is going to be left behind.

Ch002 Older Gandors

The Gandor brothers arrive for the reunion.

The time returns to 1927, where Claire and Firo are both in a Gandor-run eatery having a long-awaited reunion. The Gandor brothers arrive soon after, and join them at their table. Claire is taken aback to learn that Firo has joined the Martillo Family instead of the Gandors, and wonders what will happen if the Martillos and the Gandors fight. Berga thinks that they should drag Firo back to the Gandors, but Luck forcefully shuts that train of thought down. The topic of conversation turns to the Feast of San Gennaro, a festival starting tomorrow in Little Italy. Luck explains to Claire that it is a custom passed down from the people of Naples celebrating their patron saint. The festival celebrates the day the dried blood of the saint becomes liquid again.

The story reminds Berga of a spreading rumor about "The Phantom Father", a murderer disguised as a priest. The rumor claims he doesn't die when stabbed and can vanish even when cornered.

Their conversation is interrupted when a drunken brawl breaks out between two nearby patrons. Berga violently brings an end to the fight, and after Luck reminds them who exactly owns the establishment, the two brawlers flee into the street. With the mood ruined, the five leave the eatery after Luck reminds the business manager to conduct good business tomorrow.

Ch002 K&F

Firo and Keith walk down the street.

Firo asks Luck what he meant outside the building. As the group starts heading down the sidewalk, Luck answers that the Gandors plan on selling extra liquor during the festival, and Firo admires how Luck - the same age as he is - is so smart about these things. Their talk is brought to an end by Claire, who slings his arm around Luck's neck and drags him off down the street with Berga in tow. Finally alone, Keith asks Firo if he is all right; Firo is conflicted about the answer, but eventually answers by saying he plans to make it by himself without the Gandors or God.

The two enter a more crowded street. A thief barrels through the throng, bumping into Firo and knocking over a priest in his getaway. . Firo helps the priest to his feet; the man introduces himself as Donatello, and hands Firo a lollipop as thanks. His offer for Firo to join the 'other children' watching the puppet show nearby is coldly declined, and he is called away by one of his colleagues to help carry some sundry festival objects. Before Donatello leaves, he advises the two to be careful and to enjoy the festivities. Keith and Firo watch as Donatello trips in the distance, and Firo wonders if the priest will be okay.

Ch002 RP

Randy and Pezzo inspect the crates.

The next day, Randy and Pezzo are out and about during the festival when they spot a truck with a large quantity of crates inside its open cargo hold. Thinking that the truck is carting liquor, Pezzo opens one of the crates to reveal what he believes to be several wine bottles. The pair quickly duck behind a wall when they spot the truck driver returning, and watch from a distance as the driver secures the tarp over the open back. Pezzo regrets not having stolen some of the 'wine', and Randy wonders if maybe they're transporting communion wine. Pezzo dismisses this, and the two conclude that somebody must be trying to make a few extra bucks during the festival. They head off down an alleyway, content. Back at the truck, the driver asks his companion if he knows where the local cops are, and his companion warns him to be very careful while transporting his cargo. Even those it is "failed liquor," no other booze is worth as much as this cargo.

Ch002 Thief

Firo is confronted with the murder of the thief.

Elsewhere in the area, Firo is making his way through the streets of Little Italy when he spots Maiza Avaro walking in the distance. Firo greets him and asks if he isn't going to the festival today, but Maiza replies in the negative - he has work obligations. Before they part ways, Maiza advises Firo to not be too careless while enjoying the festival.

Firo decides he'll stop by The Alveare, using the alleys as a shortcut. Turning the corner, he is confronted with a grisly sight: A man is suspended in the air in the alleyway, stakes pierced through his body and stringing him up between the building walls. With horror, Firo realizes that the man is the thief who bumped into him the day before.

Either meanwhile, or perhaps the night before, Donatello confronts Keith Gandor by a building. He asks San Gennaro while the innocent must suffer for the sake of evil, and remarks that New York is incredible for how it teems with villains and scum. No matter how much one kills such criminals, the mafia infest New York like vermin.

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Unanswered Questions Edit

  • Why is Donatello confronting Keith?
  • What is the truck driver doing with the failed immortality elixir?
  • Was it the priest who murdered the thief?

Quotes Edit

"You can kill them and kill them, but there will always be more. They breed like maggots and swarm like ants!! The mafia. Yes, the Mafia...!! They swarm New vermin!!" - Donatello

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