In 1932, the President asks Rachel how she injured her leg. Rachel explains that, although it isn't in her job description, she decided to take matters into her own hands, busting through a window with her legs and in the same motion knocking out the Lemure guarding Mrs. Beriam and her daughter. She gives them instructions to escape to a safe car, and then stumbles upon where Nice Holystone and Nick are being held. As the Lemure guarding them leave to find the Beriams, she climbs into the window and frees both of them as well. Just as she does, another Lemure comes in. Nice and Nick flee while Rachel scurries up top, but not before the man shoots her in the leg. Nice and Nick then leave a bomb, blowing up the Lemure. Fearing for Nice's safety (and his own), Jacuzzi Splot decides to investigate. Rachel, saying she just liked trains because of her father (a train engineer), concludes that there is only one more thing to report, and looks at a scar on her hand.

In 1930, Dallas Genoard says he is there to gun down Firo Prochainezo as revenge for beating them up earlier and glory over being half-immortal, but Luck Gandor appears behind him and points another gun at his head, with Keith Gandor and Berga Gandor apprehending the others. Dallas tries to make up a story that Firo took the Gandors' guns, but Luck easily sees through it and the Gandors shoot all three of them. As Firo prepares to help Maiza Avaro, Ennis instructs the Gandors to tie Dallas and his gang up. At that moment, the three reveal their immortality. As Szilard Quates tries to get Maiza to reveal where the elixir is, he hears gunshots. Maiza tries to escape, and when Szilard tries to follow, he is hit by a car.

Atop the Flying Pussyfoot, Claire Stanfield explains that, since the world simply came to him and will go away when he dies, it's his world to use. Below on the bottom of a car, Czeslaw Meyer is tied up, wondering if this is his punishment. In a flashback, it is revealed that Fermet, after gauging Czes' eyes out, was devoured by a vengeful Czes; because he once trusted him, he can no longer trust anyone again. At that moment, Isaac and Miria discover Czes. Isaac climbs onto the car to rescue Czes, in the process cutting his arm and revealing to Czes that he is, in fact, the immortal. Isaac tries to pick up Czes, but thinking he will get devoured, Czes resists and all three of them fall off the train.

Ladd questions why someone as arrogant as Claire would be here, and Claire responds that he is doing this for vengeance for Tony. Realizing he killed Dune, Ladd tries to attack him again, but Claire jumps over him and shoots his ear, causing Ladd to declare he'll kill Claire and rid him of his own world. Claire then asks what Lua Klein is to Ladd, and revealing that Lua is climbing on top, declares he will throw them both off. Nice and Nick are revealed to be throwing more bombs. Just as they finish, a Lemure jumps in and tries to kill them, only to flee into a bathroom when Jacuzzi begins firing at him. He muses inside that he is being challenged to reach Huey Laforet's heights.

In 1930, Dallas and his gang are revealed to have gunned down the Gandors, Firo, and Ennis. They flee into an alley to avoid Ennis, but discover a car being driven by Isaac and Miria, who are trying to flee themselves along the bumpy road. Subsequently, they intentionally run over Dallas and his gang, but unintentionally hit Szilard, who falls on the hood. They then back up and smash Dallas in the face.

Ladd tries to get Lua inside, but Lua finally pleads of him to stop the violence. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Claire captures her, hooks a rope onto a hook along the rails, and ties the other end along Lua's neck as a noose. He then tells Ladd to throw himself off the train with Lua or Lua will die. At the last second, Ladd grabs onto Lua's noose and jumps forward off the train with her, his arm becoming entangled in the rope. After a "tender" moment for the two, they smash into a water tower. Jacuzzi gives the gang instructions, and Nice gives him a small bomb hidden in her empty eye socket. He then goes onto the roof, where the Lemure from before uses a flamethrower on him. Out of bullets, he tries to think of something to light Nice's bomb. Rachel also throws a rope for Isaac, Miria, and Czes, but due to her injury she lets go, only for Claire to save them. The other Lemure try to move past the dining car, but all the passengers, having found where the guns are kept, hold them at gunpoint. Claire then gives Donny the rope, and as he tries to put them in, he ends up knocking the Lemure facing Jacuzzi off balance.

In 1930, Ennis regains her senses and witnesses Isaac and Miria's mishap. Furious, Szilard grabs Isaac by the throat, and he and Miria recognize Ennis. Szilard questions how they know her name and are in her car, then gives her a knife to finish the job. As he incapacitated Maiza again, Szilard notes that Ennis is worse than an insect, unaware that she heard him.

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