In 1932, Isaac and Miria are lining up dominoes to create a gigantic chain reaction, when Firo Prochainezo, with Maiza Avaro behind him, asking why they would be lining them up if they're just going to knock them over anyways. Maiza explains that people do this when they don't know the rules, and Firo soon discovers that practically everyone there (even Ennis) are also lining up the dominoes for a chain reaction that Maiza himself designed. When finished, Isaac and Miria prepare to set the dominoes off, but a curious Firo accidentally sets them off in the wrong place, much to the couple's horror. In an abandoned warehouse near the Statue of Liberty, a man named Graham Specter meets with some men while juggling a wrench and prepares to tell them his story. It is revealed he is depressed over his boss, Ladd Russo, who has been arrested, and questions who could possibly do that.

In 1929, Ladd's uncle gives him a job to talk some sense into one of their clients, Zachariah, but Ladd takes this as saying that he can go there and kill anyone he pleases. When he arrives at his location, he proceeds to kill two men with a sawed-off shotgun and begins interrogating a third, who claims he has nothing to do with it. As he begins taunting that the man should enjoy being killed by him, he fires a stray shot at a car light, but the bullet is caught with a wrench by Graham. Ladd asks who he is, and Graham assumes that means he is concerned about him. He then proceeds to complain that he was planning to dismantle a car Ladd damaged, even banging his head on it in frustration, then begins whacking the wrench into the ground, causing it to uproot on itself. Calling him a thief, Ladd faces off with Graham, and when Graham charges at him, Ladd grabs his arm and prevents the wrench from rupturing his abdomen despite puncturing it. He then throws Graham into the rubble; however, he decides to spare Graham, noting that Graham was merely being suicidal. He then kills the third guy, and Graham laughs with him about it. In the present, Graham finishes his story by saying they were eventually going to celebrate, but to Graham's despair the Flying Pussyfoot incident happened. He then begins swinging his wrench around as the others stare blankly at him.

When Isaac, Miria, and Czeslaw Meyer arrive in New York, Elmer C. Albatross is shown watching the scene and then departing. He then goes to visit Huey Laforet in prison, having bribed his way into there. He then says all he wants is for Huey to smile for him, which he reluctantly does. Huey then asks if Elmer would like to meet Chane Laforet, and tells her to find her because when he does, he won't be sure how to smile again.

In 1922, Huey and Chane are walking in a meadow and Huey asks if Chane would do anything for him, to which she says yes. Huey then offers to give some of his knowledge to Chane, but can never tell anyone else about it and must memorize it in her head. He also promises to give her anything she wants if she asks. To his surprise, Chane asks for Huey to remove her ability to speak in order to protect his secret, but complies due to her loyalty and the simplicity of the task. In the present, Huey explains that it is a mere experiment that her voice was removed, and wonders what could possibly make Chane smile. Elmer responds by saying that happiness can come as suddenly as unhappiness, so Chane will never escape either. At the same time, Chane learns of Huey being transported to a different prison in the newspaper.

Graham, still swinging his wrench violently, dismantles a car into perfect pieces without it falling on the ground. After self-admiring his work, he stands on a barrel, declares life magnificent, and asks anyone else for a story. One guy mentions that another gang arrived in New York shortly after they did and are occupying a rich section of town. Figuring a burglary is going on, Graham gives the men plans, but the guy says they're actually hiding in one of the houses - the Genoard mansion - under Eve Genoard's protection, and that the gang is actually Jacuzzi Splot's gang. The guy suggests teaming up with Jacuzzi's gang to rob Eve, but Graham slams him in the gut with the wrench, causing him to go mute. Graham complains that that plan will result in him not breaking anything, and asks for clarification; when the guy can't respond, Graham prepares to bludgeon the guy to death. However, he merely slams it into the ground while the guy passes out from the pain. After finding a wanted poster from the Russos of Jacuzzi, he proceeds to tell the others a tale of "love and peace"; they will kidnap Eve to lure out Jacuzzi, capture him, get the bounty from the Russos, and then use it to bail Ladd out of prison.

At the Daily Days, Rachel finishes her report when the President tells her that, if she wants to learn more about Czes, she can go to a coffee shop known as Little Italy without any need to report it. When Rachel gets there, she is horrified to see Czes with Ennis walking along. Recognizing her, Czes decides to go with Rachel, without revealing his true name. He takes her to an alleyway and, after revealing his immortality, asks why she came. Rachel tells the truth, and Czes, seeing no reason to hide anything, says his actual name and prepares to tell the entire truth.

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Light Novel 1931: Another Junk Railroad - Special Express Episode



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