The police and FBI are pursuing the suspects of serial robberies in several states. The robbers in the picture are dressed outlandishly and are obviously Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent. Someone asks why the they haven’t arrested the robbers. Bill Sullivan from the FBI explains that the pictures were taken by citizens intrigued by the robber’s curious costumes but didn’t know the pair were robbery suspects until after they had taken the pictures. Before, their crimes had been petty offenses like stealing clocks, chocolates, candies, and a museum door. Recently, however, they stole the assets of New Jersey’s millionaire family, the Genoards.

In 1931, on the Flying Pussyfoot, Isaac is worried realizes they forgot to buy an expensive souvenier for Ennis, which worries Miria as well. Jacuzzi Splot, Nice Holystone, and their gang watch a shadow scale the side of the train and believe it is the Rail Tracer. Jacuzzi suggests he, Nice, and Nick climb up the train and for Donny to wait at the next coupling. He also tells him to watch out for the men in black suits. Nick comments that Jacuzzi is  serious, and Nice says it’s the first time since eight of their friends were killed by the Russo family. Nick thinks that though Jacuzzi was crying then, he was amazing and wonders how far Jacuzzi will go this time.

In 1932, Eve Genoard is taken to Gustavo’s dwelling. Gustavo introduces himself to the girl and tells her they won’t kill her, and that Eve's grandfather, father, and brother were on familiar terms with his boss. Eve asks why Gustavo kidnapped her and is told Gustavo has business with her brother, Dallas Genoard. Dallas’s whereabouts, however, are unknown, so Gustavo hopes he can draw Dallas out by taking Eve hostage. He asks if Eve is scared, but sees the determination in her eye and realizes she is tough. Gustavo claims Dallas blackmailed him by saying that he killed their father and brother, but won't answer Eve when she asks if it's true. However, he tells her that if her father and brother were as tough as her, they would have lived a little longer. Eve begins to pray.

In 1930, Eve is crying about Dallas. She hears two voices outside, discussing why Eve is crying. They think she must be in love. Eve goes to her balcony to check it out, sees Isaac and Miria in Native American outfits, and begins laughing. Isaac requests to hear her love story so they can give her advice.

In 1931, Nice reports to Jacuzzi that she saw two men carrying machine guns but couldn't find Isaac, Miria, Czeslaw Meyer, and Mary and Natalie Beriam. She says they must have been taken somewhere. Jacuzzi tells her they have to look for them, shocking Nice. He instructs her and Nick to go over the roof to the other side of the dining car while he goes with Donny. He then gives Nice a kiss.

In 1930, Isaac and Miria learn from Eve that she’s crying over her brother, who is nice to her but has been acting rough lately. He doesn’t come home often, too, because they are rich and see things they would rather not. Miria suggests to Eve to stop being rich, and then she and Isaac excuse themselves.

In 1931, as Isaac and Miria check around the train, they see the conductor's compartment in a bloody mess of dead people. Isaac wonders if it’s the Rail Tracer. He and Miria decide that since Jacuzzi's body isn’t there, he must have been swallowed whole by the monster and is currently alive. The two begin to cry over the loss of their friend when they hear Jacuzzi's voice. He and Donny run toward them, but Donny slips and falls into the robber couple. Jacuzzi advises them to go to the luggage room. The Rail Tracer arrives after they leave.

In the luggage room, Isaac tells Jacuzzi his version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a part of Chinese history where the country was divided in three and the rulers fought against each other. Isaac then explains that Jacuzzi must become Yoshitsune, a Japanese general in the late Heian and early Kamakura period (completely unrelated to the Romance of the Thee Kingdoms). Jacuzzi wonders if he can become such a strong person and Isaac and Miria tell him he can. Jacuzzi says he wanted to save all the passengers and stop the black-suited and white-suited men but he’s not extraordinary. He killed three people the other day, despite Donny's assurance that it wasn't Jacuzzi's fault. Jacuzzi explains that eight of their friends were killed by the Russo family so he robbed eighteen of their speakeasies in a single day for revenge. But in the end, they had to kill more people. Isaac encourages Jacuzzi by saying even Yoshitsune killed a lot of people, but that he and Jacuzzi are still great guys. Jacuzzi smiles.

In 1930, Isaac and Miria stole the Genoard family fortune. They tell Eve it’s to rid their house of misfortune and tell her to be happy.  After they leave, Eve laughs.

Isaac and Miria tell Jacuzzi they’re going to find the Rail Tracer. They’ll tell it to leave the train and go home. Jacuzzi asks what if it doesn’t listen. The two say they will take care of it. Jacuzzi asks what if it doesn’t work. The two then reply that they will flee and hide. Donny says the monster is strong, they might get killed. Isaac and Miria wouldn’t listen. They leave.

After Isaac and Miria helped carry Dallas and his companions to Ennis’ car, the two ask her where she is taking them. Ennis says to the police. Isaac and Miria think they might get caught. They say they are doing something to atone for their sins. Ennis tells them she is afraid to face her own sins. Isaac and Miria then thank her for saving them. They encourage her. Ennis is a little surprised.

The two then introduce themselves. Ennis introduces herself to them too. Ennis cries as she gets into the car. Outside, Isaac and Miria wave their goodbyes.

Eve remembers a time when Dallas went home after a long time. It was the morning after their fortune was taken by Isaac and Miria. Dallas’ behavior changes. He says he only came to ask for some allowance. He slams the door then leaves.

The people guarding Eve have fallen asleep and she leaves. One of Gustavo’s henchmen notices her but he doesn’t do anything.

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