Nicholas Wayne and Elean are in the director’s office of the Daily Days. The director is not pleased with how Nicholas appeased Gustavo by telling him of Eve despite Nicholas's life being threatened. Elean tells Nicholas that it’s no reason to say things that would put Eve in danger. The director tells Nicholas to take responsibility for his actions. Nicholas leaves the office and meets a Chinese employee outside. The Chinese man reports of no movement yet, but will tell Nicholas if he learns anything. If Gustavo and the Gandors get into a dispute over Dallas, there should be some information leak. Elean is eavesdropping nearby.

In 1931, on the Flying Pussyfoot, a black suit assigned to find the woman in work clothes (named Spike) asks his companions for help through a hand-held radio. He tells them he is in the luggage room and that the others disappeared and requests reinforcements. Gunfire is suddenly heard. The woman in fatigues who climbed out the window is hiding underneath the train. She sees a figure go inside and pull out a man onto the tracks. It whispers something to the woman, who screams and runs away.

In 1930, the men who harassed Barnes and whom Firo fought are asking for Luck Gandor's help for revenge. Luck asks why he should help, and the thug replies that Firo is an outsider to Luck's Family and as such shouldn't do anything on their turf. Luck will not help because the men are not Gandor Family, so the thug leader promises to join his organization in exchange for their assistance. Luck asks the men’s leader, Dallas Genoard, if he ever thought of why they never asked him to join them. He tells Dallas they might have thought the Family feared him because they didn’t interfere with his outrageous behavior, but the real reason is that they didn’t even see the slightest use for him. Luck says that thanks to Dallas’ group of robbers, the police are too busy dealing with them. Dallas claims Luck doesn’t know anything about them. Luck tells him that he does know that Dallas was done in by a man much younger than him, when Berga Gandor arrives and throws Dallas and his group out. However, Dallas left the wooden box with the bottles in the Gandor’s place. Berga and Luck set it aside.

In 1931, Czeslaw Meyer leads the Mary Beriam out of the dining car and hides her in a broom closet. He says he will take a look at how things are at present and that he will come back. Now that his tagalong is gone, he can focus on finding the immortal.

Jacuzzi Splot, Nice Holystone, and Donny go to a freight hold where they think Nick is kept and discover that Nick is indeed there. Earlier, Lua Klein and one of Ladd Russo’s men were also kept inside, but were found by Ladd. Nick asked Ladd to untie him but Ladd declared there would be nothing in it for him. Nick relates what happened to Jacuzzi and the rest, who notice blood flowing out of a door.

Inside the broom closet, Mary is scared. She knocks a broom down and one of Ladd’s men who is in the hallway hears the sound. Mary tries not to make a sound but the man in the hallway opens the door and finds her. He tells her not to scream. He says, unlike Ladd, he likes to hurt people weaker than him, but suddenly collapses. Mary sees the the girl in the black dress, Chane Laforet, standing and holding a bloody knife.

Jacuzzi and his group find themselves in the hallway with Ladd and his men. Ladd asks Jacuzzi if the man kept in the room earlier is with him. Jacuzzi asks him how he knew his name. Ladd introduces himself and tells Jacuzzi that he should already know why he knows him, then inquires what he is doing in the train. He says he’s going to take control of the train and that he will kill half of the passengers but depending on the circumstances, he might kill everyone. Jacuzzi clenches his fist, trembling. Ladd tells Jacuzzi and the others that if they don’t want to be killed, they should jump off the train. Jacuzzi asks Ladd if he killed the conductors, but Ladd didn't know the conductors had been killed and goes to check it out. Ladd warns Jacuzzi that he wasn't responsible for what happened in the room oozing blood. Nick asks Jacuzzi if he’s just going to let Ladd go that easily. Jacuzzi says there’s someone else they have to beat first and enters the bloody room.

In 1930, Isaac and Miria are furious after almost being hit by Ennis’ car.

Dallas and his men are in an alley. His men ask him what they will do, now that the Gandor’s don’t want to deal with them. Dallas tells them to shut up. He says one day he will kill Firo and the Gandors. His men tell him that even so, Dallas’ family is still rich, they might give him some money to play around. Dallas says that his family said they donated all of their previous month’s assets to robbers. One of his men says Dallas must still have enough to eat. He also comments that he heard Dallas has a cute sister, angering Dallas. He tells the guy to stay away from his sister.

Isaac and Miria are playing with their masks. They reminisce their stealing adventures. In the beginning, they were thieves of time and stole clocks. Then they tried to steal an entire museum but they only managed to steal the door which was pretty heavy. After reflecting on their actions, they decided to do good deeds and stole the inheritances of very rich people so that there would be no fighting over the inheritance. Isaac then suggest to Miria that for their final job, they will do another good deed. Isaac says that they are going to take the mafia’s black money, for example. Miria agrees. Dallas passes by, bumping Miria. Isaac and Miria tell him to watch where he’s going, angering Dallas.

Gustavo and his men went to Eve’s mansion and staked out. One of Gustavo's men makes a phone call claiming to be from the newspaper company with information regarding Dallas. Unknown to them, the Chinese guy from Daily Day’s is observing. Eve’s servant who received the call tells Eve about it and suggests they go to the newspaper company’s office. Gustavo and his men are waiting outside. When Eve exits the house, they nab her.

In 1931, Jacuzzi and the others are horrified at what they see in the room. There is an unnatural amount of blood on the ceiling. Nick notices a shadow outside on the cars, and Jacuzzi thinks it might be the Rail Tracer.

Ennis passes by the alley where Isaac, Miria, Dallas, and his men, are. She sees Miria being held at gunpoint. Ennis goes inside the alley. Dallas is beating Isaac up. Ennis seem to recognize them as the one who took the bottles from Barnes (based on his memory which Quates showed her). She approaches the guy who is holding Miria and delivers a swift kick. Without effort, Ennis punches a guy and hits another. They fall. Only Dallas is left. Dallas tells her that he’ll let Isaac and Miria go. He asks Ennis to let him go off the hook. Ennis tells him she has business with him. Ennis punches him in the stomach. Dallas falls.

Isaac and Miria come to Ennis. Isaac says he’s amazed he handled all of them by herself. Isaac and Miria thank her for saving complete strangers like themselves. Ennis remembers them as the couple she almost hit before with her car. She smiles. Isaac and Miria tell her to ask them anything in return. She asks them if they can help her carry the four men to her car.

The Chinese guy whom Nicholas sent to watch outside Eve’s house reports that Eve has been kidnapped by Gustavo. The Daily Days director has heard of it as well. Elean is mad at Nicholas. He asks him what he is planning. Nicholas says he doesn’t think Gustavo will hurt Eve yet. The director tells them to calm down. He says he is worried that the rivalry between the Gandors and the Runoratas is getting out of control because of them. He asks if Nicholas has taken that into consideration. Nicholas replies that he has a fool-proof measure to prevent what the director feared from happening. Nicholas leaves the director’s office.

Elean tells the director that Nicholas looks like he’s scheming something. The director says he is aware of that. Nicholas must be trying to make a way for the Gandors and the Runoratas to clash head on. He must be hoping interesting things would happen. Elean asks the director if he is just going to let Nicholas do his thing. The director replies that even though it’s something top secret, there is still a lot unknown about Dallas and they might learn something from the events. The director says that there will be some sparks between the two families. He says the legendary assassin, Vino, a.k.a. Claire Stanfield is headed for New York. Vino seems to be invited by Luck Gandor and is currently on board the Flying Pussyfoot.

Ennis has taken Dallas and his men to Quates. Quates says he doesn’t think he’ll gain much knowledge from “eating” him. He tells Ennis to prepare something. Ennis takes a syringe and injects some liquid into Dallas.

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  • Who is Claire Stanfield, a.k.a Vino?


  • "Thank you! F--- you! A villain has arrived!" - Ladd Russo.
  • "Why? Is there anything in it for us? If you were a woman, I could expect a kiss or so, but you're a guy! On the contrary, you could just die there. I mean, just die. It is your destiny to die here!" - Ladd Russo

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