In 1931, on the Flying Pussyfoot, Ladd Russo is sprawled on the ground, bleeding profusely and having his left arm torn off, but Lua Klein is almost completely unharmed. Unsure of whether or not he's dead, and admiring both fighters on the roof, Claire Stanfield asks Chane Laforet what he should do next. He then begins interrogating her about Huey Laforet, discovering that he's her father and that, since he's her only family, she'll do anything to protect him. She suddenly sees an illusion of Huey behind Claire, and draws her knife, causing Claire to think that Chane thinks he is trying to steal Huey's immortality. However, Claire instead proposes to her, saying she can marry him in exchange for protection of Huey, as he will never betray her or die. Before a baffled Chane can respond, Nick begins shooting at Claire. Claire instructs Chane to carve her answer onto the roof of the train car and then jump off a safe bridge before rushing to face Nick. Nice Holystone and Nick then begin shoving baggage of the train car, unaware of Chane jumping off the train, and begin musing about Jacuzzi Splot. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi, with the last bit of strength, charges directly at the Lemure; the Lemure tries to flay Jacuzzi, but discovers that his flamethrower is damaged from being knocked off balance, and is promptly headbutted. In a flashback to several years earlier, Nice has been critically injured by burns, and as her scars recover, Jacuzzi gets his tattoo. He then tells her that, from that point on, he will only cry when he feels like it to get it out of the way. He proceeds to beat the Lemure, but the man makes a fist loaded with a gun that fires upon connecting a punch, shooting Jacuzzi in the stomach. As Nice goes to help, a bunch of blood suddenly floods all around them and begins collecting at the back of the car.

In 1930, Szilard Quates prepares to devour Maiza Avaro while Ennis prepares to kill Isaac and Miria. However, having finally had a change of heart, Ennis instead bids the confused couple goodbye, rushes away, and stabs Szilard in the back. This gives him the incentive to kill her, but he decides to do it slowly, and simply knocks her on the ground into critical condition. Before he can finish her off, Isaac and Miria began throwing balls of flour to try and defend Ennis. Before Szilard can deal with all of them, Firo Prochainezo, Luck Gandor, Berga Gandor, Keith Gandor, and the rest of the Martillo family all appear, and it is revealed that the elixir Isaac and Miria got their hands on was also the liquor used at Firo's party, meaning that all of them are now immortal. As the two guys that ruined Barnes before, who are revealed to be Martillo members, set Szilard's head on fire, Ennis gives Firo instructions to devour Szilard, and after bisecting Szilard's arm, he begins doing so.

On the Flying Pussyfoot, terrified, the Lemure begins firing the blood with the flamethrower, giving Jacuzzi the fire needed to light the bomb. As Isaac and Miria wake up Czeslaw Meyer, who questions why they won't devour him and is revealed to be where all the blood is coming from, the bomb explodes, and Jacuzzi, despite getting a knife in the arm, manages to push the Lemure off to his death, while Nick jumps off the train into a river. Nice helps him back up, and as they hug each other, Claire appears before them, and Jacuzzi prepares to fight him. However, Claire wags his finger at them before jumping off the train, leaving Donny to reunite with them. After Czes' blood returns to him, he tries to devour Isaac, but Isaac grabs his hand and the two passionately proclaim how happy they are that he is alive. They decipher that the Rail Tracer didn't eat him because he is a good boy, but Czes says he is not because he lied about having a family. This only makes the two say that he is even more good, because he only lied so they wouldn't feel sorry for him. They decide to take Czes in and then reunite with Jacuzzi's gang, causing Czes to become emotional.

After devouring Szilard, leaving only his flaming clothes behind, Firo cradles Ennis in his arms. Feeling she will die at any moment, Ennis asks Firo to again bid Isaac and Miria goodbye, but having obtained all of Szilard's powers and knowledge via devouring him, Firo instead heals her. The two then introduce themselves, but after doing so, Ennis becomes confused since Firo should already know her name. Firo shrugs, saying he just wanted to hear her say her name. After an awkward silence and blushing, the two fire men began ooo-ing at Firo and Ennis's "love", followed by Isaac and Miria, while Maiza looks on with a smile.

In 1932, Luck relates the story of what happened to Dallas Genoard. It is shown that, after waking up from getting hit by the car, Dallas and his gang were tied up and placed in individual barrels by the Gandors, and it is shown that, since they are imperfect immortals, they will eventually die of old age. With this in mind, the Gandors prepare to cement all three of them into the barrels and place them at the bottom of the Hudson River as punishment for their murders, even giving him cards to ease his boredom. The Runorota get permission to retrieve the gang, but Luck would prefer that Eve Genoard have the final say. Reassured that she can visit Dallas, Eve gives them permission, but Elean suggests against by saying that those men killed her parents. They confirm it, but that it was the actions of the man Luck knocked out; to show their trust, the don shoots the man dead. Eve then leaves with the Runorota, determined to make Dallas believe in miracles.

The scene goes back to where Isaac and Miria reunite with Firo, Ennis, and Maiza. They take an embarrassed Czes and present him as Ennis' new adoptive younger brother, and Ennis, though surprised, decides to go along with it. Maiza then approaches Czes, and it is revealed that Czes was coming to New York in order to devour Maiza. He becomes teary, believing Maiza will devour him on the spot, but instead Maiza begins patting him on the head. It is shown that, after Szilard's death, Maiza grieves over all of them being immortal, but Firo and the others decide that they don't mind it. They then continue their party, and Firo and Ennis beginning their romance, with Luck figuring that everything will work out. On the Flying Pussyfoot, Claire is shown to have found Chane's response, saying that she will wait for him forever in Manhattan; though he has some doubts, he complies and jumps off the train.

The year is now 2001. Isaac and Miria steal some cellphones, believing electronics to be harmful to normal communication (and thus destroying families), but end up dropping them for people to find without knowing. Isaac then gets a feeling that neither of them have aged. Finally discovering their immortality, they begin to question their own lives, their shouts echoing across the globe.

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