In 1931, in a dark alley, Jacuzzi Splot is surrounded by gangsters with guns. Frightened, Jacuzzi tells the men that they can settle things in a peaceful manner. He asks the men that they lower their guns. He tells them that he doesn’t have money with him. Eventually, Jacuzzi cries. The men are surprised and wonder if he really is the one in the wanted poster. There’s no doubt about it but they think Jacuzzi is too pathetic. A man tells Jacuzzi to stop crying. He says he isn’t crying but he cries some more. The man grabs Jacuzzi by the collar and orders him to tell his name otherwise they will put a hole in his head. Jacuzzi complies.

In the Flying Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi discovers that the conductors have been killed. He thinks the Rail Tracer has caught up with the train. Nice Holystone and Donny come and could not believe the sight they saw. Jacuzzi tells Nice he’s relieved to see them. Nice tells him that she and Donny managed to come but Nick was caught by the people in black suits. She says that the members of the orchestra they saw before boarding seem to be train robbers, and that that they will definitely go and save Nick later. She then asks Jacuzzi what happened in the conductor’s room. He replies that the Rail Tracer has arrived.

Suddenly, gunfire is heard. Paranoid, Jacuzzi asks where’s it coming from. He says that they must escape quickly but he then tells Nice that if they run away, everyone will disappear. He tells Nice that they will drive off the men in black suits and the Rail Tracer.


Ennis questioning Szilard's motives

Earlier, the man who grabbed Jacuzzi says that he did not expect the boss of the delinquents who caused so many problems for the Russo family would be such a coward. He hits Jacuzzi in the head with his gun. He then says that he was hoping he’d be a bad ass character. He kicks Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi tries to say that the one who started it, the ones who killed eight of his friends, were them. The man says it was only natural. Jacuzzi tells him that it’s the reason why they decided to radically oppose the Russo family. The man points his gun at Jacuzzi. A train passes by.

Jacuzzi tells the men to lower their guns as he doesn’t want to kill them. The men say he’s the one who will be killed. Jacuzzi calls out to Donny to wait a little longer. The man tries to shoot but Donny arrives and crushes the man’s hands. Nice and more people come. The gangsters fall. Quickly, Jacuzzi and the others leave the scene as the fireworks that Nice threw on one of the gangsters exploded.

In 1930, as ordered by Szilard Quates, Ennis finds Barnes dead. However, he comes back to life, recongizes Ennis, and loses consciousness. When Barnes awakens, he finds himself in a room with Ennis, Quates and some other men. Quates asks Ennis why she didn’t kill him. She replies that she thought it wouldn’t be too late to kill him after he tells them what happened. Quates tells her not to think as she is only a homunculus he created. She should be able to kill others without hesitation.

Quates then addresses the men in the room. He asks why Barnes caused the fire and what did he do with the completed medicine. He asks if they should give him, the person who lost the medicine that was supposed to take the fear of aging away, a chance to explain. Quates says he doesn’t want to but they have to know what happened to the finished product. He says there is a method, which the other men know. He will use Barnes’s memories, knowledge, experience and life. Barnes tries to beg but Quates puts his hand on Barnes face and absorbs him.

Quates then says that Barnes managed to save two bottles of the medicine from the fire but it seems that the bottles were taken from him. Quates says that he knows the faces of those who took it. He calls Ennis and tells her that there was someone who was looking for her. He touches Ennis’ forehead and shows her Barnes’ memory of Firo Prochainezo. Barnes then instructs Ennis for the four guys that took the medicine from Barnes. Ennis goes.

Gustavo is calling Baltro Runorata saying that he’s searched everything. Baltro tells him that if he can’t find Dallas Genoard, then his life will be considered forfeit. Gustavo says that he will bring him without fail. The mafia boss hangs up. Gustavo reprimands his men. They were the ones who went to Daily Days for information regarding Dallas. They say the newspaper company only had ambiguous information and that the information must be bought. Gustavo says he’ll go there himself. The newspaper company must have looked down on them because they are only his lackeys.

Baltro Runorata and another man are talking about someone being incompetent, a disposable underling. One of them says that the matter must be kept silent. He then asks how a lowly juvenile delinquent obtained immortal flesh. The other one says that person must have gotten hold of some incomplete product. He is invulnerable to wounds but not against aging. The Runorata boss asks if the person they are talking about is immortal. The person he is talking to says that what they are aiming for is complex, mysterious and questionable but if they can obtain it, happiness that’s never seen before will be in their grasp. He says that he wouldn’t mind losing his heart for it. He then says that Huey Laforet is in jail, the mafia boss should be able to beat him.

Firo, meanwhile is being initiated into the camorra. The camora’s leader asks him if he wishes to become a camorrista.
Baccano 40

Firo's initiation

Firo nods. The leader explains that the camorra is an organization that was created in a prison in their mother country, Italy. He says that if Firo continues down that road, it will sometimes happen that he will go to prison and will lose his freedom. It’s also possible that he will lose his life at the end of a fight with someone he once called friend. He asks Firo if he understands. Firo says he does. He then tells Firo that his right foot stands in prison and his left foot stands in a coffin. He asks Firo if he would still be able to obtain glory with his right hand, and if necessary, end his life with his left hand. Firo says yes. The leader asks that if Firo’s father kill their friends, will he be able to kill his father and avenge his friends. Firo nods.

The camorra leader smiles and tells him that Firo can still turn back, from one who is used to one who uses people instead. He says if Firo continues, he won’t be able to turn back anymore. He says he believe Firo would do just fine on a straight path. He asks again if Firo chooses to continue. Firo replies that he is more than prepared. The leader tells Firo to demonstrate his preparedness. Firo puts down his dagger.

Baccano 42

To the conductor!

In 1931, in the dining car of the Flying Pussyfoot, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent plan to look for Jacuzzi and Nice. Isaac says he’ll intimidate the black-suit guys and the white-suit guys and the knife-wielding one with a pistol and run away when they’re off guard. Natalie Beriam tells her daughter to hide with Czeslaw Meyer. She says their father will surely come and rescue them. She then tells Czes to take good care of her daughter. Czes nods and takes Mary's hand.

Suddenly, the Lemures arrive. Their leader, Goose, tells Natalie that he has a special favor for her husband. Czes and the Mary manage to hide under a table just in time. The senator’s wife tells Goose to promise they wouldn’t hurt any of the passengers. Goose replies that it will depend on her husband’s response and the government’s.

Gustavo comes to the Daily Days office. Nicholas Wayne says that he is surprised to see Gustavo of the Runorata famly and is honored to have the executive come over. Gustavo is amazed that Nicholas knows him. Nicholas says there’s not much they don’t know. Gustavo tells him that it seems Nicholas made a fool out of his subordinates. Nicholas says its ridiculous as they always give their customers the best service. Gustavo grabs Nicholas by the collar. The other employees take their guns but they seem afraid as the men with Gustavo have machine guns and are willing to go down shooting. The employees drop their guns and raise their hands.

Gustavo demands that Nicholas tell him where Dallas Genoard is. He tells Nicholas that if he wants to live long, he must answer him. Nicholas asks him to let go. He says he’ll tell him. Gustavo drops Nicholas and asks again. Nicholas replies that they don’t know, except the things they told his subordinates, but incidentally that he has heard a rumor. Nicholas smiles then tells him that the Gandor family are after Dallas as well. He asks Gustavo if it will be bad for them if the Gandors found him first. Gustavo asks how to beat the Gandors in the chase. Nicholas whispers to Gustavo that Dallas has a little sister. She’d be a perfect bait for her brother.

During Firo’s initiation, he and Maiza are to duel with knives. The man who serves as the referee asks if they have no ill feelings
Baccano 51

Firo vs. Maiza

with each other. If anyone of them stabs the other in the chest, he will kill the culprit right away. The fight then begins. Maiza attacks first but Firo manages to dodge his attack. Their knives lock together. Firo slides his and manage to wound Maiza’s arm. Maiza announces that the fight is over. The people clap their hands and congratulate Firo. Firo is amazed to see that Maiza’s wound has already healed. The referee man comes and tells Firo that he’s the first candidate executive to win against Maiza. The leader tells Firo that he is a splendid camorrista. He fires his gun into the air as a salute. They then hear Miria from a floor above that Isaac was killed.

Goose asks Natalie where her daughter is and what happened. She lies that her daughter was taken by the men in white. Goose asks her who they are. The senator’s wife answers that she doesn’t know them but it seems that they were looking for her. Goose says he’ll keep a look out. He tells her to come to their room. Goose suddenly notices something. Natalie thinks that he might look under the tables to search for her daughter but Goose looks at an open window. He points his gun at someone siting near the window and asks who opened it. The man replies that it was a woman in work clothes. When the shooting started, she opened it and went outside. Goose looks outside.

At the other end, the woman who went out tries to look inside. Chane Laforet, who is in the hallway, senses something. She looks at the window but no one is outside. The woman in work clothes had hidden under the train.

Goose orders some of his men to look for the woman in work clothes. Two of three exit the car, then the third later on. He asks why there is only one man, who is frightened by the sudden disappearance. The black suit who came out last sees something from a window. As the lights go off, a shadowy figure disappears with the second black suit.

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