Nicholas Wayne informs the President of the Daily Days and Elean Duga that most people are keeping hush about the Flying Pussyfoot incident, and they begin to suspect that Manfred Beriam's meeting with Huey Laforet has something to do with it. The President commends him for taking action in this matter at the cost of personal safety. Continuing on, Nicholas mentions that Ladd Russo is claiming his killings were in self-defense but is cooperating well-enough with the police; while being interrogated, Ladd discovers that Huey Laforet is getting transferred to Alcatraz. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi Splot's gang has been taken in by Eve Genoard after being introduced by the head cook, having survived the encounter with Graham Specter, and are now employed under her. Sugar Cube then informs that Eve, meanwhile, is going to where Dallas Genoard was buried to fish him out, with Senator Barium watching, only to find it empty; he proceeds to give the President a sugar cube, in the process seeing his face (even though the audience doesn't), to the shock of Nicholas and Elean.

At the train station, Rachel meets with the Barium family. They express their gratitude, although Manfred gives her an envelope of cash to do so, to her frustration. Promptly, she gives it in to the box office without explanation and throws the tickets away. The President then says that Rachel did what she did because her father was ruined after his train crashed. Nicholas is then forced to talk about Claire Stanfield. As shown, when Claire meets with Rachel and Czeslaw Meyer, Czes does not recognize him. After Claire reveals himself, he decides to let both of them go since they did the right thing in the end, but Czes panics and flees to continue spending the day with Ennis. Claire then asks Rachel out for lunch, wanting some advice on how to convince a girl to marry him. When they are there, Rachel struggles to give advice since she isn't normal, but Claire tells her not to worry since Chane is even less normal, and proceeds to "insensitively" eat off of Rachel's plate. After learning about the note left on the train, Rachel notes that the situation seems hopeful enough. Claire isn't so sure, noting her killing methods, and ends up complicating the scenario by doing so. From there, to Rachel's dismay, he notes how he's proposed to numerous girls, been turned down, and moved on to the next, but he can't get her specifically out of her head. He then realizes that she has to be sincere due to the promise about Huey. Rachel asks if he knows where she is, and Claire confirms it. In a flashback, it is revealed that Nicholas was spying on Eve and Elean when they were going to the Gandor Family's headquarters, but while trying to listen from the door, he was pinned down by Claire. Claire proceeded to threaten to scrape Nicholas onto the rail tracks of a New York subway the same way he killed Dune unless he told him when Chane is. Rachel, shocked at this revelation, suggests he get her a present, which is the dress.

Claire witnesses Chane's kidnapping, and after talking "to" a kid with a lollipop, decides to rescue her. Going back to when Graham throws his wrench at Claire, Claire catches it and throws it back at him. From there Graham tries to hit Claire with the wrench by swinging it, but Claire easily dodges it every time. Eventually, Graham concedes that he can't defeat Claire, but promises Ladd will before departing, even letting Jacuzzi have the warehouse if he wants. Nice Holystone, meanwhile, still wonders who Claire is, but Jacuzzi decides it should be fine, since Chane actually looks happy while with him. Claire suggests to Chane that they can start off as friends if she wants, and Chane nods in response.

At the Martillo residence, the domino effect finally takes place, with Firo Prochainezo being the most excited. As everyone cheers at the success, Sylvie Lumiere leaves, with Maiza Avaro noticing. As Sylvie leaves, she walks past Elmer C. Albatross, who greets her and learns she drank the elixir several years after 1711. Sylvie confesses that, when she initially came, it was because she heard Firo killed Szilard Quates and she wanted to kill Firo so she could obtain Gretto Avaro's knowledge and become one with him. However, when she saw Firo smiling, it reminded her of him, and she decided his memories were better off with Firo. Later, Elmer runs into Ronnie Schiatto and thanks him for fulfilling the wish he made after getting thrown off the Advenna Avis, revealing Ronnie was the demon that gave everyone immortality. It is revealed that the wish was for Maiza and Ronnie to smile again. After doing so, he departs.

Meanwhile, while in their priest and nun attire, Isaac and Miria take a sack of money with them. They proceed to scatter the money everywhere, sending the people around them and the police into a road rage fury. Eventually they decide to go to California to get the gold they are searching for before the Flying Pussyfoot incident, bidding everyone a Merry Christmas

As Elmer leaves, he ends up passing by Carol and Gustav St. Germain. Carol asks Gustav what the beginning and end of the story are in his opinion. However, he says that such ideas are dogmatic ones. Stories neither begin nor end - they are merely events that occur in the characters' lives, and a never-ending cycle of them interacting with each other, meaning they don't need either. The Vice President continues to say that stories are enjoyable and appealing for that same reason, and they are stories can be enjoyed because of all the imaginable possibilities. At the same time, they encounter the white mouse that Barnes used the elixir on, and watch it get squashed by a car and reassemble, allowing them to imagine what possibilities the mouse has been on. The mouse then scurries down the street, ready for more adventure...

Adapted FromEdit

Light Novel 1931: Another Junk Railroad - Special Express Episode


  • To Claire's chance encounter outside the Alveare with Rachel and Czes
  • To the information Nicholas sold the Runorata family regarding Eve Genoard
  • To Claire's arrival at Graham's warehouse



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