In 1930, a party is held for Firo Prochainezo's inauguration, with the Gandor and Isaac and Miria in attendance. Firo and Maiza, however, go upstairs and remark on how they met with Isaac and Miria again. Firo then asks how Maiza's knife wound healed so quickly, but Maiza says he isn't ready to hear it yet. Deciding to wait, Firo then sees Ennis running and, recognizing her, goes after her. When she notices him, she tries to attack him, but Firo gives the cufflink back to her, to her surprise.

In 1931, on the Flying Pussyfoot, three of the Lemures come across where Czeslaw Meyer seemingly died and decide to kill both Chane Laforet and Ladd Russo to avoid trouble. Just then, Ladd comes in, kills one (causing another to run away), and asks for information on Chane. At another part of the train, Czes wonders what to do next when Claire Stanfield appears next to him, reveals he knows his actual name, and sits down next to him. He then reveals himself to be the Rail Tracer and takes him on top the train. Claire proceeds to shove Czes's hand downwards so that it is shred to bits, with Rachel sees. As Nice Holystone and Nick are questioned on the Rail Tracer, Chane is confronted by Ladd, who reveals the information he got about the Lemure wanting to kill Chane, and it is hinted they don't know about her being Huey Laforet's daughter but have rumored about his immortality. He then declares that Huey was probably deceiving Chane (when it was the other way around) and that he will find and kill Huey when they depart. Enraged, Chane spars with him more, but is suddenly stopped when Claire appears behind her, speechless.

Back in 1930, Maiza is sitting alone when Szilard Quates suddenly sits down next to him. Maiza's men then arrive and, hearing about the murders Szilard caused, try to shoot him. This causes the patrons on their floor to leave, Firo to notice (only for Ennis to stop him from going in for his safety), and Keith, Berga, and Luck to notice from down below. With Szilard unaffected, he pulls out a tommy gun and begins firing.

On the Flying Pussyfoot, Claire tells Chane not to ruin the caboose, and realizes she is mute. He then casually trudges onwards, deciding to kill the victor of the duel; Ladd tries to kill him, but fails. Claire then reveals that he heard Ladd talking earlier, and after realizing that it is accurate decides to side with Chane. Ladd realizes that he's the monster that's been going around, and becomes pissed at his decision because he won't kill anyone who pisses him off. Claire denies his rebuke, saying that mercy and compassion are traits only the truly strong can possess, and because he possesses them, the world is his.

With Maiza's men gunned down, Firo tries again to go in, but resorts to asking who Ennis and Szilard are, while the Gandors decide to go deal with the situation and Isaac and Miria wonder who it is and what to do. As Szilard claims his only motivation is to learn about the world, he also says that the formula he made prior to Barnes' complete one was an imperfect one formed from Gretto Avaro's knowledge, which allows the drinker to not die yet still age, and Dallas Genoard and his gang are those who have that formula; he has since perfected it with Barnes' help. He then breaks Maiza's arm and tries to take the box, but discovers it empty. Firo learns about Maiza's and Szilard's immortality and questions who Ennis is, discovering that she is a homunculus whose mind is paired with Szilard's and can be killed with just a thought. Firo finds the thought disgusting, since Szilard is only looking out for Ennis while threatening her with death, causing Ennis to have a bit of an epiphany. Just then, Dallas and his gang arrive.

Prior to confronting Ladd, Claire strangles Czes to the point where he smashes his throat in, discovering his immortality in the process. Claire decides that will only make torture easier, but Czes says that he has seen all forms of pain, and is revealed to have been tortured for years by Fermet. But Claire states that he knows all true methods of torture from international travel, and bites off his fingers, deducing that Czes is scared of learning about a new form of pain. He then decides to torture him more, and smashes his hand in. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi Splot and Donny break back into one of the cars and take out two of the Russos.

In 1932, the Runorata have fled (outside of Gustavo, who was knocked unconscious) and Luck apologizes to Eve Genoard for the commotion. Just then, Don Bartello Runorata appears and, realizing the immortality, offers to have the Gandors join the Runorata. Luck declines, knowing that they just want to experiment on them and get Dallas' location. However, he prepares to reveal where he is as Eve listens intently.

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