Newfoundland, 1931. Senator Manfred Beriam goes to visit Huey Laforet in prison, informing him of the Flying Pussyfoot incident, and that the Lemures will save the passengers if he is released. Huey jokes about how Beriam is interested in the matter despite not being interested in his family. As birds fly outside, Huey stands up and says that Beriam's plan will not work since his daughter, Chane Laforet, is on the train and is only loyal to him, and that what is happening on the train is of no concern to him.

On the train itself, Chane leaves the room where Mrs. Beriam and her daughter are being held. She gets up onto the roof and takes out her knife. Meanwhile, Czeslaw Meyer continues to ask Ladd Russo to kill all the passengers in the dining car in exchange for $20000. Ladd is skeptical of what he is saying, so Czes continues by saying that he is working with a crime family in New York, saying they trust him and will trust Ladd if he does the job; if he doesn't, there are numerous explosives ready to take down the train. He plans to have other explosives create a diversion (causing the train to stop) for Ladd to do the job, and from there collect the other explosives and one of the bodies before framing the crime on the Lemure. Ladd considers it, but after realizing the Czes isn't scared of him, shoots him.

In 1932, the Runorata gang discovers that Eve Genoard has escaped. She runs down the street when Elean Duga takes her into a car, saying he is going to rescue her, and reveals that he discovered that the Gandors did something to Dallas. She then asks for him to take her to them.

In 1930, Isaac and Miria wonder about Ennis. Miria then asks what they are going to be doing afterwards, and Isaac says they will steal from a small mafia family in the belief they will do good while also staying out of trouble - the Martillo and Gandor fit that description, so they decide to rob the former. While doing so, they see Dallas and his gang taking the box of elixir with them, and assume they are carrying either money or drugs. Deciding to take the box before the money gets lost, Isaac jumps out in front of them while wearing a samurai mask and cloak. Thinking he is a dunce, Dallas and his gang try to avoid him but Miria throws a powdery substance at them, allowing them to take the box. Ennis, who was going to pick Dallas up, notices and starts following them.

In 1931, Ladd leaves Czes' body in the room and Czes re-assembles himself and reveals he is looking for the immortal in the fear he will get devoured. With no other choice he can think of, he decides to do the devouring himself, unaware that Claire Stanfield saw him.

Elean takes Eve to the Gandors, where they meet Nicholas, Luck, Keith, and Berga. To Elean's dismay, Eve asks Luck about Dallas' whereabouts. Just as Luck is about to, the Runorota's begin firing upon them.

On the train, after Jacuzzi kisses Nice and departs with Donny, Nice and Nick head on their way, with Nice dismayed since that was their first kiss after ten years of dating, to Nick's surprise. As they are about to get onto the roof, they, along with Ladd, see Chane on the car ahead of them, staring blankly. It is then revealed that she can speak telepathically with her father, Huey, whom she tells that she is planning to save everyone on the train, having deduced that the enemy plans to get immortality. It is also shown she gave up her ability to speak in order to have this power, and is willing to protect Huey for the rest of her life since he is the only one who loves despite the fact she will grow older than him. Ladd gets on a car himself and runs towards Chane to kill her. When he gets to her, he tries to shoot her point blank, but she cuts his gun in half and proceeds to spar with him, to Ladd's "embarrassment". He then gets hit by a signal light and swings over to another car, with Chane following. While watching the whole thing, Nice and Nick are confronted by a Lemure.

The Runorata infiltrate the Gandor's hideout, but discover the three brothers casually playing cards. One of them angrily questions them, and to protect them, Eve reveals herself. Satisfied, the Runorata guns down the Gandors, but they reveal their immortality to them and knock him out.

Isaac and Miria open the box and discover the elixir, but mistake it for liquor. They prepare to rob the Martillo, taking the elixir with them, while Ennis watches them. Dressing up as a priest and nun, they talk to the receptionist, who mistakes them for customers at a luxurious yet clearly illegal restaurant and lets them in. Ennis follows them and watches them stumble around the restaurant. They come to a floorboard with several holes in it, and while investigating it, Firo's ceremonial pistol is fired, shooting off Isaac's hat but in no way killing him. Firo and Maiza come up and recognize them, but they also mistake them for an actual priest and nun.

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